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Birth Certificate Index 1909 - 1921

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Name Birth Date County Mother's Maiden Name Certificate # Box #
Ilas, Nicholas James 17 Sept. 1914 Benton McClarey 212 B2065
Iles, Nellie May June 1913 Benton McClarey 163 B2064
Illian, Emma Ruth 16 May 1918 Benton Henningen 234 B2066
Illian, Fredrick Alfred 06 July 1920 Benton Henningsen 302 B2067
Illian, Herbert John 1913 Benton Henningren 164 B2064
Illian, Sylvia Louisa Helena 269 Mar. 1911 Benton Henningson 266 B2064
Irons, Ada Marie 20 Aug. 1912 Benton Fike 117 B2064
Irons, Herald F. 17 Oct. 1914 Benton Fike 211 B2065
Irons, John J. 28 Apr. 1917 Benton Fike 179 B2066
Irons, Ray Leroy 14 Sept. 1910 Benton Fike 343 B2064
Irwin, Warren M. 11 Jan. 1911 Benton Ashman 38 B2064
Isaacs, Lila Pauline 31 July 1915 Benton DeForest 203 B2065
Isbell, George Ransom 14 Aug. 1911 Benton Tharp 435 B2063
Certified copies of Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, and Marriage Licenses are available from
the Department of Public Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics, Lucas Office Building, Des Moines, Iowa or from the County Recorder.
source & permission granted by State Historical Society of Iowa; original transcript

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