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History of Benton County Iowa, 1910
Lewis Publishing Co., Chicago.

             31ST ANNUAL REUNION AUG. 5 AND 6, 1909


Gilmore, John, Vinton, President;
McElroy, H. H., Vinton, Vice President;
Ferree, S. R., Belle Plaine, Second Vice President;
Bigley, J. L., Shellsburg, Third Vice President;
Schofield, G. D., Urbana, Fourth Vice President;
Rowe, A. M., Vinton, Secretary;
Butterfield, J. A., Vinton, Quartermaster;
Barr, George, Vinton, Paymaster;


Thompson, J. W., Belle Plaine, Colonel;
Elson, William, Shellsburg, Lieut. Colonel;
Cramer, A. B., Urbana, Major;
Foote, M. V., Belle Plaine, Adjutant;
Markham, Rev. D., Vinton, Chaplain;
Griffin, C. C. Sr., Vinton, Surgeon;


Adams, A. O.        Co. A             95th Ill. Inf. 
Casselberry, A.     Co. F             51st Penn. Inf.
Evans, E. M.        Co. D             28th Ia. Inf.
Houlihan, Robert    Co. G             5th Ia. Inf.
Marshall, D. P.     Co. D             8th Ia. Inf.
McCurdy, F. E.      Co. G             8th Mo. Inf.
McDuff, William     Co. D             28th Ia. Inf.
McFarland, J. A.    Co. H             15th Ia. Inf.
Mehan, August       Co. G             2nd Ia. Inf.



Hakeman, Isaac, captain
Malcolm, Stephen, lieut. 
Crawford, S.A., orderly

Antrim, William       Co. K           *1st Ill. Art.
Armstrong, W. S.      Co. M           22nd Penn. Cav.
Athey, M. J.          Co. H           23rd Mo. Vol. Inf.
Brand, Thomas         Co. D           19th Wis. Inf.
Butterfield, L.       Co. G           74th Ill. Inf.
Cook, S. M.           Co. C           27th Ia. Inf.
Crawford, S. A.       Co. E           4th Ia. Inf.
Ealy, E. M.           Co. H           12th Tenn. Inf.
Eddy, Lyman           Co. C           93rd Ill. Inf.
Feeney, Jonathan I.                   74th Ill. Inf.
Feree, S. R.          Co. A           12th Ia. Inf.
Foote, M. V.          Co. B           11th Oh. Inf.
Gaghagen, A. R.       Co. E           134th Ill. Inf.
Greenlee, T. F.       Co. G           8th Ia. Inf.
Hakeman, Isaac,                       24th Ia. Inf.
Hall, George W.,                      1st Oh. Bat.
Harbert, J. D.        Co. B           22nd Ia. Inf.
Hartwell, M.          Co. H           20th Ia. Inf.
Henry, J. P.          Co. C           10th Ia. Inf.
Hodges, F. L.         Co. C           48th Wis. Inf.
Hoover, C. J.         Co. K           13th Ind. Inf.
Kerner, Frank         Co. C.          4th Penn. Inf. 
Kirkpatrick, L. N.    Co. A           28th Ia. Inf.
Kolb, W. M.           Co. F.          38th Wis. Inf
Kuelper, C. E.,                       2nd Ia. Inf
Leavell, S. C.        Co. B           8th Oh. Inf.
Lester, M. B.         Co. A           124th Ill. Inf.
Marshall, T. E.       Co. E.          60th Colored
Masker, W. S.         Co. E.          31st Ia. Inf.:
Mattox, J. C.         Co. C           7th Ia. Inf.
McKee, James          Co. F.          54th Ky. Inf.
Mehan, Ed.                            5th N.Y. Lt. Art.
Milverstead, G. G.,                   1st Neb. Inf.
Montgomery, Jonathan  Co. B           28th Ia. Inf.
Norton, C.            Co. H           13th Ia. Inf.
Pitt, P. W.,          Hd. Artificer   5th Ia. Lt. Art.
Rose, Thompson        Co. E           88th Oh. Reg.
Shurtleff, B. F.      Co. A           151st Ill. Inf.
Shurtleff, B. F.      Co. F           139th Ill. Inf.
Sipp, G. B.           Co. B           65th Ill. Inf.
Stone, George         Co. A           23rd N.Y. Cav.
Swope, John           Co. L           2nd Ia. Cav.
Thompson, J. W.       Co. D           28th Ia. Inf.
Van Dyke, S. P.       Co. D           28th Ia. Inf.
Vincent, W. A.        Co. A           152d N.Y. Inf. 
Walton, G. D.         Co. B           28th Ia. Inf.
Wentz, Chris          Co. D           36th Ill. Inf.
Wilcoxen, George      Co. D           62nd Ill. Inf.
Worley, Joshua        Asst. Sur.      126th Oh. Inf.


