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Taylor Township
Sanders, E.J., Street commissioner.

Sanders, John W., far., Sec. 27.

Sanders, Leonard, farmer, Sec. 25.

Sanders, H.R., teamster.

Sandison, Alex., fine stock.

Sawyers, J.S., in Stewart College.

Schall, William.

Scott, S.L., jeweler.

Scott, Sam., furniture dealer.

Seaman, L., house mover.

Seben, S.S., farmer, Sec. 25.

Seburn, M.H., laborer.

Secrest, J.R., blacksmith.

Seed, Robert.

Seyfarth, Edward, blacksmith.

Sexton, George.

Sexton, G.B., cooper.

Shafer, L.H.

Shaffer, John, carpenter.

Shaffer, S.A., restaurant.

Shaffer, J.M., restaurant.

Shain, John, District Judge.

Shaw, G.E., laborer.

Shaw, James.

Sheets, John D., farmer, Sec. 14.

Sherry, Jesse M., retired farmer; born in Ross Co., Ohio, Dec. 4, 1814; lived in Ohio ten years; removed to Tippecanoe Co., Ind., in 1824; was one of the early settlers there; used to cart grain from there to Chicago; was in Chicago in 1831 and was there in 1832 when Gen. Scott landed there; only five families there then; he was teamster in Col. Russell's Regiment during the Black Hawk War, and got a land warrant; came by wagon to Benton Co., and was seventeen days on the way, and arrived June 17, 1855; located in Canton Tp., and engaged in farming; has carted wheat to Iowa City and sold it for 33 cents per bushel; owns 245 acres land, and has held town and school offices. His first wife was Louisa Markle, from Ohio; she died in 1843; they had two children-Elizabeth is the only one living. Married Mary Parker, from Decatur Co., Ind., in the Fall of 1862; they had one son, who died when four months old.

Shields, J.C., well digger.

Shields, J.H.

Shifferdker, George, clerk.

Shley, John.

Shockley, M.O., painter.

Shockley, P., painter.

Shortess, S.L., agricultural implements.

Singleton, John, farmer.

Skiffington, John, retired farmer.

Slason, J.C., fence builder.

Stattery, John, retired farmer.

Smalley, E.L., painter.

Smith, G.W., County Surveyor.

Smith, H.B., carpenter.

Smith, M.D., market.

Smith, J.W., auctioneer.

Smock, J.W., Recorder.

Smith, P.S., Sheriff of Benton Co.; born in Montgomery Co., N.Y., Oct. 2, 1830; lived in that State for twenty-five years; came to Benton Co., Iowa in 1855, and has lived here twenty-three years, except two years spent in Linn Co.; he has been engaged in farming and in dealing stock; has held the office of Assessor, town of Eden, eleven years, Town clerk nine years and Justice of the Peace eleven years; was elected Sheriff of Benton Co. in 1873, and re-elected in 1875, and again re-elected in 1877; is serving his third term. Married Gertrude Richards, from New York State, in 1851; she died in Aug., 1871. Married Elizabeth DeWault, daughter of Jonathan DeWault, of this county, in Nov., 1875.

Smith, Worth, patent right.

Smock, A.H., farmer, Sec. 30.

Smock, H.L., farmer, Sec. 32.

Smock, James W., County Recorder; born in Johnson Co., Ind., Feb. 19, 1840; lived there twenty-one years, and then went in the army. Enlisted in Co. F, 19th Ind. V.I., old Sol Meredith being the first Colonel of the regiment; was in the battle of Fredericksburg, second battle of Bull Run, South mountain, Antietam, Gettysburg and the Wilderness, and in many other fights and skirmishes; was wounded at the siege of Petersburg, June 18, 1864; was in the service three years. Came to Benton County in 1865; was elected Recorder of this county in the Fall of 1872, and re-elected in 1874, and again re-elected in 1876; also holds the office of City Treasurer. Married Miss Hennie Shotwell, in Vinton, Nov. 26, 1874.

Sonders, J.B., gardener.

Spaulding, E., farmer, Sec. 25.

Spalding, W.D., laborer.

Spencer, Edwin B., retired farmer, Sec. 11; born in Orange Co., Vt., Jan 10, 1812; lived there until 21 years of age, and then went to the city of New York for two years; he traveled with a show for two years, and came to Iowa in the Fall of 1839; came to Linn Co. in the Spring of 1840; came to Benton Co. in the Fall of 1845; and was one of the earliest settlers; only several in this county that were here then; there were plenty of Indians; only one log house in Cedar Rapids, and not a road laid out in the county; Vinton was not thought of. He held the office of County Commissioner when Benton Co. was first organized; was elected Justice of the Peace, and has held town and school offices. He went to California in 1850, and returned in 1852. Married Martha David, fromm Illinois, in March, 1844. Owns over 500 acres of land.

