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1849 Iowa State Census

The names of the heads of familys and the number
in each family in the county of Benton, State of Iowa.

Beal Dorsey4     S L Morse10
Price Kendrick2      Thomas Way11
A D Stephen6      Adam Kean5
Byreanas Guinn4      David S Way3
L D Bordwell8      C W J Pitts3
William Davis11      Chauncy Leverich3
Samuel Stevens9      Stephen Brody6
John Royal5      E B Spencer2
S. W. Miller5      Fielding Bryson8
L F North5      David Jewell8
J. A. Scott1      W B Harrison4
Stidman Penrose9      Anderson Amos3
Gilman Clark5      Hugh Brody5
Jacob Cantonwine7      William Mitchel8
Isaac Onstott6      James Brody3
Mary Cantonwine3      J M Denison6
Daniel Onstott1      Sussanna Helm5
George Cantonwine3      C W Graham2
Charles Cantonwine4      Samuel Osborn7
John Hendershott6      Alex Thomas5
James Mitchel2      Joseph Remington6
E D Simerson3      Wm Belles4
G B Whith9      James Downs6
Stephen Holcomb5      J H Gossel6
Michael Zimerman8      J B Harrison11
Mary Pingry2      F J Regand1
Charles Hinckly3      Christopher Amos1
Aaron Haines5      Mackton Fees1
John Edwards4      S M Lockhart10
Joel Nation5      S W Parkes4
L. W. Hase2Total312

Transcribed from the original census by Susan Soden
for the IAGenWeb Project
Copyright © 2007 by Susan Soden.

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