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Taylor Township
Gail, W.H., wagon maker.

Gay, Harvey D., retired; born in Windsor Co., Vt., Dec. 19, 1829, and lived there until 24 years of age, when he moved to Columbus, Ohio, and was engaged in the mercantile trade there and in Newark; he came to Vinton, Benton Co., in March 1856; Wm. Loree came with him; he engaged in the mercantile business (firm of H.D. Gay & Co.); only few merchants here in business now that were here when he came; after continuing in business some eleven years he sold out. He was President of the First National Bank of Vinton during its organization. Married Miss Virginia Walcutt, from Columbus, Ohio, Dec. 19, 1855.

Geater, G.W., farmer, Sec. 31.

Geater, Mark, laborer, Sec. 31.

Geater, Noah, laborer, Sec. 31.

Geater, Josiah, mechanic.

Geddes, Charles, shoemaker.

George, E.C., livery.

Gerberick, A.A., dry goods.

Gift, R.P., grocer.

Gilchrist, J.E., far., Sec. 4.

Gilchrist, G.M., attorney.

Gilchrist, James Y., far., Sec. 19; born in Washington Co., Ind., Aug 25, 1830; lived there and in Johnson counties twenty-six years, and came by wagon to Benton Co., Iowa, and was sixteen days on the way; arrived in the Fall of 1856, located in this Twp., and has lived here twenty-two years; he owns the farm where he lives, and also one in Jackson Tp. Married Miss Lydia Banta, from Johnson Co., Ind., in June, 1852; they have two children-James A., and Martha Belle, and have lost one daugher-Alice A.

Gilchrist, P.M., laborer.

Gilchrist, William A., farmer, Sec. 19; born in Washington Co., Ind., May 6, 1828; lived there sixteen years; moved to Johnson Co. in 1844, and lived there twelve years, and came to Benton Co., Iowa, Nov. 2, 1856; he located where he now lives, and engaged in farming, and has lived here twenty-two years; one of his horses-Old George-that he drove through from Indiana to this county, is still in prime, and does his work regularly and cheerfully. Mr. Gilchrist owns farm of 120 acres; he has held office of Town Treasurer, and school offices. Married Miss Rebecca S. Banta, from Indiana, Sept. 8, 1853; they have two children-Ella M. and Mollie H.; lost one son-Edgar, and one daughter-Martha.

Gilmore, John, breeder of blooded stock, Sec. 29; born in Coleraine, Ireland, Feb. 12, 1834; came to America in 1851; lived in Philadelphia, Pa.; afterward lived in Ohio; was in lumber business and raising fine stock; came to Vinton in Fall of 1866; engaged in lumber business five years, then engaged in raising fine stock-principally hogs; he has raised some of the finest in this State, and they have commanded the highest prices; he has held the office of Corporation Trustee. Married Miss Elizabeth A. Geddes, of Iowa College, in Oct. 1868; they have two children-Henry N. and Mary E.; they have lost two children-one son and one daughter.

Ginds, Mat.

Glendy, John, brick maker.

Golden, Thomas C., physician; born in Birmingham, England, April 16, 1818; lived in England thrity-one years; studied medicine and graduated; was also a local minister in the Wesleyan Church; came to America in 1849 in 1849; came to State of Wisconsin the same year, gracuated in the Homoeopathic school of medicine, and practiced his profession, and also entered the itinerant ministry of the M.E. Church; was Presiding Elder for ten yers, and was a Delegate to the General Conference in 1860 and 1864; was Chaplain in the army, of the 25th Wisconsin V. I.; came to Iowa in 1870 and joined this Conference; was Pastor of church at Mt. Vernon three years, and was made Presiding Elder of the district. His first wife was Elizabeth Sturges, from Birmingham, England; she died leaving two children-Stephen and Anna. Married Hannah C. Goodban, June 16, 1863; she was from Pennsylvania, but was born in England; they have two children-Wilson Eddy and Ethel Rose.

Golley, H.S., horse trainer.

Goodwin, C.S., ice dealer.

Goodwin, Elliott, laborer.

Gray, W.P., dentist.

Gregg, A.H., laborer.

Green, R.A., painter.

Griffin, A.D., Dr., drugs, medicines and chemicals; born in Oswego Co., N.Y., Oct. 2, 1836; lived there until 10 years of age; lived in Pennsylvania a short time; moved to Ohio and studied medicine; came to Iowa in 1860, and came to Vinton in 1865; practiced medicine and then engaged in the drug business in 1868. Married Miss Mary E. Kent, from Licking Co., Ohio, in 1861, they have three children-Carrie, Fred, and Clark C.; they have lost two sons.

Griffin, C.C., physician.

Griffin, Isaac, laborer.

Griffith, J.W., painter.

Grow, Samuel, laborer.
Transcribed by Kate Connerth.
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