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Small Journal of
Michael Clark,

Proprietor of the Boarding House
at Johnsonsport, Allamakee County, Iowa

Covering events during years 1853-1892

Part 4
(pages 37 - 50)

(Please read the transcription notes at the bottom of the page)

*Page 37*
 Katie Evaline Born
June 16th 1872

John Francis Born
July 1st, 1874

Ann Jane Born
August 1st, 1877

Ellen Agness Born
May 25th 1884

*Page 38*
the red cow brett on the 18 of July 1863

Newburn *?*

the time the mare was put to the horse in the year of 1868 Juely

May 22

June 15
the young maer

fanny june 27

Davit worth his ticket 196

FL Fallen 180
F Lynch 186

Praire du Chiene Crafort County Wisconstant

the white cow brett on the 27 of July 1856

the black cow brett on the 15 of August 1856

the black cow brett on the 21 of June 1860

the red heafer brett on the 5 of september 1860

the black cow was brett on the 9 of July 1862

the red heaffer brett 2 of september 1862

*Page 39*
Michael Clark

Janury 1855
Whugh Clark his last time in January 1 111 1/2 1 1/2
in February 11 1/2 1/2 1 1/2 1111
1 1/2 11111
April 1855
11111111111111 1/2

and I gave hugh cash .50
tobaco and brandy .50

April 4 1855
cash .15
tobaco .27
tobaco .50
tobaco .50

may 1855
11 one doller in cash 1

June 1855
22 two dollers in cash 2
for tobaco .50
tobaco .80
his hole bill up to this date is 15.90

22 June 1855
26 give whug three dollers 3

*Page 40*
November the 9th 1853 paid for flower and feed and coffy 6.50
paid mrs malony on the 12 november for potatis 2
paid for milfeed *?* on 14 2
paid on the 15 for potatis
paid for flower and feed on the 15
paid on the 21st of november 4 dollers for feed and for flower on the *?* of november 3 5 *?*
paid for potatis on the 21 1 dollar

Michael Clark Esq.
Johnsons Port
Allamakee Co.
State of Iowa
North America

*Page 41*

will discover and know I
Declare a nice youn man did
me trepan*?* with all his art
and skill unwind quite by
willam while *?* (Whiste) the champion
of Cootehill 1 verce
in smiling June when flowers
bloom and warblers cheer the
grave down by a brook my way
I took quite carelessly to rove
To *?* each field
its verdue yield
*?* I met
While my hearts
blight the champion
of Cootehille

he smild adn said my charming
maid how is it your or
alone dear I make free along
with thee an hour or so to
rome the wessing, fine if
you inclisre near hand to
youner mill will spind
a while secure from toil
convenient to Cootehill

Kind sir excuse I must refuse
your invitation now my *?*
she is harsh with me and
pastime won't allow I cant
detain I tell you pleas I must
obey hir will therefore goodby
for I must hie quite speedy to

*Page 42*

he said my love my beuteous
dove I really must intrude if you
depart youll sting my hart
youll find I wont be rude
your mom shant know where
we may go then let her us
her skill we both can walk
or sit and taulk obscure
from sweet Cootehill

I give consent so off we
went our whole discourse
was love he said most kind
he fixed his mind and could
not it remove he then did
swear I was his care for me
his blood did spill and fight
all foes would me oppose
the champion of Cootehill

Withe kisses and words discreet
we past the flowery plain
till evening leate when we
did steate the time to
meet again I bid fearwell
the truth to tell and
that aginst my will
and bent my course with
rapit force to lovely
sweet Cootehill

Thus for a year my dearest
dear I was his souls delight
I was his joy he cant deny
boath morning non and
night but now hes
yon and wed to one a
maid *?* bell *?*
and left poor Kate

