Salem (Iconium) Cemetery

Chariton Township,  Section 2. South side of Highway 142, 3 1/2 miles west of Highway 5.

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Starting at Northwest Corner of Cemetery

Row Surname First Name Birth Death Age Comments
 DeahlLee Roy19011981 
     cement slab - no information
 RowanOtto Guy18971952 
 GarrBlanche C18951947 
 GarrW. Earnest18891974 
 OlmsteadLillian GraceAug 26, 1864May 30, 1951 
 OlmsteadWilliam R.18631934 
     cement slab - no information
 SouthernMartha Ellen18741925Wife & Mother
 SleethRaymond P.7-14-192310-31-1944Ia. Pvt. 324 Inf. 44 INf. Div. WW II
 SleethCharles G.12-13-189011-30-1961 
 SleethLucy E.5-1-1894 
 SleethJack Leroy 1964 
     marble slab no information
2    cement slab - no information
 SimmonsW. R.1-17-18485-7-1924 
 CowanAnna Jane19131981 
 CowanPearl D.19061972 
 CowanHellen M.19301932 
 CowanElna F.19321932 
3    white limestone slab - no information
 FroudSelena 12-15-189659y 3m 6d
 FroudThomas L. 2-12-190335y 23d
 FroudThomas Sr. 3-30-190565y 10m
 DobynsLydia Mariah18471927 
     funeral home marker no information
     iron pipe sticking up by evergreen tree
4SalesCharles M.Sept 13 1921Oct 10 1998 
 SalesL. Stella18941985 
 SalesClarence H.18891969 
 SalesEugene19151944buried at sea
 CochranHoward O.19081959 
     cement slab - no information
     three stone slabs with no information
 GrahamBenny E.19611962 
     marble slab with ??ais & Baby brother Brookhart
 LargeRebecca5-17-18695-25-1932etched on brown tile painted white
 LargeTom Saunders1959 etched on back of tile at base
5    south end of cemetery
 BrookhartMichael L.19581963 
 BrookhartBillie W.19641964 
 Exlineinfant son 1929 
 CochranSarah E.12-18-18735-20-1947Mother
 ExlineZeruiah3-25-18551-2-1921His wife
 ExlineIcyphena M. 6-24-1877 1m 14dd/o M. & Z.L.
 ExlineAndrew C. 10-21-188611m 20ds/o M. & Z.L.
     cement slab - no information
 MaxwellDorothy L.4-2-19198-10-1942 
 MaxwellWilliam R.11-1-18869-26-1942 
     white limestone slab - no information
 McConnellGeo. R.18641926Father
 McConnellinfant 1902 
 McConnellWiley  inf. no dates
 LargeCharles M.10-4-18723-4-1936 
     two cement slabs - no information
 LargePeter K.1-19-18269-29-1911 
 NeighborsChloie M.18961965 
 NeighborsLewis G.18861970 
8    three round cement corner stones with initials
 O.W.(or M.O.)    
 McGhghyHoward G.19501950 
     cement slab - no information
 McConnellMary 2-2-1886d/o A.B. & M.
 McConnellA. B. 9-4-189028y 8m 27d
 BryantHenry L. 3-17-18701y 3ms/o W.J. & H.E.
     cement slab w/ no information but funeral home marker in front of slab with name Inez Shinn
 ShinnGoldie M.19011972 
 GarrMary A.18771915 
 GarrDavid F.18781943 
9BerryBetty N.2-16-19286-12-1986 
     four round cement corner stones, three with initials
     P.B., one with initials G.
 BerryGary Foster12-22-19498-1-1968 
 BeachLarry Keith Wayne 6-15-1945 48 hourss/o Lawrence & Ilean
     two white limestone slabs - no information
 HutchisonEmma 6-26-187920y 1m 18dw/o J.A.
 HutchisonStella 4-16-18784m 7dour baby d/o J.A. & E.
 MyersDaisy V.4-16-18815-2-1884d/o F.B. & M. E.
 MyersEffie 3-11-18792m 5dd/o F.B. & M.E.
