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New Albin Public School
history & photos

New Albin public school, undated

New Albin public school, undated but appears to be about the same time period as the photo to the right, different season of the year.

New Albin public school ca1886

New Albin public school. These photos are likely of the school built in 1886 but the date the photos were taken is unknown.

A frame building was constructed in 1874 at a cost of $1800 to serve as a school. It had five rooms, with one teacher instructing two grades in each one. One room was for a two-year high school. Two outdoor toilets were furnished. This school was destroyed by a tornado, June 5, 1885.

The first principal was Sam Smart, followed by Levi Green, L. Eells, Frank Rice, J.R. McKim, J.P. Conway, and C.E. Wright. Most of these people served for only one year.

A new frame building was constructed in 1886. In 1901, an addition was built.

This building was sold in five sections in 1913. The sections were moved to lots, and were homes for Bernard Mauss, which was Mauss Hatchery, and the homes now occupied by Mike Ziemet, Olga Thimmesch, and Edward Jordan. This one has been razed; in addition, a building owned by Andrew Johnson and placed between Hosch Foundry & Valley Ag has been razed.

A red brick school was built at the same location in 1916. Bonds were issued in the amount of $35,000.

New Albin Public School, 1917 - contributed by Gloria Payne
New Albin Public School, 1917 -contributed by Gloria Payne
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The building consisted of nine rooms. The basement housed the heating unit, which was a direct and indirect system. Humidity was furnished by air blown through a curtain of water. The annual expense of fuel was about $700. Also in the basement was a small gymnasium complete with bleachers at either end; a home economics room, and a classroom. The second floor had four classrooms, and restrooms at both ends of a central hallway. The third floor had two classrooms, an auditorium with a small stage, a library, and the superintendent's office.

In 1932, the teaching staff was six women and one man. A.M. Willard was superintendent, and also taught geometry, physics, algebra and manual training. The principal, Miss Veronica Cull, was girl's basketball coach, taught English, American literature and vocation guidance. Pearl Smith taught home economics, history and biology. Minnie Ragan had charge of the grammar department. Ruth Calvin taught first and second grade. Barbara Glynn taught third and fourth grade.

During the 1951-1952 school year, a large new gym with locker rooms and a stage was built adjoining the brick building on the northeast end. Several rural schools closed and those districts consolidated with the town school. The bleachers in the basement were converted into additional classrooms.

State regulations made it necessary to consolidate with Lansing in 1960 and the district became known as Eastern Allamakee Community School. All high school students were bused to Lansing and all 7th & 8th grade students to New Albin. The buses met midway between the towns and the drivers exchanged places and continued on to the schools. Students in Kindergarten through 6th grade stayed in their home town. Later, a new high school was built in Lansing and was ready for use by the 1962-63 school year.

In 1968, a new one-story school building was constructed in New Albin. This building contains eight classrooms, a multi-purpose room, gym, kitchen, offices, toilets, storage and boiler room. The build­ing connects to the existing gymnasium.

In 1973, more changes took place. The St. George Catholic School at Lansing was closed and the building sold to the Eastern Allamakee Community District. That building became the middle school for grades 4 thru 8. All Kindergarten thru 3rd grade students were taught in New Albin.

Some custodians who served for many years are Leonard Schwartzhoff, and then his son, Freemont "Pete" Schwartzhoff, Leo and Elsie Crowley and Harris "Shooky" Fink.

When the district was first organized, it was for town children only. Families living outside of this tax base wanted their children to go to school, too. These children were charged a tuition of $6.00 or $8.00 a year.

Some lived several miles away, so a horse-drawn school bus (a large wagon with benches and top and canvas side cur­tains to keep out the rain) was driven by George Hayes. "Town kids" liked to hitch a ride, even sitting on the top, out to the "Tile Factory," and then walk back to town. This "bus" was used from about 1912­-1934.

Freemont Meyer had a farm truck which he converted into a "bus." This was used for a couple of years and then a "real" school bus was purchased.

In the 1956-1957 school year, the hot lunch program was started. Florence Gantenbein and Lydia Krueger were the first of many cooks who prepared the meals in the school kitchen. The cost was 25 cents a meal. Several students worked for their meals by washing dishes and helping to clean up the kitchen, getting it ready for the home economic class to use.

