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Taylor Township
Fairbanks, J.W., pump manufacturer.

Felker, E.B., plasterer.

Felker, O.

Fellows, E.G., photographer.

Fellows, J.L., school teacher.

Fisher, James, carpenter.

Fisher, J.M., laborer.

Flatt, W.K., physician.

Forrester, Asa B., manufacturer of barrels and firkins; born in Lockport, N.Y., Dec. 13, 1837; lived there until 17 years of age, and learned the cooper's trade; came with his father to Benton Co. April 24, 1855; engaged in farming in Cedar Tp., and were among the early settlers; was in the army in the 8th Ill. V.I.; afterward worked at his trade four years, and farmed for six years; came to vinton in 1869, and engaged in his present business. Married Miss Antoinette Wallace, from Indiana, in June, 1864; they have four children-Frank W., Edith, Bessie and Jay.

Forrester, E.D., machinist.

Forsythe, W.O., farmer, Sec. 23.

Fraulick, M.

Flichlich, M., laborer.

Fraser, Alex, retired farmer.

Freeman, G.W., mechanic.

French, M., wood sawyer.

Fulton, C.D., hardware.

Furry, John, retired farmer.

Furry, John L., restaurant, bakery and confectionery; born in Wabash Co., Ind., Sept. 17, 1844; lived in Indiana eighteen years; came to Benton Co. in 1862; worked at mason's trade for eight years; engaged in the restaurant, bakery and confectionery business in 1877, and is now manufacturing crackers; furnishes bread for the College of the Blind. Married Miss Mary J. Newell, from New York State, in Sept., 1866; has three children-Mary A., Frankie and Charlie.
Transcribed by Kate Connerth.
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