Porter (Grandview) Cemetery

Pleasant Township,  Section 24
Land for Porter Cemetery given by Mernie and Bert G. Porter.

Row Surname First Name Birth Death Age Comments
1         Unreadable stone
  Hughes B. F.   6-28-1912 74y 8m 5d
  Hughes Merica 4-22-1861   w/o B. F.
  Hughes Elizabeth   3-26-1875 35y 3m 10d w/o B. F.
  Hughes Cecil   1-20-1891 1y 1m 19d d/o B. F. & M.
  Hughes Josephine 10-6-1880 3-1-1895  
  Messersmith Guy   4-11-188? 8m 2d s/o F. M. & L. M.
  Hughes George 3-29-1900 3-10-1901 s/o C. W. & E. B.
  Robbins J. Dennis   11-1-1875 1m 1d s/o M. V. & A. L.
2 Messersmith Charlie   12-30-1898 22y 10m 22d
  Messersmith Elmer   8-12-1898 19y 2m 6d
  Messersmith Roy   2-1-1897 19y 6m 13d
  Messersmith F. M.   5-20-1884 32y 7m 19d
  Messersmith Louisa   6-2-1896 42y 1m 12d w/o F. M.
  McFarland Sarah I.   5-25-1890 78y 10m 23d w/o J. S.
  McFarland, J. S.   12-20-1901 79y 11m 10d
  McFarland   8-18-1868 72y w/o R.
  McFarland Robert   9-16-1867 77y 3m
3 Porter Mernie 1884 1959 Brother
  Porter Bert G. 1880 1957 Sister
  Porter Ethel 1882 1949  
  Porter Alice 1885 1943  
  Porter Clara 1893 1902  
Porter, Mary   1891 infant
  Porter Charles E. 4-16-1856 12-28-1928  
  Porter Addie L. 11-8-1857 5-6-1924 w/o Charles E
  Porter Phinehas   7-9-1887 78y 4d
  Porter Hannah   4-23-1891 73y 25d w/o Phinehas
  Porter James I.   6-18-1864 18y 5m 26d Co. 13 Ia. Cav.
          died Memphis,Tenn.
  Porter,  Mary B.   5-3-1864 2y 7m 3d d/o J. & M.
4 Crouse Henry   9-3-1858 4d s/o G. & S.
  Porter John 8-18-1800 1-19-1856  
  Porter, Eliza 7-20-1802 7-31-1856 w/o John
  Crouse Ruben   9-22-1851 1m 27d s/o G. & S.
  Galley Eliza P.   3-30-1898 63y 2m 7d w/o Henry
  Galley Henry   10-12-1919 88y 8m 7d
  Galley David G.   9-19-1900 36y 7m 21d
5 Dietderich Alferretta 1866 1956  
  Dietderich William 1866 1931  
    Dora M.     Broken stone, daughter of (rest missing)
  Linn Margaret Jane   2-5-1894 54y 3d w/o Aaron
  Monroe Seymour P.   ? 18, 1879 15y 1m 9d child of D.M. & C. S.
  Monroe Eliza G.   ? 22, 1875 16y 1m 21d child of D.M. & C. S.
  Monroe Frank   1-21-1871 1y 2m 25d s/o D.M. & C. S.
  Monroe Gracie   8-10-1884 1m 17d d/o W. H. & C. R.
6 Beamer Phillip B.   3-8-1880 73y 8m
  Beamer Sarah   1-7-1898 78y 4m 26d w/o Phillip B.
  Beamer Sarah O.   5-1-1862 7y 8m 26d d/o P. & S.
  Morris Milly   20 of 3 mo. 1867 97y 3m 9d w/o Isaac
7 Owens,  Phebe   3-4-1900 73y 5m 25d w/o William
  Owens William   11-21-1907 87y 1m 11d.
  Jones Catherine   12-23-1876 75y 9m 23d
  Shaffer       infant s/o M. & M.
  Shaffer Mary   7-8-1881 65y 7m 17d w/o M.
  Shaffer M.   11-14-1872 95y 8m 2d
  Payne John W.     Sergt. Co. E. 7 Ia. Cav.
8 Irwin Sarah A. 12-17-1817 2-4-1902  
  Boyles Margaret   12-24-1909 82y w/o D. Boyles
  Boyles Dennis   5-26-1898 73y 6m 7d G.A.R.
  Pettit Guy   4-3-1892 4d s/o T. J. & S. C.
  Jackson Elizabeth 9-8-1889 11-14-1896 d/o J. & S.
  Shaw James H.   1-24-186? 3m 16d s/o W. S. & M. J.
9 Brown,  Joseph 1858 1915  
  Carlson     1910 baby
A search of death records in the office of the Clerk of Court in Centerville revealed the following were buried in Pleasant Twp. but no tombstones were found for them in Porter Cemetery.
  Peacock     5-6-1890 age 2 hrs infant male
  Elsia Oscar Ray   3-30-1891 2y 10m 3d
  McClaskey     10-11-1906 1m 14d born in IA
  Bruce Mabel M.   1-3-1907 3y 11m 5d
  Levellen Earl   2-15-1907 5y 1m 21d born in Mo.
  Levellen     7-6-1907 3d
  Simmons     11-25-1907  
  See Geo. L.   3-19-1908 1y 2d
  Bruce     5-13-1908  
  Shondel Walter L.   7-2-1908 1y 8m 26d
  Simmons     1-19-1909 16d
  Green Sarah   10-22-1909 68y 7m 11d born in PA

Transcribed by Alice & Wayne Daniels