Historical Newspaper Clippings
from the Centerville Iowegian

These articles were found in a book of old newspaper clippings from the Iowegian. Unfortunately, there are no dates attached to the clippings. However, they provide interesting info on the area.

Article Title Names Mentioned  
"Underground Railroad  Had A Station At Armstrong's and Old Barn Stands Where Negroes Were Hidden In Flight" Armstrong, J.H.B
Stanton, Austin
Fulcher, John
Holbrook, Solomon
Holbrook, Loren
Streepy, Ed
Crockett, Davy ("Negro free man")
Armstrong, Dr. John
Frush, John
Norris, Verrie
Steele, Hugh
Bryan, Dan
Ross, Mabel
"Pioneer Cemeteries   And Lone Places in S.W.Appanoose" Harvey, J. C.
Sager, John Perry
Jump Cemetery
Jump, Joseph Sr.
Buntin Cemetery
Johnson, Harris
"Doves Married   63 Years;  Live In Centerville" Dove, Mr. & Mrs. R. L.
Picture:  Smith Sager Smith Sager
"One of the men held up as he appeared on scene of James stage coach robbery".
Picture:  John Ferren John Ferren
"At whose home Johns township was named and the man who plowed the furrow Centerville to Corydon by ox team to make a path for the pony express riders to follow."
"Country's Call Got a Response   From Appanoose - About Fifteen Hundred Men to Civil War and 800 Did Not Come Back Alive" Drake, F.M.
Sawyers, Sylvester H (Surgeon)
Vermillion, William F
Fee, Captain
Gedney, Joseph B
Taylor, Thomas J
Cummins, Ephraim
Skinner, Elisha D
Edwards, John W
Harvey, E. E.
Scott, John Wesley
Walden, M. M.
Bashore, John A
Haynes, E. C.
Morey, Joseph K
Wright, Henry H
Wyckoff, Geo W
"Women's Relief Corps   Came to Aid of Soldiers" Wentworth, Susan
Baker, Sophia
Colfax, Elisabeth
Young, Sallie A
Moore, Mary
Thorn, Machel M
Bishop, Ida
Henderson, Sarah