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Waukon Public Schools
Misc. Class photos

Second Grade, Waukon School, November 9, 1916
Second Grade, Waukon School, November 9, 1916
Payne Photo

~contributed by Ann Meyer

Ann's note: This photo is of my aunt's (Marguerite Elizabeth Stockton 1909-2000) second grade class in Waukon, taken November 9, 1916 She is the girl with brown hair and the white jumper with a dark top. The teacher's last name was Griner, but the other students are unknown.

If you can ID any of the other students, please email Sharyl


Eighth Grade, Waukon School, November 9, '16
Eighth Grade, Waukon School, November 9, 1916
Payne Photo

~contributed by Errin Wilker

Unfortunately, none of the students are identified in this photo. If you can ID any of them, please email Sharyl


Waukon, 6th grade, 1949
6th grade class, 1949
~contributed by Janet (nee Brooks) Koozer

Seated L-R: Susan Graber, Odel Anderson, Glen Wacker, Virgil Smith, Rosalie Grandguard, David Kostman, Betty Ingles, Robert Gordon, Roger Miller, Mrs. Harry Sander (nee Adeline Depping)

Middle L-R: Dale Clark, Maxine Elsheimer, Ruth Kruger, Bobby Kuammen, Calvin Moe, Virgil Fish, John Anderson, Leslie Vickery, Ronald Kiesaw, Robert Gray

Back row L-R: Gordon Ehde, Clayton Moen, Richard Bieber, Lois Ellingson, Arlynn Johnson, Catherine Verthein
Ann Hale, Bonnie Ewing, Janet Brooks, Clarice Olson

Janet's recollections: "This is the sixth grade class in 1949, at the old grade school which is gone now. Our teacher was Miss Depping. On the back of the picture, I have Mrs. Sanders... as she did marry close to that time.  If the date isn't correct, it is close."
From Gloria Sander Payne: "The teacher is my Aunt,  Adeline Depping Sander.  Her wedding date was August 14, 1948 and she married my uncle Harry Sander.  She was a very competent teacher and her students towed the line."


Mr. Tidballs class, ca1950
Mr. Tidballs 7th & 8th grade special class, ca1950
~contributed by Janet (nee Brooks) Koozer

Seated L-R: Dale Clark, Elvina Fish, Leslie Victory, Janet Larson & Janet Brooks

Middle L-R: Mr. Tidball, Shirley Gruber, -- Nagel, unknown, Butch Johnson, unknown & -- Ingles

Back L-R: -- Ingles, Fred Nolting, Walter Wedo, unknown, David Kostman, Lois Anderson & -- Schlitter (or Slitor)

Janet's recollections: "Mr. Tidballs class was made up of seventh and eighth graders who were slower learners. He certainly had his work cut out for him.. He was an very patient and good teacher.. I remember he had reddish hair.  I could have some of these names written incorrectly. Hope if anyone sees it they can make corrections."


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