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Benton Township
Hall, Elie, far., S. 24; P.O. Shellsburg.

Hanover, F.W., far., S. 27; P.O. Shellsburg.

Harrison, J.W., far., S. 18; P.O. Vinton.

Harrison, R.C., far., S. 7; P.O. Vinton.

Hite, J., far.;P.O. Vinton.

Hopper, W., carpenter, S. 36; P.O. Shellsburg.

Issenhuth, M., far., S. 36; P.O. Shellsburg.

Johnson, R.E., far., S. 36; P.O. Shellsburg.

Kimball, G., far., S. 28; P.O. Shellsburg.

Kimball, Ira C., farmer Sec. 28; P.O. Shellsburg; born in LaMoille Co., Vt., Nov. 14, 1840; came to this county in 1854; has eighty acres of land, valued at $1,600. Held the office of Town Trustee. Married Caroline I. Marshall; she was born in Susquehanna Co., Penn., June 7, 1847; mother of three children-Abbie E., born June 9, 1868; Carrie C., Dec. 19, 1872; and Roy, March 31, 1876. Emigrated from Vermont to St. Lawrence Co., N.Y., when he was 8 years old, and lived there about five years; thence to Linn Co., Iowa, where he lived one year; then came to Benton Co., where he has resided since; when he came to this county, it was new, and very few inhabitants; has lived to see it devlop into one of the finest of farming counties.
       [Note from Susan Audy: Ira Kimgball's first wife's names was Cornelia Marshall and not Caroline. - 4/22/06]

King, S.N., Rev., minister, Sec. 12; P.O. Vinton; born in Armstrong Co., Penn., March 12, 1833; lived in Pennsylvania for twenty years. He educated himself by his own efforts, and prepared himself by his own efforts, and prepared himself for the ministry; studied two years in Pennsylvania, then came to Ohio, and pursued his studies four years longer, and graduated; he received a call from a church in New Lisbon, Ohio, which he accepted, it being his first pastorate; he remained there for ten years, and then accepted a call to preach in Fulton Co., Ill., four years; came to Vinton in 1873, and united with the Cedar Rapids Presbytery, is now engaged in preaching under the auspices of the Home Missionary Society of New York, preaching regularly both at Ely and Fairfax, where he has been the means of doing great good. He owns 160 acres of land. Married Miss Sarah Ann Krilley, from Ohio, April 1, 1857; they have five children-John A., Franklin M., Harriet A., Mary L. and Benjamin A.
Transcribed by Kate Connerth.
Copyright © 1997.


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