Appanoose County - Army and Army Air Forces

The Honor List of Dead and Missing for the STATE OF IOWA is published by the War Department for the information of public officials, the press, the radio and intrested organizations. It contains the latest and most complete data available on all military personnel who were killed or died, or became and remained missing, between the President's declaration of unlimited national emergency on May 27, 1941, and the cut-off date of this report, January 31, 1946, and includes both battle and non-battle dead or missing. The complete work, of which this volume is a part, contains about 300,000 names of men and women who gave their lives while serving in the Army of the United States.

Last Name First Name Grade Casualty Type
BanksDonald L.PrivateDied, Non-Battle
BeersWilliam B.Staff SergeantDied of Wounds
BennettRobert M.Private First ClassKilled in Action
BeverForrest W.Technical SergeantKilled in Action
BilesGeorge W.Staff SergeantDied, Non-Battle
BillsGrover JPrivateKilled in Action
BozwickCarl E.PrivateKilled in Action
BrewerGeorge H.First LieutenantFinding of Death
BrinegarJunior R.PrivateKilled in Action
BrinegarLester W.Private First ClassKilled in Action
Brown JackPrivateDied, Non-Battle
BuckJames O.PrivateKilled in Action
ClausenTed T.R.CorporalDied, Non-Battle
CossolottoNino A.PrivateKilled in Action
CountisMikePrivate First ClassKilled in Action
CrawfordFrancis A.O.First LieutenantDied, Non-Battle
DavisNoah J.SergeantKilled in Action
DavisRoy L.Private First ClassDied of Wounds
ElderFrancis R.PrivateKilled in Action
FrankSam J.Private First ClassKilled in Action
FryAlfred E.Private First ClassKilled in Action
ForsytheLester B.SergeantKilled in Action
GlasgowPearl D.PrivateKilled in Action
HainesOrris C.Private First ClassKilled in Action
HarringtonJames L.Private First ClassKilled in Action
HarringtonNeil F.Technical SergeantFinding of Death
HeimesJohn W.First LieutenantDied, Non-Battle
HetzlerWendel E.Technician Fifth GradeDied, Non-Battle
HobartCarl E.Staff SergeantKilled in Action
HowardRobert E.Staff SergeantKilled in Action
HuntAddison S.Staff SergeantKilled in Action
KauzlarichJohn S.PrivateKilled in Action
KennedyGerald E.PrivateKilled in Action
KerbyGeorge I.Private First ClassKilled in Action
LoganRaleigh V. Jr.Second LieutenantDied, Non-Battle
MainEugene G.Private First ClassKilled in Action
MalinWayne J.Private First ClassKilled in Action
MarchiGuidoSergeantKilled in Action
MathesEdwin M.SergeantDied of Wounds
MathewsJohn N.PrivateKilled in Action
McCartyCharles F.Flight OfficerDied, Non-Battle
McDonaldWilliam B.Private First ClassKilled in Action
McKernBruce A.Second LieutenantFinding of Death
MontgomeryWilliam M.SergeantDied, Non-Battle
OlsonJohn G.CorporalDied, Non-Battle
PattersonRichard L.Staff SergeantKilled in Action
RobbinsWilliam R.PrivateKilled in Action
RockDelmar J.Staff SergeantKilled in Action
SamsonJames D.SergeantKilled in Action
SealsRay O.First SergeantKilled in Action
SebbenJohnnySergeantKilled in Action
SleethRaymond P.PrivateKilled in Action
SpenceOrval E.Private First ClassKilled in Action
StacnerKeith E.Technician Fifth GradeDied of Wounds
SumpterRaymond L.First LieutenantKilled in Action
SwartzWilliam F.Private First ClassKilled in Action
VanlandinghamC. E.Private First ClassKilled in Action
WakefieldErsel R.CorporalKilled in Action
WardCharles S.Private First ClassKilled in Action
WhitacreCarrol D.Aviation CadetDied, Non-Battle
WilcoxEugene Jr.First LieutenantFinding of Death
WilfawnLawrence L.Technician Fourth GradeKilled in Action
WrightSilus C.Private First ClassDied of Wounds
WyldesHoward P.PrivateKilled in Action
WyldesJesse C.PrivateFinding of Death