White Cemetery

Pleasant Township, Section 6
Located 2 miles west of Cincinnati
Land for the cemetery deeded by Josiah Gilbert.

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Row Surname First Name Birth Death Comments
1 Streepy 2-27-1913 infant son Mr. & Mrs. George Streepy Jr.
Streepy G. W. 2-6-1833 4-4-1916 Co. 36th Ia. Inf.
Streepy Margaret J. 11-3-1893 11-17-1912 wife of G. W.
Streepy Baxter 10-16-? 10-29-1860 son of C.W. & Lucy E.
Streepy Lucy E. 9-25-1837 8-14-1861 wife of C.W.
Streepy Abraham 9-3-1875 age 6y 1m 13d
Streepy Nancy 2-12-1879 age 44y 10m 20d
Streepy Abner 6-19-1902 age 74y 7m 9d
Streepy Martha 2-16-1864 age 6y 7m 6d
Streepy Rhoda 5-1-1860 age 25y 8m 19d
2 Hamm Myrtle K. 12-25-1894 8-26-1895 dau. of G.W. & R.M.
VanBlaricom Lilly A. 10-27-1895 age 23y 8m 1d,  wife of W. R. Webster
Robertson Moses C. 11-30-1893 age 82y 1m 9d
Robertson E. A. Nov 1884 age 31y 9m 14d
Robertson infant b/d 7-21-1871 son of E.A. & M. A.
Robertson Elizabeth 11-9-1862 age 32y 2m 25d, wife of M. C.
3 4 unreadable cement stones
Bond John M. Co. D 23 Ia. Inf. GAR 1861-1865
Baker Volly 10-10-1859 age 2y 5m, son of J.B. & H.
4 Stickler infant 5-7-1879 age 1d, son of J. H. & Addie
Hibbs Catherine 2-11-1844 12-8-1928
Hibbs Jesse 1-7-1838 7-18-1901
Unreadable stone
Hibbs David L. age 3y 11m 4d, son of J. & C.
Linton David M. 10-9-1858 age 1y 3m 5d, son of L.L. & R.
Linton Lewis L. 10-6-1858 age 2y 20d, son of L.L. & R.
5 Helleur Betty J. 1924
Helleur William H. 1924 married June 14, 1944
Harl John L. 2-28-1862 age 3y 21d, son of J.T. & C.
Perry Ann 2-23-1860 age 61y 8m 14d, wife of E.
Perry Sarah E. 10-14-1901 age 64y, wife of O.H.
Perry Olive H. Co. I 3rd Ia. Cav. Civil War
6 Ross Grace P. 1899 1981
Ross Homer L. 1897 1979
Ross Victor 6-10-1925 12-6-1981
Unreadable stone
Henderson Margaret J. 10-30-1862 wife of Wm. P.
7 Farris Jason L. 1-14-79 2-8-79
Marker unreadable
Farris Jerry W. 1942 1975
Ross Juanita 1916
Ross Virgil C.

1917 married Aug 27, 1938
Ross Michael 1887 1963
Ross Sylvia 1885
Cox Louvina 1-1-1863 age 46y, wife of J.
Unreadable stone
Harris Lelah D. 12-31-1896 age 6m 19d, dau. of N.E. & L. E.
Harris John M. 7-31-1881 age 1y 3m 17d, son of M. & L. C.
8 Farris Blanche Mae 1900 1982
Farris Hiram E. 3-20-1897 1-25-1974 Mo. Pvt. U.S. Army WWI
Ross George W. 6-30-1863 10-30-1935
Ross Elizabeth 4-27-1861 5-4-1928
Ross Louie 2-19-1919 age 26y 3m 29d, dau. of G.W. & E.
Unreadable stone
Ross Michael 10-8-1893 age 73y 11m 3d
Ross Elizabeth 3-3-1877 age 46y 9m 24d, Another stone for Elizabeth has 10m 20d
Ross Andrew J. Sept ?, 1860 age 15d, son of M. & E.
Ross Mary M. 7-23-1862 age 2y 23d, dau. of M. & E.
Ross Columbus 9-12-1859 age 11m 22d, son of M. & E.
Mitchell H. 5-7-1801 12-20-1868
Unreadable stone
Wyckoff Gertrude G. and Grace G. July 1873 Aug 1874
Stanton Edward 10-15-1858 age 2y 4m 29d, son of J. & S.
9 Simmons (Ross) Linda 3-14-1948 1-11-1982 mother of Angela
Ross Clarence 1894 1949 Father
Ross Louise 1927 1928 Daughter
Richmond Rosie Ellen 1900 1977 (Grannie)
Ross Myrtle 1881 1958
Ross Joseph 1872 1935
Merryman Dennis 3-14-1863 age 25y 1m 28d, wife of J. W. Merryman
Calvert Charles M. March 1858 Sept 1860 child of F. & M.
Calvert Joseph S. 9-25-1862 ? 11, 1863 child of F. & M.
Calvert Martha 9-12-1864 age ??? 20d, wife of F. A.
Calvert Francis Co I 36 Ia. Inf
Clarke Joseph D. 2-25-1863 age 63y 17d
Can't read
Can't read Joseph son of
Fulcher Elizabeth 7-15-1815 1-8-1860
Fulcher Joseph Co. I 36th Ia. Inf 1861-1865 GAR
10 Robb Castina May 2-19-1982 infant of Jonnie and Mary
Green Hattie E. 1855 1901
Green Albert 1848 1923
Green David 1818 1908
Green Harriet 1822 1899
11 Root Alice May dau. of G. H. & M. J. Root
Root Moses J.

age 16y 11m, son of G.H. & M. J. Co. 19? Ia.

Root M. J. Co. I 3rd Ia. Cav.
Conger John G. 9-20-1866 age 2y 23d, son of M. & S. A.
12 Stanton Willie N. 12-31-1875 age 2y 4m 29d, son of N. & E.
Stanton Lydia J. 8-20-1861 age 39y 8m 8d, wife of Nathan
Stephens Sarah M. 9-12-1863 age 18y 8m 2d, dau. of E. & S.
13 Sanders Sarah E. 3-29-1862 age 2y 20d, dau. of J. W. & A.
14 Unreadable stone
Stinson George W. 6-16-1862 son of Wm. & R.
Gilbert Catharine 1-10-1819 12-4-1907 wife of J.
Gilbert Josiah 11-28-1890 age 75y 8m 20d
Unreadable stone
Unreadable 5-15-1875 age 32y 23d
Gilbert William A. 6-22-1856 8-8-1857 son of J. & C.
A search of death records in the office of the Clerk of Court in Centerville revealed the following were buried in Pleasant Twp. but no tombstones were found for them in White Cemetery.
Green Lula B. 12-14-1899 age 2y, born Blackbird, Mo.
VanBlaricom Jno. 7-31-1899 age 5m

Source: Appanoose County Cemetery Listings,  Appanoose County Genealogy Society,  Centerville,  Iowa
Published in mid 1980's

Transcribed by Alice & Wayne Daniels, Jan 2003