Zoar Cemetery

Caldwell Township, Section 15
About 4 miles southeast of Exline.
Land for the cemetery deeded by Frederick A. and Sarah Stevens in 1864.

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ZOAR CHAPEL southeast of Exline was established in 1860 by early pioneers who built the church of white oak logs.   This 24' x 30' log structure served as both school and church for several years.   Shortly after the Civil War it was deeded to the Methodist conference.
By 1882 the log building had been replaced with a newer structure,  which was in use until 1935,  when it burned one Sunday morning due to an overheated stove.   The third building was erected in 1936 and is still standing.   There is a cemetery adjoining the church building.

With a declining population,  membership in the church has also declined,  with only 29 members on the rolls in the centennial year of 1960.   Shortly thereafter Zoar Chapel left the Appanoose County Group Ministry and was supplied with student pastors for a few years.   The church closed in 1965.   The building is now owned by the Zoar Chapel Association which sponsors an annual homecoming and oversees the care of the cemetery.

Row Surname First Name Birth Death Comments
1 Foster Bessie   8-22-1900 7y 6m 16d
  Slavin Richard S 4-19-1839 8-17-1907  
  Miner Katie   1-14-1913 46y,  w/o J. F.
  King Andrew 3-12-1838 12-9-1913  
  Johnson John H 1862 1931  
  Johnson Lillie B 1871 1945  
2 Rash Charles V 8-28 11-12-1908  
  Rash Zelma Morgan August 1900 September 1909 f. s.
  Turnbull Nancy 3-22-1846 2-28-1919  
          foundation no information
  Withrow E.J.   25 Jul 1899 27y
  Withrow Mattie E.   23 Mar 1901 28y
  Withrow Edgar 1898 1919  
  Drake Henry D. 1875 1948  
  Drake Marcena L. 1870 1901  
  Drake   1901 1901 Infant
  Drake 1898 1901  
  Drake   1838 1911  
3 Allen Rebecca 1875 1966  
  Clouse Nettie E. 1857 1934 w/o J. F.
  Cormeny Lewis   16 Mar 1906 21y 8m 19d
 CormenyA. J.27 Jan 183930 Mar 1916 
 CormenyLusetta28 Oct 184430 Apr 1918w/o A.J.
 AmosBertha L.18811963 
 EddyBeryl E.19211940 
 EddyIda J.18861964 
 EddySamuel A.19081955 
 MiklesMary M.2-3-190810-10-1976 
 MiklesEverett I.2-23-190312-28-1967 
 EddyJerry Duane5-30-193611-10-1982Sp. 3 US Army
 BallangerDavid Matthew6-5-19677-6-1987 
 GradwellMargaret 9-26-190385y
 Hutchison   no other information
 ForsytheLula 9-20-1895d/o W & EN 3m 5d
 Cook  11-30-1899infant of J. C. & L. A.
 CookLaura Ann18761969 
 CookJefferson C18671946 
     rock marking grave no information
 MikelsDavid H18831969 
 MikelsMaude May18871943Mother
 DreadinFlorenceJune 19201975 
5DanielsDelia J18671897 
 Daniels   no other information
 MikelsDavid 11-25-18916y 9m 22d
 MikelsAtha C 8-27-191579y 8m 20d
 RossCarrie D10-22-188911-28-1966 
 RossMichael J8-1-188610-14-1926 
 RossPrudie 11-5-1898d/o H & J
 RossLouise J 3-24-1902w/o Hosea 40y 4m 25d
 MiklesLee 12-21-1903s/o WH & A 4y ?m 22d
 MiklesWm. henry3-25-18553-9-1927 
 MiklesAugusta9-15-18759-14-1918his wife
 BarnthousePaula D1929 Tec. 4 US Army
6MiklesMary E5-20-188?5-30-1881d/o LD & MS
 MiklesMatilda S11-18-18568-24-1940 
 MiklesLoranzo D10-24-18541-16-1931 
 WestAtha Caroline3-21-18771-7-1939 
 WestPurlius Oddo1-18-18678-26-1956 
 CroftPruda Mikles6-5-18665-18-1934f.s.
