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Taylor Township
Palmer, W.S., clerk.

Palmer, H.N., drugs, books and stationery; born in Richland Co., Ohio, Oct. 27, 1843; lived in Ohio until 12 years of age, when he came to Vinton in 1854; has lived here twenty-four years; he has been engaged in the drug, book and stationery business since 1866. Married Miss Nellie Cleveland from Michigan, In January, 1872; they have two children-Paul Correll and Florence May.

Palmer, T.S., druggist; born in Richland Co., Ohio, July 17, 1825; lived there until 21 years of age, then went South, to Tennessee and St. Louis, and came to Burlington, Iowa, in April 1848; in the Spring of 1849, he went overland to California; returned in 1851 to Ohio, nd came to Vinton in April 1852, being one of the earliest setllers, there being no one in business here now that was here when he came; he engaged in the drug business in 1855. Has held town and school offices. Married Miss Nancy Hale, from Richland co., Ohio, in May, 1853; they have three children-Walter S., Etta and Charles S.; they have lost one daughter.

Palmer, W.S., clerk, drug store.

Palmerter, J.C., farmer, Sec.7.

Parker, M.W., nursery, Sec. 30.

Payne, J.H., blacksmith.

Peacock, E.F., dentist, born in Troy, N.Y., March 11, 1845; lived in that State eighteen years; then lived in Pennsylvania for five years; removed to Rockford, Ill., and studied dentistry; came to vinton in 1871 and has been engaged in the practice of his profession here since, except several years in Wisconsin and elsewhere. Married Miss J. M. Shoonmaker from Illinois in 1872; they have two children-Sarah L. and Frank H.

Pearce, Isaac, retired; born in Rhode Island June 24, 1815; he moved with his parents to Washington, Ohio, and lived there, and in Columbus and Lancaster; learned the trade of woolen manufacturer; he came from Ohio on horseback to Vinton, Benton Co., being about three weeks on the way and arrived here in June, 1851, and was one of the early settlers here; only several here now that were here when he came; he selected some land and went to Dubuque and entered it; still owns 160 acres of land adjoing the city limits, which he entered; also, owns other town property. He was among the first to enlist in 1861 in the three-months service in the 17th Reg. Ohio Inf., Co. B; enlisted for three years in the same regiment; after serving three years, enlisted in the 6th Reg. Hancock's Corps and served one year; was in battles of Mill Spring, Murfreesboro, Chickamauga, Mission Ridge, Resaca and Atlanta.

Perrine, Lew, clerk.

Pettitt, H.L., farmer, Sec. 10.

Pettit, William A., farmer Sec. 10.

Phelps, Stephen, pastor First Presbyterian Church, Vinton; born in Lewiston, Fulton Co., Ill., Feb. 6, 1839; he attended Jefferson College Pa., three years, and entered the Western Theolgical Seminary; he was licensed to preach in the Summer of 1861, and supplied the pulpit at Bedford, Pa., during seminary vacation; after graduation, he refused several calls from churches in the East, and accepted the call from the Presbyterian Church in Sioux City; after being there two and a half years, he was called to the Presbyterian Church at Waterloo, where he labored until obliged to resign his charge on account of his health; he was called to his present pastorate in October, 1871, and has the largest church in Iowa. He is Chaplain of the Iowa State Guards; has been moderator of the Synod, and has represented the Presbytery three times in the general assembly. Married Miss Amelia McComb, from Lewiston, Fulton Co., Ill., June 20, 1862; they have four children-Albert M., Myron, Ella and Clara. His father, Myron Phelphs, was one of the earliest settlers in Illionis, emigrating there before the Black Hawk war; he has been a successful merchant for fifty-four years.

Pierce, Isaac, money lender.

Pierce, Nehemiah R., farmer; born in Barnstable Co., Mass., Nov. 11, 1823; lived in Massachusetts until 14 years of age; lived in Maine five years, then was engaged in the cotton mills in Massachusetts nine years. Married Miss Anna M. Allen, from Maine, Dec. 7, 1852; they came to Iowa in 1854 and lived in Allamakee Co. fourteen years; they came to Benton Co., to Big Grove, May 1, 1868, and engaged in farming. Mr. Pierce had but little when he started, and now owns over 1200 acres of land in this county; has held office of Assessor and other town and school offices; they have four children-Thomas A., Wendell P., Abbie A. and Ruth Ella. Mrs. Martha Pierce, mother of Mr. Pierce, lives with him, and is 86 years of age. His father died Nov. 27, 1873.

Pike, James C., grain dealer; born in Albany, N.Y., March 4, 1852, and lived there thirteen years, and came to Whiteside Co., Ill.; lived there until 1869, when he came to Benton Co. and engaged in farming; in 1873, he engaged in his present business-buying and shipping grain. Married Miss Ella M. Young, daughter of W.H. Young, of Vinton, Dec. 28, 1867; they have one son-Charles R.

Pitts, Emery, farmer, Sec. 11.

Place, S.M., laborer.

Porter, C.E., hardware.

Portenfield, William, Rev., Sec. 18; born in city of Glasgow, Scotland, in the year 1820, and was educated for the ministry in the Free Presbyterian Church; emigrated from Scotland in 1850 and lived in Canada ten years, and came to Benton Co. in 1860; preaches some yet, but on account of nervous derangement, engaged in the nursery business; he and his sons have done a large business, selling as high as $10,000 of nursery stock in one year; his sons having engaged in business he is closing out his nursery. Married Isabella Stewart, from Montreal; they have four children-John O., merchant at Reinbeck; David A., merchant at Traer; Simon, merchant at Traer; George, at home; lost one son-William S.

Postle, John, laborer.

Powell, Joseph, farmer, Sec. 22.

Pray, C.U., clerk.

Preston, Case, farmer, Sec. 32; born in Franklin Co., Ohio, Oct. 16, 1852; lived in Ohio eighteen years, then came to Benton Co., in 1870 and engaged in farming; he owns farm of sixty acres. His parents reside in Vinton, the county seat of Benton Co.

Preston, C.S., lawyer.

Preston, L.C.

Preston, L.A., farmer.

Pyne, John F., boots, shoes and harness; born in town of Ovid, Seneca Co., N.Y., Feb. 23, 1830; moved to Cazenovia when 10 years old; he was the oldest of the family; when he was 18 years old he bought a house and lot there, paid for it, and gave the deed to his mother; came to Vinton, Iowa, in June 1855, and when he got there was $2.50 cents worse off than nothing; he engaged in the boot and shoe and dry goods trade; was book-keeper and cashier in Traer's bank four years, and was engaged in the saddlery and harness business; published the Benton County Democrat during the campaign of 1856, and again in the campaign between Lincoln and Douglas; in 1868, published the Democratic Standard; he had four brothers in the army, but he "staid at home and stood the draft like a man." Married Ruth A. Stringham, from Broome Co., N.Y., in 1854; she died in 1863, leaving two sons-Edward A. and Joseph S., and lost two sons. Married Lovina F. Burruss, from Indiana, in 1865; they have one daughter Rosa May; lost one daughter.
Transcribed by Kate Connerth.
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