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Taylor Township
Nevin, J.R., farmer.

Nichols, John D., attorney at law; born in Canada West July 22, 1834, lived there twenty-two years, and learned carriage making; came to Iowa and studied law with Traer & Gilchrist, of Vinton, and was admitted to the bar in 1872; has practiced his profession here since then. He represents this District in the Iowa State Senate, being eleted in 1876. Married miss Sarah Stevens, from Canada, in 1854; she died in 1870, leaving four sons-Malcolm E., Clarence, Clifford G. and Frank Benn. Married Miss P.J. Breman, from Canada, in Iowa Falls, March, 1872.

Nickelson, David, night police.

Nixon, Alex., blacksmith.

Nixon, James, blacksmith.

Noble, Isband, farmer, Sec. 4; born in Ontario, Canada, April 16, 1827; lived there twenty-three years and came to Benton Co., Iowa, in November 1850; he and his brother lived in a cabin on the river bottom during the Winter; in the Spring, he went to Minnesota. In 1852, he returned to Canada; married Miss Hannah P. Geddes, sister of Gen. James L. Geddes, of Iowa College, Oct. 27, 1852; she was born in Edinburgh, Scotland; they came to this county in November, 1852, and located where they now live, and entered land from the government; they were among the earliest settlers; only one man in this neighborhood that was here when they came. Has held township and school offices. It used to take him three and four days with ox team to go to mill at Cedar Rapids and return, leaving his wife alone; she was as brave as he; the Indians and wolves did not frighten her; when they came, they had but little, and now own over 600 acres of land; they have five children-James A., Isband, Libbie, Andrew and Charles G.

Noble, Isband, Jr., farmer, Sec. 4.

Noble, James S., farmer, Sec. 4.
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