Wallace, J. R., captain
Stevenson, B.  lieutenant
Graham, William, orderly

Alcorn, J.            Co. E           11th Penn.
Barger, C. D.         Co. L           13th U.S. Reg.
Barker, J. W.         Co. C           4th Ia. Inf.
Barr, G. H.           Co. B           93rd Ill. Inf. 
Barr, J. W.           Co. F           45th Ill. Inf.
Batchelder, A.        Co. A           16th Ia. Inf.
Bedel, E.             Co. K           56th Penn. Inf.
Bell, W. H.                           17th Ind. Inf.
Bender, Frank         Co. C           46th Penn. Inf.
Bingamen, William     Co. E           8th Penn. Vol. Inf.
Bordwell, William     Co. C           26th Mo. Inf.
Bowen, William H.     Co. A           28th Ia. Vol. Inf.
Bowers, H. S.         Co. C           80th Oh. Inf.
Boyden, J. H.         Co. A           28th Ia. Inf.
Brody, J. B.          Co. C           47th Ia. Inf.
Brown, W. H.          Co. D           28th Ia. Inf.
Brown, H. J.          Co. G           12th Ia. Vol. Inf.
Brown, William M.     Co. I           10th Ind. Vol. Inf.
Butterfield, J. A.    Co. F           1st N.Y. Drag.
Byxby, W.             Co. D           23rd N.Y. Inf.&
                      Co. A           166th Oh. Inf.
Campbell, A.          Co. G           5th Ia. Inf.
Campbell, S. M.       Co. G           5th Ia. Inf.
Cantonwine, D.        Co. G           5th Ia. Inf.
Carrick, James        Co. C           83rd Ill. Inf.
Chambers, James R.                    12th Oh. Inf.
Chase, E. G.          Co. D           91st N.Y. Bat.
Clemmons, F. D.       Co. H           11th Ia. Inf.
Colcord, E. H.        Co. K           112th Ill. Inf
Conklin, G. M.        Co. D           46th Oh. Inf.
Cook, J. W.                           12th Ia. Cav.
Covert, George K.     Co. F           7th Ind. Inf.
Crawford, H.          Co. D           38th Oh. Vol. Inf.
DeLong, N. R.         Co. E           38th Ia. Inf.
Edmonds, S. M.        Co. D           18th Penn. Cav.
Elliott, J. A.        Co. E           114th N.Y. Inf.
Engledow, William A.  Co. A           31st Ia. Inf.
Fisher, Joseph        Co. I           70th Ind. Inf.
Forrester, A. B.      Co. E           8th Ill. Inf
Garn, I. M.           Co. G           11th Oh. Inf.
Geater, G. W.         Co. D           8th Ia. Inf.
George, E. C.                         12th N.Y. Cav.
Gilchrist, G. M.      Co. E           3rd Ind. Cav.
Gilmore, John         Co. I           167th Oh. Vol.
Goodwin, E.           Co. D           23rd Ia. Vol. Inf.
Graham, William       Co. G           5th Ia. Inf.
Graham, William                       30th Ill. Inf.
Griffin, C. C.        Co. F           171st Oh. Inf
Griffith, J. A.       Co. B           44th Ind. Inf.
Grow, Samuel          Co. I           64th Oh. Inf.
Hadley, George W.     Co. C           41st Wis. Inf.
Harrington, C.O.      Co. E           4th Ia. Cav.
Hayward, H.           Co. D           28th Ia. Inf.
Henderson, William    Co. D.          36th Wis. Inf.
Hite, Jacob           Co. D           28th Ia. Inf.