 WardlowT.T. 10-31-186822y 2m 13d
 MiklesJuanita Amelia12-18-189910-10-1943 
 CookLester Leo 1906 
 CookMary Effie18841952 
 EddyBerta Lee10-23-1923  
 EddyRobert L1-17-1919  
7VandikeCarrie J  d/o J & AE
 VandikeHenry E 3-4-1874s/o J & AE 8m 11d
 MapleMatilda 5-11-1864w/o I.L.W. 52y 5m 28d
 VandikeEllen May18402-22-1920his wife
 VandikeMilton Leroy8-31-18804-16-1949 
 VandikeRosa Lee10-2-18812-1-1966 
 VandikeMartin7-24-18415-28-1921Co. K Mo. S.M. Cav. Vol.
 CorderHellen M19221931 
 CorderJames M18831962 
 CorderEmma M18861962 
 Cook  1944inf. s/o Emmett & Zelma
 CookEmmett P1906  
8MaringHannah 4-17-1862w/o John 37y 5m 1d
 MaringJohn 5-16-189171y 2m 5d
 SleethLillie Mae18851912 
     stone no information
     cemetery marker no information
9    at south end
 Hinkle 19381938inf./o J. M.
 MorrowPhylles J 1936d/o Veldon & Ruth
 SeboltClara M 7-15-189026y 9m w/o F.
     21y 6m 10d
 SeboltJane C 10-8-1880w/o Fred
 Sebolt  10-16-1887two infant sons
 Sebolt  8-17-18891m 21d inf. d/o F. & J. C.
 SeboltEmery 8-9-1889 
 Sebolt  7-15-189018y 11m 16d inf. d/o F. & C. M.
 KornMary J 1-23-186170y 24d d/o S & MA
 KornMartha A 12-1-1887w/o S.
 KornS10-31-18152-19-18905y 3m
 WalierSarah H 6-15-186155y 5m 3d d/o J & B
 PeckhamLyda A 1-4-1893w/o W. W.
 HenkleNancy A4-1-18664-4-1942 
 HenkleHomer L1-4-18659-27-1942 
 Henkle   infant d/o H. L. & N. A.
 FreebornCora H18901986 
 HenkleBertha M18991980 
 HenkleLoyd H18981956 
 MorrowMatthewDec 1889Aug 1933 
11Freebornn/aSept 1862Sept 1862infant d/o J. & M. M.
 Freeborn   84y 4m 2d four infants of J. & M. M.
 FreebornJohn 9-2-190538y 10m 14d
 FreebornM. M. 5-24-187961y 4m 23d
 PeckhamF. P. 2-7-187389y 6m 2d
 MilburnRebecca Elizabeth 9-4-193857y 3m 11d
12MooreEliza A 5-11-18959m 22d w/o W. R.
 MooreWilliam H 8-31-187311m 4d s/o W. R. & E.
 MooreSinia A 7-23-18807y 5m 14d d/o W. R. & E.
 MooreB. F. 6-22-1882s/o WR & E
     GAR marker - 69y 10m 4d
 HutchisonMary A 2-16-1896w/o James 29y 4m 2d
 SleethAlniena 7-29-1861w/o C. S. Co. E. 7 Ia. Cav.
     stone no information - 6y 10m 16d
 PeckhamMary 9-26-1872d/o JD & HJ
 PeckhamFrederick A 2-3-1865s/o D & CHJ
     rock marking grave no information
 RiceStella2-13-188511-1-1913w/o C. B.
