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Taylor Township
Cady, L.H., attorney.

Calcene, Hans.

Calkins, Henry.

Call, James, far., Sec. 33.

Campbell, A., clerk.

Campbell, J.A., stone mason.

Campbell, S.M., clerk market.

Carlisle, Joseph, railroad hand.

Carpenter, F.A.

Carr, W.B., painter.

Carothers, Robert, Rev., Principal Iowa College for the Blind; born in Allegheny Co., Penn., Oct. 18, 1831; received his education in Pennsylvania, graduating from Jefferson College; after living in Ohio six months, he received a call to the pastorate of the Presbyterian Church in Tipton, Iowa; remained there six years, when was called to the pastorate of a church in Pennsylvania, where he was born; after laboring there successfully for eleven years, he was called to his present position, in July, 1877. He was stated clerk of the Synod of Pittsburgh, Penn., for seven years-from 1869-1877. Married Miss Emeline Milligan, from Braddock's Fields, Allegheny Co., Penn., June 17, 1858; they have six children -Robert M. and Charles, Mary E., Sarah M., Josephine R., Wilhelmina E.

Chadburn, A.S., elevator.

Chambers, J.R., carpenter.

Chapin, Stephen, Jr., farmer; born in Springfield, Mass., April 2, 1820; lived there thirty-two years. Married Miss Lucy Elder, from Chester, Mass, May 11, 1842. He and three brothers, with their families, came to Galena, Ill.; leaving their wives there, he and his brothers came to Benton Co., in October, 1852; selected land and went to Dubuque and entered it, three brothers of them wintered in Mahan's shanty; they put up shanties in the Winter, and in April went for their families; among his sister's goods was a piano, the first one brought to Benton Co.; Mr. Chapin engaged in farming; used to cart grain to Iowa City; sold wheat for thiry-five cents a bushel; they were among the earliest settlers, and have lived here over twenty-five years; he owns 120 acres of land. They have three children-Mrs. Edna Hanford, Stephen E. (at home), James E. (at home); lost one daughter- Elizabeth. Mr Chapin's brother, Rev. A. Chapin, is preaching in Kansas; Caleb is a merchant in Dubuque, and James is in California.

Chismore, Stephen, railroad hand.

Christ, W.W., barber.

Christie, J.R., City Assessor.

Clark, Alvin, millwright.

Cobbey, Joseph E., proprietor of the Pomana Nurseries, Sec. 19; born in Miami Co., Ohio, Oct. 13, 1824; when 14 years of age, in 1838, removed to Pike Co., Ill., and lived there and in Sangamon Co. for some years. He was in the army; enlisted in the 75th Reg. Ill. V.I., Co. D; was in the battle of Perryville, Ky., Sunday, Oct. 8, 1862, and in the severe skirmish at Harrodsburg and in all the battles at Stone River, where he was First Lieutenant and Acting Captain and commanded Co. D, the Captain having been taken prisoner; he soon after resigned his commission and came to Benton Co., in the fall of 1863, and bought where he now lives eighty acres; in 1867, he established his orchard and nurseries; has held the office of Assessor for two terms. Married Miss Harriet J. Webb, from Bellows Falls, Vt., in Aug., 1848; they have three sons- J. Elliott, born Nov. 5, 1853 (practicing law in Beatrice, Neb.); Thomas D., born March 27, 1857 (student); James Webb, born May 19, 1865.

Coder, P.M., County Treasurer.

Colcord, E.H., commission.

Colcord, J.A., merchant.

Cole, Thomas.

Colwell, H.N., horse trainer.

Connell, Wm. C., attorney at law; born in Ripley Co., Ind., June 18, 1830; his mother died when he was 4 years old, and when 12 years of age, his father met with a dangerous accident and lost the use of his leg, and upon William depended the management of the farm. Married Maria M. Shults, from Pennsylvania, Nov. 3, 1853; they started for Iowa June 7, 1851; he had $5.45 in money, and came with his brother-in-law by wagon; they arrived in Benton Co. June 30, 1854, and he only had ten cents in his pocket when he got here; he came to Vinton in the Fall of 1854, and in 1855, commenced reading law with Judge Shane, and was admitted to the bar in April, 1857, and commenced the practice of his profession and has continued over twenty-one years, and longer than any attorney in Benton Co. He and Capt. Hunt, during the war, raised Co. G, 5th Iowa V.I., the first company raised in Benton Co., and he was commissioned First Lieutenant by Gov. Kirkwood, but was compelled to resign; in 1862, he was commissioned to take the soldiers' vote by Gov. Kirkwood; also in 1863. He has five children-Leonora A., Samantha A., Nettie A., Ruth A., Rosa L.; lost one daughter-Sarah C.

