Bohm Cemetery

Chariton Township, Section 20
Located in the Rolling Cove Campground at Lake Rathbun, on the east side along the road. It is surrounded by a chain link fence with a sign, erected by the Army Corps of Engineers.

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The sign provided by the Corps of Engineers incorrectly lables the cemetery as Bohn Cemetery, the family name is Bohm and the single stone is engraved with Bohm.   George and Barbara Bohm were pioneers in Appanoose County, arriving in the 1860's.  There is only one stone at the Bohm cemetery, Barbara Bohm.  There are Bohms at Shaffer and Elgin Cemeteries.  

The additional information below has been provided by the 3rd great grand daughter of George and Barbara Bohm, Marty Whitmore (

In 1853 Jean 'George' Bohm and his wife Barbe Marie (Barbara) came to the United States from Alsace-Loraine France along with 3 sons, Joseph, John Enoch and George eventually settling in what is now Pittsburg, PA.   The boys Joseph, John and George were in the Civil War and after the war was over, the family bought land in Appanoose County, IA.   All but Joseph, the eldest son, who became a ship Engineer & remained in Pittsburg, moved to Iowa and farmed the land (much was eventually flooded for Rathbun Lake).   From all indications through family records, there is also a girl buried at this cemetery.   This girl was Barbara's granddaughter and daughter of George & Cathrine Bohm who died at about 1 year old.    It is also known that a nephew came from Michigan one summer to help his uncle John & Grandfather to mow hay.    His foot was cut off with the mower so the foot was also buried in this cemetery.    I have been in touch with descendants of Joseph Bohm.    The story about the foot has been confirmed.    Barbara's husband, George, after her death, left Iowa and return to Pittsburg to live with his son Joseph.   George is buried at Southside Cemetery in Pittsburg, PA.   

Surname First Name Death Age Comments
Bohm (Hecker) Barbara June 20, 1869 aged 61y 6m 23d Wife of George Bohm