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The 1878 History of Benton County, Iowa
page 469

Tabular Statement
Showing the totals of Real and Personal Property assessed for taxation in
Benton County, Iowa, for the year 1877

Personal Property
  Number Average Total Value
Number of Cattle of all ages 24,545 $13.41 $329,072
Number of Horses of all ages 13,237 35.22 466,314
Number of Mules of all ages 633 38.00 24,053
Number of Sheep of all ages 1,753 1.37 2,622
Number of Swine of all ages 48,111 3.55 152,995
Other taxable property not enumerated     976,732
Total assessed value of personal property     $1,951,988
Real Estate
Aggregate value of realty in towns,
as equalized by State Board
Aggregate value of railroad property,
as assessed by the Executive Council
Land, as equalized by State Board     4,874,226
Total value of all assessed property in county     $7,907,731

Transcribed, 2006, by Tierney Ratti.

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