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Big Grove Township
Adamson, J.W., farmer, Sec. 22; P.O. Vinton.

Auld, G.W., far., S. 6; P.O. Garrison.

Baker, Samuel T., far., Sec. 11; P.O. Vinton.

Baker, S., Thornton, Far., Sec. 11; P.O. Vinton.

Banse, J., far., S. 5; P.O. Garrison.

Bergen, Isaac, farmer and stock raiser, Sec. 10; P.O. Vinton; was born in Shelbyville, Ky., Sept. 3, 1828; came to this county in 1859; has 575 acres of land, valued at $12,000. Belongs to the Presbyterian Church. Married Martha H. Voorheis; she was born in Johnson Co., Ind., March 25, 1831. Joseph, born Aug. 19, 1854; Emeretta, Jan. 15, 1857; James M., June 2, 1859; R. Lilla, Jan. 12, 1862; Mattie J., March 23, 1864; Everett D., Dec. 2, 1866; James T., July 6, 1869; Guy L., July 31, 1875, are their living children; lost two children-Jane M. and James T. Emigrated with his parents to Johnson Co., Ind., when he was 3 years old; lived there until he was 31 years old; thence to Benton Co. and located on eighty acres of land, where he now lives; when he came here he was a poorman; had about $200 cash in his pocket; he came when these prairies were wild, and by his own industry has made himself a wealthy man; raises yearly, 150 acres of corn or 6,000 bushels; wheat 500 bushels; oats 2,000 bushels; turns off 150 head of hogs and 50 head of cattle; ships most of his own stock; is one of the live farmers of the county.

Birch, J.G., far., S. 17; P.O. Garrison.

Bohmke, E., farmer, Sec. 31; P.O. Garrison.

Booker, I., far., S. 32; P.O. Garrison.

Bowen, C.E., farmer, Sec. 24; P.O. Vinton.

Bowen, I.W., retired farmer, Sec. 14; P.O. Vinton; born in Winchester, Va., Feb. 13, 1804; came to this county in the Fall of 1852; has 130 acres of land, valued at $5,200. Belongs to M.E. Church. Married Eliza Gardner; she was born near Winchester, Va., Nov. 11, 1808; Mr. and Mrs. Bowen have lived together as man and wife nearly fifty years; she is the mother of four living children-Russell B., Martha, Eliza E., and Chester. Mr. B. emigrated with his parents from Virginia to Columbus, Ohio, when he was 4 years old; lived there twenty years; thence moved to Indianapolis, Ind.; lived there twenty years; thence to Benton Co., where he has resided since; was here at the first election held in the township; at the time he came here there were not more than four of five buildings in Vinton, while now there is a population of about 5,000; came here when the prairies were wild, and has lived to see them developed into one of the finest farming counties in the State. Mr. B. has an old relic, a newpaper called the Ulster Co. Gazette, published at Kingston, by Samuel Freer & Son, giving the death of Geo. Washington, and the resolutions on the same by congress, probably the only one is existence. Mr. B. came to this county with limited means, and by industry and economy has made a good property and a comfortable home, and is one of the well-to-do farmers of the county.

Brant, J., far., S. 18; P.O. Garrison.

Branin, M., Farmer, Sec. 14; P.O. Vinton; was born in New Jersey Aug. 10, 1820; came to this county in 1854; has 280 acres of land, valued at $9,000. Married for his first wife Margery Ellyson; she was born in Stark Co., Ohio, in Oct., 1828; mother of four children-W.I., Chester, Alvertis and E.H. For his second wife, married Mary E. Tabor; she was born in Ohio in 1832. Emigrated with his parents from New Jersey when he was 4 years old, and settled in Columbiana Co., Ohio; lived there nine years; thence to Mahoning Co.; lived there about twenty-one years; thence to Benton Co., where he has resided since; was amongst the earliest settlers of the township; Mr. H.H. Ellyson and himself were the first settlers south of the Grove; was at the first election of the township, and also helped to organize it. When he came to this county, he was a poor man; but by industry and economy has made himself and family a good home.
Transcribed by Kate Connerth.
Copyright © 1997.


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