 BerryAlmeda H19041981 
 BerryC. Earl18991982 
 ThomassonW. Lee19001977 
13EarhartJane 8-3-1876consort of Amuel Earhart ? of CH & MA
 HubbardCarmith? 3-24-1868 
 FosterWm. & wife  buried in Oakland Cemetery, Centerville IA
 StrodeEveline ? 22, 187?w/o T. J.
     rock marking grave no information 6y 3m 9d
 MurrayRosetta 12-11-1863d/o JE & GS 2y 1m 18d
 BrittonLaura J. 1-30-1863d/o JR & LA 11m
 MurrayElisha B. 9-11-1866s/o JE & S
 RiceWelthav, Grant, Sarah, Sidney, John W41y 3m 16dchildren of D. F. & R. E.
 RiceEleanor 3-11-1891w/o D. F.
 RiceJohn F.10-4-18751-18-1917s/o DF & RE
    18y 6m 2dbig boulder marking grave no information
14McClaskeyJames 2-7-188610y 1m 8d
 GoughTennessee I. 9-10-1864d/o J. H. & M. S. 34y 1m 22d
 GoughMartha S. 9-7-188779y 4m 23d
 GoughJ. H. 10-22-1897 
 FisherF.  broken stone no other information
     broken stone - 18y 3m 6d
 DaileyMargaret 5-21-1865w/o Vincent 71y
 DaileyVincent 8-17-1869 
 MooreMansfield  Co. H. 8th IA. Cav.
 MooreElzas B.1-16-186910-25-18922m 2d
 MooreOscar 2-3-1877s/o of M. L. & L. S. 3y 0m 8d
 MooreHarry 12-8-1872s/o of M. L. & L. S. 75y
 KelleyAnnie 4-5-1898w/o William 56y
 KeeleyJoseph 7-7-186720y 7m 7d
 WhiteIsabell 11-29-1876w/o J. 6y 4m 12d
 CasterCharley C. 5-31-1874s/o W. A. & M. E. 65y 5m 15d
 JohnsonAnna Jane 2-18-1879w/o Elijah
 FosterAnna Jane9-3-1813 Feyette Co. Penn., Married E. Johnson Nov. 6, 1832  77y 7m 22d
 SkinnerAmanda A. d/o W. C. & E. 11y 4d rest unreadable
 AlbertsonIsadora S.6-23-1863 w/o WA & AM 47y 7m 24d
 AlbertsonAmanda5-16-1875 w/o J. K. 65y 11m
 AlbertsonJ. K. 3-7-1882 
 TuckerEliza U.6-8-1870 d/o T & MM 1y 6m 15d
 OliverMary 9-10-1872 d/o EB & SM
 Hudson 10-9-1893 s/o C. R. & W. A.
 DavisDaniel D. 1860 1927 
 DavisSarah E. 1859 1931 his wife
 DavisCharley A. 1886 1913 their children:
 DavisMamie Ann 1895 1917 
 ? two markers no information 67y
16MooreWm.3-14-187365y 8m 7d
MooreCornelia6-21-1887w/o Wm.
KerbyNevada18781945 Mother
KerbyBuel W.186819--Father
WhiteE. May 1-23-18?73m 3d, d/o J. & I.
WhiteJ. Henry2-10-1877 8y,  s/o J. & I.
DailyMary E.10-21-18624m 26d, d/o J. & M. J.
HutchisonRose A.10-12-1862d/o AJ & EA
HutchisonArnold C.5-21-18?83y 3m 17d
HutchisonJames N.11-25-187082y 8m 10d, s/o AC & ME
HutchisonDaniel3-10-186983y 10m 1d
HutchisonWm. A.3-16-19039y 4m 2d
BostonGeorge I.8-23-187911m 7d, s/o G. W. & M. E.
