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Benton County, Iowa
Record of Divorces 1906 - 1925

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Page No. Husband Last Name Husband First Name Color Age Nationality Date of Marriage No. of Prior Marriage Cause of Divorce Wife Last Name Wife First Name Color Age Nationality Date of Divorce No. of Prior Marriage To Whom Divorce Granted
97 9284 Narber Irving White 26 American March 8, 1908 none Desertion Narber Beulah White 20 American October 12, 1911 none Wife
97 10003 Narber Willis White 33 American March 6, 1908 none Habitual Drunkenness Narber Mina B. White 38 American December 8, 1914 one Wife
97 10937 Nelson William White 52 American 1904 two Desertion Nelson Jessie White 30 American November 22, 1916 none Husband
97 10985 Nichols Mark Elliott White 27 American September 21, 1914 none Drunkenness Nichols Rosa White 27 American September 29, 1916 none Husband
97 13812 Nickel George Fowler White 30 American October 19, 1913 no Inhuman Treatment Nickel Lela White 28 American October 24, 1923 no Husband
97 8798 Niebes George White 33 German 1898 none Drunkenness Niebes Ida White 28 German September 28, 1909 none Wife
97 10280 Nusbaum William Garfield White 34 American November 22, 1905 none Cruel & Inhuman Treatment & Drunkenness Nusbaum Florence Lula White 25 American June 2, 1915 none Wife

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