District Court Records - Book A

Many thanks to former Appanoose County Coordinator Keith Buck who created the index and to Jeanie McClurg, who went to the courthouse and photographed all of the pages!

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The pages linked above contain an index of names found in Book A of the District Court held at the courthouse in Centerville.   With each name is a link to the page on which that name appears.

These records begin with the May term which began on 10 May 1852.

The United States District Court for the District of Iowa was established on March 3,  1845,  by 5 Stat. 789.

Congress organized Iowa as one judicial district and authorized one judgeship for the district court.   The U.S. district court in Iowa,  not being assigned to a judicial circuit,  was granted the same jurisdiction as U.S. circuit courts,  except in appeals and writs of error,  which were the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court.

On July 15,  1862,  12 Stat. 576,  Congress repealed the circuit court jurisdiction of the U.S. District Court for the District of Iowa,  established a U.S. circuit court in the district,  and assigned the district to the Ninth Circuit.

On July 23,  1866,  14 Stat. 209,  Congress reorganized the circuits and assigned the District of Iowa to the Eighth Circuit.

The District was subdivided into Northern and Southern Districts on July 20,  1882,  by 22 Stat. 172.