 MyersMargaret 10-20-18721y 2m d/o F.B. & M.E.
     marble rock sticking out of ground no information
 McCoyHilahann 5-17-186942y 6m 10dw/o W.A.
 McCoyMazy 6-28-18691m 19dd/o W.A. & H.
 McCoyWilliam A.11-25-182311-22-1893Pvt. Co. H 5 Kan. Cav. Civil War
 McCoyMary1-27-18466-18-1920w/o W.A. erected by their son Henry
     broken off piece of cement slab in ground no info
     four cement slabs no information
10McGhghyMartha J.19041906 
 McGhghyWillie G.J.W.E.19081909 
 McGhghyGoldie A.19161918 
     same kind of stone as above - no information
 ArcherHarriet L.19011934 
 ArcherJohn W.18941969 
11    funeral home marker no information
 VandermarkBonnie J.1939  
 VandermarkWilliam L.19361974 
     funeral home marker Michael Lee Brookhart
     one white limestone slab & one stone - no info
 McGhghyAmos B.3-3-19115-27-1944Ia. Pvt. 133 Inf. 34 Div. WW II
     two cement slabs - no information
 McConnellElizabeth 3-5-1866 66yw/o A.
 McConnellAbraham 10-5-186060y 8m 20d
 McConnellLucinda 186017y 9m 7dw/o A. & E
 GarrAudrey I.19181919 
 GarrCecil E.18971899 
 WagesLester William19171938s/o Pearl & Clemie
12CannonMartha A. 10-17-189249y 10m 15dw/o J.
 ThomasStella 7-8-18872y 19dchild of H.P. & C.E.
 ThomasRalph 12-31-18864m 10dchild of H.P. & C.E.
 CannonJames D. 3-13-188418y 6m 13ds/o J.D. & M.A.
 DanielsElizabeth 12-24-189377y 5m 8dw/o J.
 DanielsJohn 10-25-188066y 7m 3d
 GarrSimeon L. 4-16-187650y 4m
 GarrJohn S. Mar 18758y 11m
 GriggsJulia B.18671931 
 GriggsJohn R.18601948 
 GarrW. W.11-16-185412-22-1895Father
 GarrHarriet11-17-185312-30-1914Mother - Wife
 GarrGrace B.4-24-19088-20-1985 
 GarrCloydie L.2-16-19028-3-1980 
13    stone with no names/dates
 VandermarkCharlette L.19351941 
 VandermarkDorothy J.19431944 
 VandermarkNeoma M.19451947 
 VandermarkRobert G.18991950Dad
 VandermarkEmma L.19081962Mom
 VandermarkRobert D.9-7-19279-6-1971 
 SuttonMargarete 6-25-18571y 11m 25dd/o S & S
     three cement slabs - no information
 SummersMary 12-1-186060yw/o H.
 SummersIra L.  son of S. & E.
 Summers  9-17-18772y 3m 3dd/o S. & E. Nany
 RashMary 10-9-190251y 6mw/o J.M.
 KingHenry 12-27-191271y
 KingMary J. 5-14-191868y
 DobynsPearley 2-13-192134y
 Dobyns,Bertie 6-30-191927y
     cement marker no information
14EnglishLinda Lee2-19-19442-21-1944 
 DavisMildred L.19271956 
 WhetstineGregory A.19471948 
 DavisShirley M.19361937 
 ArcherMargaret E.18641944 
 WatsonCarrie E.18841918 
 WatsonCarl19161931funeral home marker
 WatsonS. F.18711959funeral home marker
 RowanMax 1933infant son
     two cement slabs - no information
 RowanElnora L.18791948 
 Large (McCoy)Alice18911920and baby
15DavisLee3-13-18883-27-1972Ia. PFC US Army WW I
 DavisDonald Dean1-6-193310-8-197643y 9m 2d
     white limestone slab and cement slab together
 Mary Elizabeth Tr???tagos   Exline, Ia. was scratched on limestone slab
 KingMaude E11-3-190011-24-1913 
 KingHershel B4-1-190312-15-1913 
     cement slab - no information
 Rowland 6-3-1887infant d/o J. & S.J.