Hodge, Richard        Co. C           124th Ill. Inf.
Hughey, J. W.         Co. H           13th U.S. Inf.
Hunt, Orman           Co. G           152nd Ill. Inf.
Johnson, James        Co. G           5th Ia. Inf.
Jones, George W.      Co. C           47th Ia. Inf.
Jones, J. R.          Co. L           2nd W. Va. Cav.
Jones, W. L.          Co. A           123d Ind. Inf.
Jones, D. A.          Co. D           29th Ia. Inf.
Kelty, H. H.                          6th Oh. Bat.
Kelty, S. D.          Co. K           125th Oh. Inf.
Kennedy, James        Co. F           81st Oh. Inf.
King, J.              Co. C           4th Ind. Cav.
Knuth, William        Co. D           57th Ill. Inf.
Long, William M.      Co. E           140th Ill. Inf., 
Lutes, S. H.          Co. I           1st Neb. Cav.
McElroy, H. H.        Co. G           13th Ia. Inf.
McGuire, D. T.        Co. G           7th Ia. Cav.
Markham, D.           Co. C           18th Mass. Inf.
Maynard, William      Co. H           13th U.S. Reg.
Meskimens, L.         Co. G           5th Ia. Inf.
Metcalf, S. H.        Co. D           8th Mass. Inf.
Mitchell, H.                          168th Oh. Vol. Inf.
Mitchell, J. P.       Co. D           28th Ia. Inf.
Myers, A. J.          Co. G           151st Ind. Inf.
Oppelt, S. C.         Co. D           28th Ia. Inf.
Parmeter, W. L.       Co. A           28th Ia. Inf.
Patton, J. R.         Co. I           9th Ill. Cav
Pitts, W. H.          Co. H           7th Ia. Vol. Cav. 
Randall, John H.                      6th Ia. Cav.
Ribble, C. C.         Co. I           28th Ia. Inf.
Rowe, A. M.           Co. F           2nd N.Y. Cav.
Rowe, R. E.           Co. D           28th Ia. Inf.
Rozell, I. S.         Co. A           28th Ia. Inf.
Sawyer, James         Co. F           22nd Wis. Inf.
Schoonover, J. O.     Co. G           13th Ia. Inf.
Schoonover, George A. Co. H           13th Ia. Inf.
Scott, Austin A.      Co. M           2nd Ia. Cav., 
Shutts, L. E.         Co. G           13th Ia. Inf.
Smock, J. W.          Co. F           16th Ind. Inf.
Stanger, A. M.        Co. A           22nd Penn. Cav.(1)
Stevenson, B. M.      Co. L           1st Wis. Art.
Stickney, W. N.       Co. C           2nd N.Y. Cav.
Taylor, W. J.         Co. K           8th Ia. Cav.
Thompson, Arad        Co. K           20th Me. Inf.
Thompson, J. S.       Co. K           44th Ind. Inf.
Tinkham, J. L.        Co. D           8th Ia. Inf.
Tooms, D. S.          Co. G           13th Ia. Inf.
Wallace, James R      Co. G           13th Ia. Inf.
Wally, T. B.          Co. I           13th Ia. Inf.
Weane, S. Dan         Co. B           4th Mich. Vol. Inf.
Weddle, George        Co. C           13th Penn. Cav.
White, Sol.           Co. I           8th Ill. Cav.
Wilson, Harvey M.     Co. G           13th Ia. Inf.
Wood, W. H.           Co. D           8th Ia. Inf. &
                      Co. H           18th Ia. Inf.,&
                      Co. C           9th Ia. Cav.
Wright, Isaac         Co. G           66th Ill. Inf.