BostonJames6-29-18792y 8m 20d
BostonWilliam J.7-4-186316y 11d, s/o GW & ME
BostonIda I.6-24-18622y 7m, d/o GW & ME
BostonArminda M.10-12-187117y 10m 1d, d/o GW & ME
BostonElisha J.2-8-188214y 9m 17d, s/o GW & ME
PorterJames W.9-21-1870
FowlerVirginia Ann18671951
FowlerSamuel A.18641951
FowlerJennee Mae19091952
FowlerGuy E.19011968
17DeahlJames A.186415y 5m 8d, s/o D & N rest unreadable
DeahlSarah E.2-18-18635y 1m 4d, d/o D & N
FowlerWillie5-18-188567y 1m 23d, s/o I & MJ
StewardHestler N.1-8-188371y 10m 21d
FowlerBenjamin11-15-190638y 6m 7d
FowlerLucinda2-20-1877his wife
FowlerWilliamCaptain Co. H. 181 Ohio Inf.
stone unreadable, 3y 2m 8d
FowlerGertie7-28-18975y 5m 19d, d/o SA & AA
FowlerGlenie4-15-1906s/o SA & AA
18MartinSarah T.18671942
MartinElmer E.18671940
WellsWilliam F.4-6-18269-25-1916
MallerMary E.18471940
MallerChrist C.18481874
AdamsOrpha M.1904
AdamsWalter I.19071984Pvt. US Army WW II
AdamsAndrew S.6-27-1858s/o N & MS
AdamsMary S.10-10-1836 9-9-1915
AdamsSusan9-14-1903d/o WH & ME
RileyCatherine E.5-5-184512-30-1896
Nancy Ann stone broken no other information
AlspaughD. H.no other information
AlspaughD. H.18y 15d, no other information
AdamsGertie B.12-29-19021y 9m 23d, d/o JW & EO
AdamsMarie2-2-18999y 9m 19d, d/o JW & EO
AdamsOscar L.9-27-1900s/o JW & EO
AdamsLester L.12-20-19021-13-1915
AdamsJohn W.5-18-18643-13-1946
AdamsElla O.8-8-18652-17-1923
WithrowClarence A.11-27-1883
WithrowJosie M.10-22-18865-23-1911
PerkinsMarvel E.1909
PerkinsVerl C.1906
19CarpenterDorinda A.1861189522y 2m 17d
SarverAbsalom3-11-187717y 4m 14d, child of D. & R. J.
SarverElvyis7-12-187122y 8m 22d, child of D. & R. J.
OdenEzra?22y 1m, GAR,  stone broken
PhillipsJosephine OdenJuly ?, 18??56y, w/o Wm.
OdenThos. L.3-28-187383y 2m 2d
25y 10m, rock marking grave no information
DurbinNancy E.4-3-189630y 9m 2d, d/o C & M
DurbinInez A.6-10-189052y 7m 19d, d/o Caleb & Michel
DurbinCaleb1-1-1878GAR , 71y 17d
DurbinMichel8-28-190228y??, w/o C.
74y 11m 24d, stone unreadable
BenefieldJ. 9-25-1868
BenefieldMattie V.7-23-187257y 4m 11d, d/o LN & C
BenefieldRobert C.4-9-1887
BenefieldIsaac N.3-20-18322-6-1895
BenefieldElsie W.8-26-18374-20-1916his wife
GradwellEmmett Roscoe12-25-1903infant
GradwellHelen E.7-27-18815-10-1971
GradwellCharles A.12-14-18796-13-195425y 1m 2d
21HartJane1-14-190123y 3m 18d, w/o ON
HartO. N.3-30-190215y
WellsVictor1-19-18949m, s/o FS & SE
HudsonClaud9-22-18937m 10d, s/o JJ & G
WellsOllie11-16-1882d/o FS & SE
Wellsinfant son of F. S. & S. E.