Spencer, J.A., professor of music.

Springer, Henry, restaurant.

Spurr, J.F., jailer.

Squires, Robert, in College for the Blind.

Stanton, H., retired.

Starks, L.H., cabinet maker.

Steadman, E.D., Deputy Co. Treasurer.

Steadman, E.M., Deputy U.S. Marshall.

Steadman, E.P., clerk.

Steares, Jacob, money loaner.

Steece, Arch.

Steece, G.M.

Stephens, James, farmer, Sec. 35; born in Clarion Co., Penn., Jan. 2, 1847; when 5 years of age, came with his parents to Benton Co., April 27, 1852, and was one of the earliest settlers; there are not many here now that were here when he came; there were plenty of Indians; he has lived here twenty-six years. He has held the office of Assessor, and road offices. Married Miss Althea Dickenson, from New York State, Sept. 5, 1874; they have two children-Gertie and Edgar. Henry and Margaret Stephens, the parents of James Stephens, were born in Pennsylvaia, and came to Benton Co. in April, 1852; they were among the earliest settlers here; after living in this county about a quarter of a century, they died , leaving three children-James, Joseph H. and Mollie J; left an estate of 160 acres land. They lost two children-Harrison was in the 28th I.V.I., Co. D; was wounded at the battle of Cedar Creek; died from his wounds.

Stern, M., dry goods and clothing.

Steves, J.D., stock scales.

Stevens, James, far., Sec. 35.

Sterens, R.E.

Stewart, J.G., retired farmer.

Stick, Daniel, of the firm of D. Stick & Son, dealers in groceries and crockery; born in Adams Co., Penn., May 22, 1831; moved to Stark Co., Ohio, when 6 years of age; lived there twenty years, and learned the trade of merchant tailor; came to Linn Co., Iowa, in the Fall of 1857; lived there two years, and came to this county in the Fall of 1859, and engaged in farming; came to Vinton in 1864, and engaged in mercantile business, and has contined here since. Has held office in City Council, one of the first elected. Married Miss Margaret A. Marietta, from Ohio, June 5, 1851; they have two children-David L. and Etta R.; they lost three children-two sons and one daughter.

Stick, D.L., grocer.

Stickney, John, lumber dealer.

Stickley, P.J.

Stickney, Sherman, firm of Stickney and Bros., dealers in lumber and building material; born in the town of Jay, Essex Co., N.Y., April 19, 1838; the day he was 20 years old, he started to Iowa, and came to Vinton in April , 1858; engaged in teaching school, and was in the County Treasurer and Recorder's office; he went to Chicago, and was in the insurance business two years; returned to Vinton and engaged in the lumber business in 1868, and continued ever since. Married Miss Kate C. Boynton; born in the town of Jay, Essex Co., N.Y., July 19, 1871; they have one son-Eugene L.

Stickney, Walter, feed store.

Stickney, W.W., farmer, Sec. 32.

St. John, L.W., grocer.

Stock, J.M., laborer.

Stocking, G.H., farmer.

Stevenson, W.R., retired.

Stone, Horatio G., carpenter and builder; born in Essex Co., N.Y., March 30, 1830; came to Scott Co. with his parents when 12 years of age, 1842; learned trade of carpenter and joiner; lived in Scott Co. twenty-two years, engaged in building in Davenport for many years; came to this county in 1865, and since then has lived here; has lived in this State thiry-six years. Married Susan Carlton from New York State; they have one daughter Lillie; lost one son in infancy.

Stone, Ostrum, retired farmer.

Stookey, David J., stock dealer, buying and shipping stock; born in Ross Co., Ohio, Dec. 22, 1824; lived in Ohio nineteen years; removed to Indiana; came to Iowa in 1851; afterward engaged in milling and mercantile business at Moscow; entered 400 acres of land in Cedar Co.; was in stock business at Wilton Junction; came to Vinton in Oct., 1867; engaged in stock business. Was in the army; enlisted in the 35th I.V.I., Co. I; was instrumental in getting up the company, and furnishing the means; was commissioned Captain. Married Louisa Slaughter; born in Indiana; she died in 1866; leaving six children; lost one. Married Phebe McCord, from Linn Co., Iowa, in 1869; they have two children- Harry and Maud.

Story, Williamson, stock dealer.

Stout, G.W., stone mason.

Stout, W.R., farmer, Sec. 32.

Stuben, P.N., farmer.

Sturling, H.H., boarding house.

Sulvert, William, laborer.

Swaim, J.J.

Swaim, Marcus, farmer.
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