Conner, H.G., artist.

Conner, Harrison S., real estate and collecting business; born in Dutchess Co., N.Y., March 28, 1830; lived there fourteen years, and went to Luzerne Co., Penn., and was engaged mostly in the timber business; lived there about ten years; came to Whiteside Co., Ill., in 1856; lived there eight years; came to Vinton in 1864 and engaged in the real estate business; was associated with O. Knox in business; he is the oldest real estate dealer here. Married Miss Esther A. Gardner, from Luzerne Co., Penn., in 1851; they have six children-Herbert G., Willie E., Elmer L., Agnes L., Harry D., Blanche.

Conner, O.L.

Conway, Hiram, laborer.

Cook, S.D.

Cooper, O.L., attorney firm of Nichols & Cooper; born in Otsego Co., N.Y., Nov. 8, 1847; received his education there and came to Vinton in 1867; studied law with Judge Shane, and was admitted to the bar in Oct., 1871; he was associated in the practice of law until the latter went on to the bench; in Jan. 1878, he associated with J.D. Nichols in the practice of his profession; he has been United States Commissioner for the past six years. Married Miss Annie S. Shane, daughter of Judge Shane, June 17, 1869; they have three children- Freddie, Alice H. and Hattie A.

Corbett, Thomas.

Corbett, William; farmer, Sec. 3.

Corning, S.B. carpenter.

Correll, Paul, retired; born in Northampton Co., Penn., July 10, 1830; lived in Pennsylvania twenty-five years; was clerk in store for five years; came to Chicago in 1855, and lived there three and a half years; came to Iowa in 1859, to Cedar Rapids, and then came to Vinton in 1860; engaged in the mercantile business, and continued for nine years; he is largely interested here, owning several farms near town, over 1,000 acres in all, beside city property. He has held office in the City Council several terms.

Correll, Michael, farmer.

Correll, Michael, farmer, Sec. 17.

Cottrell, John, farmer, Sec. 30.

Cottrell, William, farmer, Sec. 30; born in Greene Co., Ohio, Nov. 11, 1808, when he moved to Indiana; also lived in Michigan, and again in Indiana; lived in Jasper Co., Ill., four years; came by ox team to Benton Co., and arrived here July 3, 1856, and located where he now lives, and engaged in farming; they were early settlers; only a few are here now that were here then; he had but little when he came, and now owns 180 acres of land, and some of it he has been obliged to pay for twice. Married Ann Parcels from Pennsylvania; have had nine children-John lives in the county; Abraham was in Co. D, 28th I.V.I., died in the army; William was in Co. D., 28th I.V.I., at home; Charlie, Mrs. Sarah J. Wilkinson and Mrs. Lucretia Keller; lost one daughter, Betsey.

Cottrell, William H., farmer, Sec. 30.

Coutts, Emanuel, farmer, Sec. 9.

Coutts, J.T., plasterer.

Crandall, James M., firm of Rumbaugh & Crandall, dealers in boots and shoes; born in Oswego Co., N.Y., May 6, 1827; lived in the State of New York twenty-eight years; learned the trade of a blacksmith. Was in the Mexican war; enlisted in 1846 in the Ordnance Corps; they were all mechanics in his company but nine; they had heavy cannon; he was in the siege of Vera Cruz, and in the battles of Molino del Rey, Chapultepec, and City of Mexico. After returning he went to Wisconsin and lived there three years; came to Vinton in 1858 and engaged in the blacksmith and carriage making business; he has been engaged in boot and shoe business for the past two years. Has held town and school offices. Married Miss A.E. Perkins, from the State of New York, May 17, 1849; they have one daughter, Jennie, and lost one son, Henry Leroy.

Crawford, G.P., Sec. 23.

Crawford, William, far., Sec. 25.

Cress, William, laborer.

Cummings, J.W., painter.

Cummings, W.J., painter.

Cushing, S.C., laborer.
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