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Dorchester School Children

Dorchester school children, undated, ca 1911/1912
Dorchester school children, undated, ca 1911/1912
~photo contributed by Janet Koozer
~names of the children contributed by Errin Wilker

Left to Right:

FRONT: Jerome Sires, Adolph Schwartzhoff, Carman Flynn, Floyd SIres, Sylvan Hendrick, Vesta Burroughs, Eva Sires, Edwin Wenig, Lester Dresselhaus, Franklin Wenig, Truman Wenig, William Wensing & Alvin Burmester  

ROW 2: Richard Burroughs, Eloris Flynn, Richard Dresselhaus, Flora Kumpf, Helen Schwartzhoff, Augnes Wensing, Martha Kumpf, Myrell Burroughs, Mary Teff, Edna Burmester & Laura Dehning  

ROW 3: William Wenig, Floyd Kumpf, Vern Sires, William Waters, George Schroeder, Martin Burmester, Harold Schwartzhoff, Milton Bockhouse, Nettie Bockhouse, Myrtle Burroughs, Mary Burroughs, Emma Kumpf  

BACK: Mary Sires, Lawrence Kelley, Marie Sires, Frankie Eisenla, Helen Teff, Dorothy Wenig, Kathleen Eisenla, Henry Schroeder & Fred Bockhouse;  Teacher: Mayme Duggan

A copy of the above photo was originally contributed by Errin Wilker. Janet Koozer had a much clearer photo postcard, which was added in April 2009.

"I came across the photo in my grandpa, Forrest Sires',  photo collection.  It was taken in Dorchester. It was undated." ~Errin Wilker

"I attempted to date the photo with census records. The 1920 census shows Jerome Sires (far left, front row) to have been born in 1905. He looks to be about 6 or 7 years old in the above photo, I'm guessing the photo to have been taken around 1912, give or take a year." ~Sharyl Ferrall, Allamakee co. coordinator

~* ~*~*~

This photo is undated and none of the children are identified. It is known to be of the Dorchester school & children, and appears to have been taken in the same time period as the photo above, although not at the same time of year. Note that the children are dressed more warmly than in the top photo.

Dorchester schoolchildren - ca early 1900's
Dorchester schoolchildren - ca early 1900's
~contributed by Errin Wilker

~* ~*~*~

None of the children are identified in this photo. Janet believes that there are Dresselhaus children in the photo, but doesn't know which of the children they are.

Dorchester schoolchildren - December 1914
Dorchester schoolchildren - December 1914
Payne photo postcard
~contributed by Janet Koozer

If you can ID any of the children in the bottom two photos, please email the Allamakee co. coordinator.

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