 TullJohn A. 9-26-189160y 9m 15d
 TullJosie M.18931977 
 McCoyElizabeth 12-23-18883dd/o W.M. & R.
 McCoyRebecca 3-12-1895 9m 13dd/o W.M. & R.
16    cement slab - no information
 WilliamsLaura B. 10-29-187810y 7m 22dd/o W. & E.
 WilliamsButler I. 6-9-188116y 1m 9ds/o W. & E.
 WilliamsViola 10-10-18721m 14dd/o W. & E.
 DavisPhilip S. 1-22-18715y 2m 6ds/o U.C. & R.E.
 DavisRachel P. 4-10-18691y 4m 20dd/o U.C. & R.E.
 NugentRhoda 1-19-186659y 8m 4dw/o Jacob
     white limestone slab - no information
 DavisU.C. 9-8-189262y 4m 24d
     white limestone slab - no information
 HatfieldJasper A.18991962 
 HatfieldOlive L.19251935 
 WoodOscar 3-7-1936Ia Pvt 23 Inf.
 WoodMartha E.18701942 
 WoodWilliam S.18631935 
 CochranDora F. 3-24-188912y 1m 13dd/o J.H. & A.
 CochranAngeline 4-17-190461y 2m 2d w/o J.H.
 CochranJames H.  Co. F 17 Iowa Inf.
 JamesHenry Henning18611934 
17LargeCyrus A.18751937 
 LargeCarl A.19171917 
 SalesNorma Sept 1912 
 CochranLedineAug 1927  
     white limestone slab no information
 FarnsworthMaria M. 2-6-18621md/o G.W. & M.E.
 FisherJ. S. 1-20-186922y 4m 17d
 FisherRosetta M. 6-10-18691y 29dd/o J.S. & H.
 DavisGlenn H.9-27-18952-12-191819 Co. 161st Depot Brig
 DavisForrest O.10-16-189811-15-1901 
 McFarlandArthur Aug 29, 1927 
 McFarlandFrances11-18-185511-2-1902His wife
 McFarlandBertha 1-23-189011y 11m 25dd/o D. & F.
     2 big rocks on what looks like a cement base no info
     marble rock with white limestone slab on top no info
18ClayT. Ruth  funeral home marker in front of slab
 SleethWilliam B.5-16-18968-7-1963Ia. Pvt Sup. Co. 126 Field Arty WW I
     cement slab no information
 ?Marion R. 1924infant dau
 AdamsEva I.18951953 
 AdamsJesse M.18831963 
 ?Pearlie I.18821912 
 ?Chancel M. 1903infant son
 CollinsWillie 4-27-18907m 13ds/o J.D. & R.A.
     two cement slabs - no information
19BrinegarMichelle Renee11-4-197512-2-1975infant d/o Dennis & Zelta
     white wooden cross with flowers - no information
 SleethGolda C.11-29-1918  
 SleethLewis F. "Jack12-1-19186-3-1972 
 MinderAlice C. 4-22-18635y 1m 18dd/o J. & M.A.
 CochranElizabeth 3-23-190285y 6m 14dw/o J.W.
 RiggleAbraham L.18531937 
 RiggleMaggie V.18741958 
 WardGeorge M.18951924 
 Riggle  1911inf. s/o Abe & Maggie
 DwyerGeorge5-9-189311-5-1952Ia. Pvt Co. H 88 Inf. 19 Inf Div WW I
 DwyerRobert E.19231935 
 DwyerA. S.18521915at foot of stone is a cement stone
     with Rev.? Dwyer
 DwyerJohn L.19271929 
 LargeWilliam H.18691946 
 LargeAnna D.18711927 
20McFarlandAmanda E.18901977 
 McFarlandHarry D18821961 
 DavisSarah B.8-14-18925-8-1917 
 DwyerDella I.1904  
     two cement slabs - no information
 Hendershot  10-31-1892inf s/o E. & Lillie
21    cement slab - no information
 SeeBertha May3-11-190812-2-1911funeral home marker

Transcribed by Alice & Wayne Daniels, November 2002