Sawyer, S.A., captain
Lane, D.N., lieutenant
Warriner, J.G., orderly

Bain, J.              Co. G           5th Ia. Inf.
Belfield, R. M.       Co. D           10th N.Y. Cav.
Brown, B. B.          Co. B           3rd Ia. Inf.
Carmon, Daniel        Co. H           7th Ia. Cav.
Dine, John C.         Co. A           28th Ia. Inf.
Hines, W. E.          Co. D           8th Ia. Inf.
Hines, L.             Co. D           8th Ia. Inf.
Kilpatrick, J. M.     Co. A           28th Ia. Inf.
Knapp, C.             Co. C           8th Ia. Inf.
Montgomery, M.        Co. I           5th Ia. Inf.
Smith, Charles        Co. B           53rd Oh. Inf.
Tague, D.             Co. H           5th Ind. Cav.
Warriner, J. G.                       8th Ia. Inf.

Black, J. C.          Co. A           6th Ia. Inf.
Bryson, John          Co. B           20th Ia. Inf.
Burk, John            Co. L           40th Ia. Inf.
Cramer, A. B.         Co. H           4th Ky. Inf.
Frink, G.             Co. C           27th Ia. Inf.
Heath, J. T.          Co. D           8th Ia. Inf.
Jameson, Walt         Co. I           77th N.Y. Inf.
Lane, D. N.           Co. D           40th N.Y. Eng.
Lanless, John         Co. I           83rd Ind. Inf.
Mossman, A. P.        Co. D           8th Ia. Inf.
Sawyer, A.            Co. D           41st Oh. Inf.
Schofield, G. D.                      1st N.Y. Art.
Snell, Jacob          Co. A           65th Ill. Inf.
Vandeventer, W. H.    Co. I           31st Ia. Inf.

Graves, E. A., captain
Barkhurst, Riley, lieutenant
Metcalf, E. N., orderly

Eggleston, O.F.,                      19th Ia. Inf.

Barnhart, G.N.        Co. H           18th Ia. Inf.
Bristol, W.H.                         7th Ia. Cav.
Dickerson, G.W.       Co. I           5th N.Y. Inf.
Fintle, J. C.         Co. G           20th Ia. Inf.
Gorden, William       Co. F           7th Ind. Inf.
Graves, E. A.         Co. C           1st Neb. Cav.
Henkle, H. C.         Co. D           28th Ia. Inf.
Johnson, George       Co. F           22nd Penn. Inf.
Kline, J. M.          Co. G           3rd Mo. Cav.
McCammant, A.         Co. F           3rd Wis. Inf.
Merchant, A.          Co. H           2nd Ia. Cav.
Merchant, A. B.       Co. G           6th Ia. Inf.
Metcalf, E. N.        Co. D           8th Ia. Inf.
Osler, William M.     Co. G           156th Ill. Inf.
Pavey, Thomas         Co. C           47th Ia. Inf.
Pegg, G. D.           Co. I           8th Ia Cav.
Robertson, A.         Co. K           40th Ia. Inf.
Shaffer, H. H.        Co. G           32nd Wis. Inf.
Shaffer, A. W.        Co. H           2nd Oh. Cav.
Shaw, A. T.           Co. D           456th Oh. Inf.
St. Clair, H.         Co. D           18th Penn. Cav.
Utley, M. S.          Co. G           13th Ia. Inf.


Bigley, J.L., captain:
Hatfield, William, lieutenant
Barton, O.B., orderly

Barnell, A. G.        Co. I           20th Ia. Inf.
Barton, O. B.         Co. D           28th Ia. Inf.
Benson, William C.    Co. I           90th Oh. Inf.
Bigley, J. L.         Co. D           8th Ia. Inf.
Blauvett, M.          Co. F           132d Ia. Inf.
Boles, I. S.          Co. C           47th Ia. Inf
Elson, W. C.          Co. H           20th Ia. Inf
Hatfield, W. W.       Co. G           5th Ia. Inf.
Heath, M. S.          Co. A           28th Ia. Inf
Lahue, James          Co. A           28th Ia. Inf.
Langham, Alexander    Co. I           16th Oh. Vol. Inf.
Lightfoot, George     Co. E           7th Ind. Inf.
Murray, Edwin         Co. F           18th Oh. Inf
Owens, Joseph                         35th Ia. Inf. 
Parry, A. M.          Co. A           9th Ia. Inf
Pratt, M. S.          Co. G           5th Ia. Inf
Rambo, Nelson         Co. C           2nd Ia. Cav.
Scott, D.                             15th Ia. Inf.
Sminke, Jacob         Co. G           34th N.Y. Inf.
Smith, G. S.          Co. D           28th Oh. Inf.
Soden, William R.     Co. L           50th N.Y. Eng.
Spieckler, S. I.      Co. K           102nd Ill. Inf
Strawn, Miles         Co. B           9th Ia. Cav.
Strawn, William       Co. B           9th Ia. Cav.
Weatherwax, A. L.     Co. K           8th Ia. Cav.
White, Benjamin       Co. E           135th Penn. Inf.

