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New Albin Soldiers Homecoming
World War I

Returned soliders homecoming, New Albin, WWI

I came across this brittle WWI sign all folded up while scanning photos at New Albin Savings Bank.  I brought it home and pieced it together, and was excited to see that it was nearly complete and legible! ......Errin

The returned soldiers listed near the bottom of the poster are:

W. Weymiller
C.E. Weymiller
H. Gerling 
V. Bellows 
H. Hartley
D. Inman 
T. Collins 
L. Carroll 
H. Kurk 
E. Lenz 
E. Welch 
W. Welch 
H. Inman 
G.L. Smith 
W. Moore 
G. Gantenbein 
V. Petrehn 
G. Bellows 
N. Kolch

~source: original poster (poster is undated, but August 15, 1919 was a Friday)
~scanned by Errin Wilker for Allamakee co. IAGenWeb


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