JohnsonOllie1890192422y 6m 17d
ClinkenbeardPermelia10-7-189328y 13d, w/o AJ
ClinkenbeardAlonzo J.11-11-189384y 6m 17d
WellsBenj.4-5-1886 82y 11m 26d
Dukes3-22-18711y 8m 20d, infant s/o HC & IJ
WorthDavid3-20-1870s/o DJ & MA
BenefielElcy R.6-8-19048-8-1908d/o robert and Gertie
baby Morrow no other information
22McClaskeyMary A.1-21-189527y 7m 21d, w/o Robert
WorthingtonWilliam P.1-19-1880
Reagan10-11-18861y 9m 25d, infant child of MM & WJ
ReaganLutie E.2-1-18873m, child of MM & WJ
ReaganWinifred Jane18671929
ClouseClifford5-1-1907s/o JF & NF
AdamsH. G.1-3-18557-31-1917
AdamsAmanda C.9-16-18634-22-1936
DudleyHarvey E.18551930
WayJesse A.4-17-18772-3-1953
23DenningEmeline10-8-18444-29-1907w/o Wm. P.
WithrowJ. Ross18291895
WithrowRebecca A.18351925
CastorIsabell1-20-188742y 1d
CastorAnnie11-18-18876y 7m 22d, d/o Isabell
KerbyWarren 7-8-1887 9m, s/o Loran & Ava
AdamsPeachie M.4-15-19101y 1m 20d, d/o JF & MA
AdamsEva A.9-26-191611m 13d, d/o JF & MA
AdamsJimmie5-25-1927infant s/o Leona
AdamsLeona B.19051934d/o JF & MA
AdamsJames F.18701936
AdamsMargaret Adaline18751948
24WithrowElizabeth Sarah4-21-18579-11-1940
WithrowMary A.18551898
WithrowWilliam A.18561947
SeitzMargaret2-2-189070y 8m 17d, w/o A.
AdamsGeorge Edward7-25-18586-8-1888
KerbyEmma E.1-21-1889?y 10m 15dd/o LE & MM
Kerby9-16-1893infant s/o S. & E.
McElderryO. E.19001978
25SeitzGeorge24 Nov 189838y 6m 11d
SeitzInda May18701947'Mother'
Freeborn Mary 08 Dec 1898 04 Aug 1902 d/o Richard and Mary
Freeborn Clarence 11 Jul 1888 23 Oct 1984 s/o Richard and Mary
Freeborn Mary I. 19 Dec 1868 17 Jan 1948
Freeborn Richard 12 Sept 1865 23 Mar 1943
Marlow Cordelia 23 Jan 1893 w/o E. W., 78y 10m 3d
Marlow Eli 20 Apr 1900 85y 6m
Eddy 29 Jun 1899 our baby infant of C. & L.E.
Simmons Earl 14 Oct 1895 22d, s/o C. & L.
stone no information
Eddy Charles Alford 1874 1946
Eddy Ina 1880 1965
Eddy Don Carlos 27 Oct 1907 04 Sept 1974
Eddy L. Faye 07 Jan 1908 09 Feb 1976
Lear Betty 13 Mar 1935 maiden name is Eddy
26 Worley Edna Walter 29 Dec 1902 22 Mar 1926
Walter Lawrence E. 1900 1924 24y 11d
Walter E. C. 02 Oct 1901 36y 7m 5d DUMTACET CLAMAT
Walter Barbara 06 Mar 1821 20 Oct 1907 w/o John B.
