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Giving names, address, place and date of graduation, school of practice, of the physicians of the State.

Legend: R = Regular in practice. H = Homeopathic; E = Eclectic; * = graduation doubtful; + = not a graduate; # = nothing known as to standing or qualification.

Benton County

Boles. Irvin S., Shellsburg, Cleveland Med Coll., 1874, R.
Boyd, W. S., Vinton, Western Reserve: Cleveland, O.. 1849, R.
Cargen, J. B. Belle Plaine + R.
Cogswell, C. C.. Vinton #
Cook, S. M., Belle Plaine, + R.
Cox, J. B., Belle Plaine, Coll. P. and S., Keokuk, Iowa, 1865, R.
Culver, T. M ,Urbana. # R.
Dickinson, A. J., Shellsburg, Ann Arbor, Mich, 1876, R.
Fellows, A. R. Vinton, Chicago Med, 1879, R.
Flatt, Wm. K., Vinton, Hahnaman, Chicago, 1868, H
Furnas, John M., Luzerne, Rush, Chicago, 1871, R. Griffin, Clark C., Vinton, Ann Arbor, Mich., 1878, R.
Griffin, A. D., Vinton, + E.
Granville, J., Florence. #
Jones, N. Jasper, Blairstown, + R.
Langestroth, E. F. B., Vinton, Med. Coll. Va., Richmond, 1865, R.
Larue, J. L., Garrison, + R.
LaGrange. Robert, Garrison, Rush. Chicago, 1871. R.
March, A. J., Bolle Plaine, + H.
Meredith, Marion, Vinton, Medical Coll, of Ohio, Cinn., 1866, R.
McMorris, James, Belle Plaine, Rush, Chicago, 1872, R.
McCulla, Joseph, Urbana, + E.
Oren, Samuel A., Mt. Auburn Coll P. and S. Keokuk, 1877, R.
Robyn, Edward, Luzerne, + R.
Singleton, Mrs. C. E., Vinton, + R.
Smith, J. C., Vinton, #
Smith, Jas. A., Florence, + R.
Stockslager, S. O., Florence, Bellevue, N. Y., 1875, R.
Spicer, S. S., Blairstown, St. Louis Med. Coll. Mo., 1873. R.
Wagner. Jacob K., Blairstown, + R.
Wagner, W. B., Blairstown, + R. Whites, U. B., Urbana + R.
Warley, Joshua, Belle Plaine, Starling, Columbus. O., 1861, R.

(source: "The Medical and Surgical Directory of the State of Iowa," Charles H. Lothrop, M.D.; L. P. ALlen, Printer, Clinton, Iowa, 1880.)

Transcribed by John Shuck, August, 2022

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