BCHS Horridge House
The Horridge House at 612 First Avenue, Vinton Iowa, is the location of the Benton County Historical Society's Archives and Museum.

The Genealogy Department is housed here and is opened at specific times the year around.
The house is named Horridge House after the builders, George and Elizabeth Rock Horridge. It was built in the 1860's. The house is of brick believed to be of the local brickyards of that era. As you stand on the brick paved front porch, be sure to notice the original brass lion head door knocker. Once inside, one finds tin walls and ceiling in the kitchen, a product of Mr. Horridge, whose business and craft was tinsmithing. There is also a Romanesque sculptural relief, which was brought back from Italy by the second Mrs. Horridge and in the parlor is a beautiful French pier mirror. These are only three of the many interesting facets of the Horridge House.

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