Murray, Bruce         Co. G           4th Oh. Vol. Cav.
Taylor, J. S.         Co. C           20th Ind. Inf.
Wood, J. C.           Co. C           20th Ia. Inf.

Blue, William         Penn. Bat.
Nell, Jacobs          Co. E           152d N.Y. Inf.
Primrose, Adam        Co. I           20th Ia. Inf.
Sabin, Stephen        Co. F           108th N.Y. Inf.
Strong, John          Co. K           11th Ia. Inf.


McElroy, M.M., captain
Sanderson, Levi, lieutenant
Giesking, H.F., orderly

Crandall, W. H.       Co. I           5th Ia. Cav.
Ditto, George         Co. I           6th Ia. Inf
Ferman, R.            Co. D           112th Ill. Inf.
Geisking, H. F.       Co. L           12th Penn. Cav.
Goss, George          Co. E           6th Penn. Cav.
Halstead, J. T.       Co. C           3rd Md. Inf., 
Hayden, A. L.         Co. D           112th Ill. Inf.
Hayden, C. C.         Co. G           153rd Ill. Inf.
Kimm, J. H.           Co. G           34th N.Y. Inf.
Lynch, P. H.          Co. 3           37th Wis. Inf.
Lyons, John           Co. H           5th N.Y. Inf:
Merriman, C. B.       Co. K           112th Ill. Inf.
Miner, H.             Co. K           40th Ia. Inf.
Richart, S.           Co. I           3rd Ind. Cav.
Riesser, C.           Co. G           9th N.Y. Inf.
Sanderson, Levi       Co. I           22nd N.J. Inf.
Thorp, Charles B.     Co. E           3rd Ill. Cav
Vaughlin, S.          Co. B           6th Ia. Inf.
Watkinson, H.         Co. A           133rd Oh. Inf.
Wood, J. P.           Co. K           40th Ia. Inf.
Wood, W. H.           Co. K           40th Ia. Inf.

Cashman, F.M.         Co. G           24th Ky. Inf.
Little, A.H.          Co. G           28th Ia. Inf.
Burns, H.B.           Co. C           11th Oh. Vol. Inf.
Christ, Fred          Co. E           6th Oh. Vol Cav.
Engleking, W.         Co. B           34th Ia. Inf.
Hickey, James         Co. D           6th Ia. Cav.
Kraft, George         Co. A           79th Penn. Inf.
O'Connell, Frank      Co. B           34th Ill. Inf
Smith, Spencer        Co. A           8th Ia. Inf.
Wittie, G.L.          Co. D           34th Ill. Inf.


Rich, J. W., captain
Searls, A. B., first lieutenant
Brannon, John, second lieutenant
Christie, J. R., orderly

Babcock, J. M.        Co. A           46th Ill. Inf.
Boombaur, I.          Co. I           3rd Ia. Inf.
Eberhart, B. E.       Co. E           12th Ia. Inf.
Gillespie, R. J.      Co. F           98th Oh. Inf.
Kabler, H. D.         Co. H           45th Ill. Inf.
Kennedy, N. R.        Co. K           13th Ind. Inf.
Pell, W. H.           Co. C           93rd Ill. Inf.
Pray, R. J.           Co. G           13th Ia. Inf.
Roszell, J. B.        Co. A           28th Ia. Inf.
Schaible, S. W.       Co. E           126th Ill. Inf.
Scott, A.             Co. A           13th Ia. Inf.

Kerr, S. J.           Co. D           1st Ill. Inf.
Shrader, August       Co. E           2nd Ia. Inf.

Christie, J. R.       Co. K           40th Ia. Inf.
Crippen, J. T.        Co. I           17th N.Y. Inf.
Thompson, W. G.       Co. B           20th Ia. Inf.