N. A. H. S. SIFTINGS (1930's New Albin High School Happenings)

A coming event, "Listen to Leon," Junior Class play, a farce in three acts, April 26, at 8 p.m. sharp.

The following served on the jury at the Mock Trial Tuesday night: Mrs. Eric Jordan, Mrs. Harry Dean, Miss Veronica Cull, Freeman Fink, Ralph Steele, Vic Irons.

The Misses Dibble, Cull and Seymour and Mr. Henry were LaCrosse shoppers Saturday. While there, the former purchased kitten ball supplies for the team.

Gerald Donahue is a new guitar pupil in the music section.

Nightly rehearsals were begun on last Wednesday evening for the Junior Class Play.

The following people in high school have been enthused over organizing a new orchestra April 16: Earl Moore, Margretta Smerud, Vivian Krzbietke, James Morgan, Peter Hartley, Evelyn Weymiller, Lois Kumpf, Dolores Meyer, Isabella Eischeid, Ernest Freuchte, Gerald Donahue, Paul Jordan and John Colsch. The grade orchestra members are Vivian Loeffler, Kermit Meyer, Vincent Hurley and Elizabeth Hartley.

Grade Notes:
1st and 2nd Grade-
Mavis Jordan and Ruth Meyer have returned to school after having the measles.

The second grade have now started the covers foe their number booklets.

This week the children have been interested in making their Easter baskets, patiently waiting the arrival of the Easter Bunny.

Other Grades-
Those receiving their quarter holiday from the third and fourth grade room were Illogene Cavin, Rita Healy, Phyllis Imhoff, Ruth Irons, Meta Pottratz, Delores Sadler, Elaine Thompson, Helen Wiemerslage, Elmer Boltz, Donald Hosch, Warren Reburn and Virginia Tippery.

Betty Irons of the fifth grade was awarded her third spelling certificate for twenty successive perfect spelling lessons.

Leander Loeffler of the fifth grade added his name to the Dental Honor Roll.

The following have earned ten reading certificates and have been awarded reading folders this week: Margaret Reburn, Marie Jordan, Patricia Cavin, of the fifth grade; Orval Hosch, Betty Gantenbein and Arlene Tippery of the sixth grade.

Source: 'The First 100 Years of New Albin', 1994, contributed by Errin Wilker

New Albin School Photos, circa early 1900's

Names of students & teachers unknown unless given with the photo.

Please help us put names with these faces!

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1st & 2nd grades, Sept. 1912 - Click to open a larger photo
1st & 2nd grades, Sept. 1912

3rd & 4th grades, Sept. 1912 - Click to open a larger photo
3rd & 4th grades, Sept. 1912

1st & 2nd Grades, 1915 - Click to open a larger photo
1st & 2nd Grades, 1915

1st row: Rita Lager, Dolly Kirk, Norman Fish, Kathryn Rice, Vemie Meyer, Herbert Hayes, and Teacher Elizabeth Kerrigan

2nd row: Lois Thompson, Maida Gantenbein, Walter Collins, Beulah Kester, Ethel Sandry, William Kelly, and Adriel Randall

3rd row: Ronald May, Muriel Gantenbein, Orabelle Fish, AzelIa Aire, Martin Kurk, Howard Steele, Ruth Gerling, and Melvin Irons (standing)

4th row: Harold Stevens, Margaret Ryan, Winifred Casey, Irene Rudnick, Allen Rueben, Leonard Crowley, and Gladys Shubert

Standing: Daniel Kelly, Ormand Schultz, Ferris Wilde, Howard Wilde (?), Clarence Riser, Joe Lenz, and Linus Twite

~April 2009 - the names of the children in this photo were contributed by Loren Richards & his daughter
Britany Richards. Loren wrote: "My grandparents, Beulah Kester and Howard Steel are in the photo, which hangs on a wall in our home."

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Names written on back: Miriam Weymiller, Winifred Casey, Clifford Sandry, Kathryn Rice & Beulah Steele

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New Albin Public School, ca1874 or 1886
New Albin Public School

New Albin Public School, ca1916
New Albin Public School, ca1916

~photos contributed by Errin Wilker unless otherwise noted

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