Hism (Monroe) Cemetery

Caldwell Township,  Section 30

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Start in northwest corner

Row Surname First Name Birth Death Age Comments
1Far south end
 MorrowJohn Charlie & Jerry  infant sons of Lonnie and Helen Morrow
2About center of cemetery north to south
 VandikeFines O. Nov. 3, 1867?7m 16d s/o A. R. & M.
 MaringAlma May 11, 185633y 11m 7d w/o Samuel
 MaringWashington Jan. 1, 1859In 22nd year
 HallJames B. Nov. 23, 18576 m s/o W. & L.
 HallFranklin P. Jan.? 7, 18597y 1m 12d s/o W. & L.
3About center of cemetery north to south
 SnedekerOliver P. Sept. 28, 1863?7m 12d s/o N. & D. ?E.
 Snedeker  Mar. 10, 1866?Co. G Reg. IA Inf
     stone broken-laying on ground-part missing
     ? rock slab sticking out of ground no names or dates
 W. M.    (probably cornerstone marker)
 MaringAlexander  Mar. 2, 1853?In 5th month of his age s/o W. & P.
 CongerWilliam J. Dec. 12, 186221y 6m 6d s/o J. & E. a member of Co. I 36th Ia. Vol. died at Benton Barracks St. Louis, MO Department of Iowa Post 122 G.A.R.
 CongerMary Nov. 1, 1855?23y d/o J. & E.
4About middle of cemetery north to south
 MonroeLydia July 17, 186554y w/o Geo.
 MonroeGeorge Apr. 28?, 185917y
 MonroeMargaret A. Mar. 20, 185613y 15d d/o W. & A.
5About center of cemetery north to south
 HendershotWilliam M. Nov. 20, 185914y 4m s/o W. & M.
 SharpRuth June 16, 185690y w/o James
 JohnsonGeorge W. Feb. 24, 186210m 8d s/o E. & A.?J.
6Starts about center of cemetery north to south
     white limestone slab sitting in cement
     base no names or dates
 GradwellGeorge July 21, 188065y 5d
 EddySamuelJune 9, 1840June 20, 1906Co. I 3rd Ia. Cav. Vol. h/o E
 EddyEttie Jan. 27, 1879d/o S. & E.
 Eddy   w/o S. rest not readable
 BoothElizabeth Mar. 16, 18644y 9m d/o S. & M. E.
 McCoyRobinson R. Sept. 21, 186017y 5m 10d
7MonroeWm. BoydOct. 25, 1860Mar. 8, 1921 
 MonroeEmma R.Dec. 28, 1862Mar. 3, 1956 
 LawsonBessie Nov. 13, 1927 29d
 ClineThomas H.Sept. 15, 1880Apr. 15, 1918 
 LawsonAlva Cester18981955 
 SmithMatilda  Feb. 13, 186610m 24d d/o H. & M.
 Smith  Feb. 27, 1862infant s/o H. & M.
 Ellis  Aug. 31, 1868infant d/o J. M. & N.
 Ellis  Feb. 21, 1867infant s/o J. M. & N.
 EllisMartha A. Nov. 24, 18601y 5m 11d d/o J. M. & N.
 EllisJohn H. Sept. 15, 1860?8y 11m 28d s/o J. M. &.; N.
8    newer stone large top part has fallen to ground face first-unreadable
 SimmonsAllie M.187519--buried Valleyview Cem., Torrgton, Wyo.
     large rock at head and foot of stone
 about center of row north to south also
     large metal stake no names or dates
 SkiptonCaroline May 28, 18621y 9m d/o M. & E.
 SultzMary A. June 24, 186118y 6m d/o J. & H.
9OliverJ. E.Dec. 6, 1872Apr. 22, 1920 
 ClineHenry18761959Johnson funeral home marker
 ClineMadison Monkey18891972 
 ClineAndy C.June 15, 1898June 17, 1959Iowa PFC Co. B 602 Engineers WW I
 MorrowLonnie LeeSept. 3, 1907Jan. 24, 1972Ia. AS US Navy WW II

Transcribed by Alice & Wayne Daniels,  July 2003