Dennis, J. B.         Co. B           184th Oh. Inf
Skinner, Isaac        Co. I           4th Mich. Cav.

Fowler, P.            Co. H           22nd Ia. Inf.
Delaney, William      Co. E           24th Ia. Inf.
Sabin, S. T.          Co. F.          108th N. Y. Inf.

Myers, C. D.          Co. G           28th Ia. Inf.
Skea, J. P.*          Co. D           8th Ia. Inf

Fuller, D.M.          Co. G           2nd U.S. Inf.
Putnam, William       Co. D           3rd Ia. Inf.
Gaskins, J.H.         Co. C           42nd Ill. Inf.
Betz, William         Co. I           13th Ia. Inf.

Reiterman, F.         Co. B           4th Ia. Inf.

Stevenson, N.P.       Co. C           10th Ia. Inf.
Stoddard, W. H.       Co. C           10th Ia. Inf.

Jones, A. A.          Co. B           65th Ill. Inf.

Smith, J. N.          Co. G           55th Ill. Cav.

Bryan, F.N.           Co. A           122nd Ill. Inf.
Hallis, John          Co. K           20th Ia. Inf.
Hisler, A.            Co. E           92nd Ill. Cav.
Sutton, J.R.                          7th N.Y. Cav.


Hayward, C.B., captain
St. Clair, William, lieutenant
Amburn, William, orderly

Amburn, William       Co. G           13th Ia. Inf.
Ayers, J.             Co. F           100th Ill. Inf.
Bagley, A.            Co. B           12th Ill. Inf.
Brownlee, Daniel      Co. K           24th Ill. Inf.
Buck, W. W.           Co. G           13th Ia. Inf.
Cowley, A.            Co. K           9th Ia. Vol. Inf.
Donely, J. W.         Co. A           189th Oh. Inf.
Jenks, Joppa          Co. D           28th Ia. Inf.
McLaughlin, T.        Co. G           5th Ia. Inf.
Roster, J. C.         Co. G           7th Ind. Inf.
St. Clair, William    Co. D           28th Ia. Inf.
St. Clair, H. Jr.     Co. A           28th Ia. Inf.
Tripp, John           Co. H           195th Ill. Inf.
Walker, George H.     Co. G           13th Ia. Inf.


Sabin, S. T., captain
Delaney, William, lieutenant
Johnson, J. P., orderly

Buchanan, Thomas                      45th Ia. Inf.
Conley, Andrew        Co. A           15th Ia. Inf.
Delaney, William      Co. E           24th Ia. Inf.
Fowler, P. Z.         Co. H           22nd Ia. Inf.
Humphrey, Hugh        Co. D           44th Ia. Inf.


Hanford, R. R., captain
Inman, O., lieutenant
Catlin, J. E., orderly

Bechtel, Elias        Co. B           247th Ill. Inf.
Edwards, A. T.        Co. D           6th Oh. Cav.
Hanford, R. R.        Co. G           13th Ia. Inf.
Inman, O.             Co. A           28th Ia. Inf.
Stauffer, William,
Wilson, H. M.         Co. D           28th Ia. Inf.

Benedict, E. U.                       27th Ill. Inf.
Russel, W.B.          Co. B           121st Ill. Inf.

(1) died 1939 Benton Co. IA, believed to have been the oldest,
Civil War veteran (age 96) in the county at time of his death
(Benton History 1988)


Fisher, J.M., commander
Forrester, Asa, S.V.
Byxby, William, J.V.

CHARTER MEMBERS (110 members, 1909)

Adams, A. O.
Barr, John W.
Colcord, W. H.
Colwell, D. M.
Conner, S. E.
Connett, D. I.
Eddy, H. H.
Gordon, G. H.
Harrington, C. O.
Hoxey, Jacob
Keagle, L. S.
Matthews, J. P.
Meredith, M.
Morris, U. T.
Pease, Isaac
Quinn, R. H.
Redfield, S. D.
Scott, Harper
Shaw, George E.
Starks, L. H.
Stedman, E. D.
Tinkham, J. L.
Wilkinson, C. R.

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