Walter John 12 Jul 1902 81y 9d
Purdum Martha Ann 1861 1937
Purdum Sidney Dennis 1858 1946
Purdum Earl F. 04 Dec 1892 03 Sept 1976
Purdum Emmett 24 Jul 1894 11y 5m 24d, s/o SD & MA
two rocks marking graves no information
Durbin Lulu D. 29 Oct 1895 10y 4m 5d, d/o CL & MF
rock marking grave no information
McClaskey L. Zona 1894 1922 w/o John
McClaskey Mary L. 1918 d/o John & Zona
McClaskey 1912 infant s/o John & Zona
27 Purdum, Harold D. Harold D. 10 Dec 1933 13 Dec 1933
Exline Beulah Genevieve 25 Aug 1909 12 Mar 1928
Freeborn William 1871 1944
Freeborn Anna 1873 1966
Freeborn Virgil 18 Jul 1893 23 Aug 1909 s/o WD & AM
Freeborn Lone F. 07 Jul 1903 10 Dec 1903
Freeborn Oct 1905 infant d/o WD & Matilda
28 Worth Bertha 1881 1932
Caster Mary 28 Jun 1906 64y 1m 15d
Caster W. A. 08 Jun 1836 22 Nov 1913 77y 8m 14d
Caster William D. 1871 1944
Caster Anna M. 1873 1966
Cormeny Rebecca 1866 1958
Cormeny Henry 1861 1931
Vestal 1931 infant d/o Mr. & Mrs. J. A.
Vestal Charlotte Belle 1893 1974
Vestal James A. 06 Jan 1892 08 Oct 1969 Mo. Pvt. 50 Co. 20 Brig WW I
29 Patterson family stone
Patterson Cyrus Royal 1878 1927
Patterson Audrey 1912 1913
Gwinn 10 Feb 1919 infant d/o Isaac & Grace
Gwinn Grace 1892 1977
Gwinn Isaac 1887 1961
30 Wells Bert 1896 1951
Wells Ford S. 27 Dec 1843 27 Apr 1920
Wells Cintha E. 19 Feb 1852 08 Dec 1920 w/o Fred S.
Walter Diora 1858 1946
Walter William 1852 1934
Hudson J. J. 1871 1940
Hudson Eunice 1875 1939
Wells J. R. 1884 1964
Wells Clara Bell 1882 1949
Riedl Ammie Jan 1961 funeral home marker
Wells Myrtle 1911 1978
Wells Sam 1913 1971
Wells Goebel A. 1908 1978
31 Exline Minnie May 1882 1942
Exline Jess 1881 1942
Exline Evelyn N. 1913
Exline Earl S. 1906 1974
Walter Virgil W. 16 Sept 1895
Walter Ruth 30 Oct 1901
Walter Wm. E. 1927 infant
Hudson Zara 1894 1971
Hudson Lenna 1894 1962
Walter Marvin E. 22 Mar 1922
Walter Eva M. 08 Jul 1923 10 Sept 1979
32 Terry, family stone with following footstones:*
* Terry Charles B. 1867 1931
* Terry Janie 1879 1966
Garr John E. 1939 1948
Fielding Ella 1884 1971
Fielding Thomas 1881 1959
33 Morrow Sherman 1866 1932
Morrow Amanda 1869 1945
Morrow Ernest D. 1897 1978
Morrow Opal Ruth 1899 1953
Sebolt Oda 1891 1963
Sebolt Fred 1887 1985
Buried in Zoar Cemetery, but no headstones. Names supplied by relatives funeral home records and courthouse records:
Withrow Inf of E. J. & Mattie,  2nd row 1st grave marked by a rock
Tucker Maggie 1874 buried between Maller and Adams stones 18th row
Morrow n/a Infant,  end of 21st row
White 05 Oct 1920 4d, Infant, Orletha Betemige 25th row
Exline Erie 20 Apr 1918 80y 7m 24d
Eddy Rubin 13 Jan 1919
VanBlaricom Mancie 28 Feb 1919 73y 11m 6d
Robbins Margett 12 Mar 1934
Robbins John H. 20 Nov 1942
Horton John Wm. 02 May 1943
Horton Helen 10 Sept 1943
Buried no headstones names and dates supplied by Raymond E. Bond
Bond Francis Marion 02 Oct 1836 08 Nov 1898
Bond Andrew Francis 17 Feb 1867 16 Apr 1895

Source:   Appanoose County Cemetery Listings,  Appanoose County Genealogy Society,  Centerville,  Iowa.
Published mid 1980's

Transcribed by Alice & Wayne Daniels (November 2004)