*Page 43*

in a sad state hartbroken in

You damsels all both large and
small that in our isle reside
trust no young man this is the
plan until the knot is tied
least you deplore like me full
sore that hear may cry my fill
for willam white that traiter
quite the champion of Cootehill

the pride of castelshane*?*
your secred mine to me incline
and ard*?* my febil laws whilest
I rehearse in feeble verce a
lovely maidins praise the globe
I am sure cannot procure so
beautiful a dame as charming
ann the boast of man the
pride of Castleshane
had ocean seen this nymph
sirene he never would fancy ere
the serpent wile with all his
wiles he never could her deceave
she is divine and all sublime
the golden ore is not so pure as
ann of castelshane

*?* dear to speake sincere
that caused great david's fate
would be but *?* to that
sweet lafs whom I so much extol
the grecian queen of high
esteem I fearlessly maintain
was never so sweet mild or
discreet as ann of castelshane

Shes tall and straight and
all compleate the maid
that I adore her skin

*Page 44*

outshines the falling snow that
clothes the valleys oer her
cheeks its true a crimson hue
they have my poor hart *?*
Im captured quite by mans
delight sweet ann of castelshane

It wonts the skill like way
the quill of Homer that
great man for to indite
and also write the praise of
lovely ann theres no bard
now I must allow can
half her worth explain
or can define this nymph
diving sweet ann of castleshane

Observe my friends my song
it ends with this short simple
prayer may providence his
gifts dispense on this seraphine (?)

Fair may virtue guard and
still reward and keep
her free from stain this
nymph serene hibernious
queen sweet ann of castleshane

*Page 45*

The Loadstone of Fanderagee

You slaves of blind comfort
that always are stupid
give ears for a moment to
my love sick tale

Alas I am fettered my life
is embittered by a ?
life fair one whose name
I'll conceal to love her and
my duty because she's a
beauty enchanting and
winning in every degree
She exceeds Aurora bright
Veners or Flora I ? her
the Loadstone of Fanderague
this comely creature
the mainspring of nature
the comet of Ulter
and star of our Isle since Eve
stood in Eden there ne'er
was a maiden so sweet and
enchanting so charming
and mild She is supler
and active she is smart
and attractive she wounds
all the youths in the North
Country She is so ?
that mankind ?
to gaze on the Loadstone
of Fanderagee

She is so bewitching that
thousands are aching and
still supplicating her favor
to gain there numbers

*Page 46*

of pounds ? sterling
her love to obtain She's
just a temptation to all in
this nation no matter what
station what age or degree
the youn she leaves aching
the old she leaves quaking
the enchanting loadstone of

Since I did espy her my
heart is on fire Its true
like the needle direct to the
Hole and let her be moving
then sleeping or loving with
her's my affections my thought
and my soul She is so
enchanting ? it
Surely surprising that no
other damsel at all can I
so can take my attention
but her that I mention The
mantrapping Loadstone of Fanderagee

Were all the fine lasses that
dwells in parnassus to come
in clousters and give me
my choices and hand me
their treasure to use as
my pleasure I'd despise
the whole then for her she's
so nice were all the commanders
since great ?
to yield me their crowns on
an hymble bent knee the
whole I'd distain for this
angelic dame the
mantrapping Loadstone of Fanderagee

*Page 47*

But hard is my study
Tis getting muddy
I'll throw down my pen
and desist for to write
and use my endeavour
to get in her favor by
close application both
morning and night we
read in the fable the mouse
the not able by continual
knowing he set the
Lion free So I will make
trial and take no
denial Till I gain the
Loadstone of Fanaragee

Michael Clark

*Page 48*
April the 1st 1867

Sara flack for stamps 10
James McCabe for envolopes 5
Mrs. Smith for paper 5
Michael Rider for paper 10

The tan mare went to the horse the 18 of june 1887

The Bronnel cow Brett on the 1 August 1887

The bigest of the yong heffers brett on the 10 of july 1887

The stray cow brett on the 9 of August 1887

*Page 49*

the numbers of lots Michael Clark has in Johnsons Port on Glovers adision

| 125 | 124 | 123 | 122 |
| 162 | 163 | 164 | 165 |

the lot Michael Clark has in Galena is lot No 19 in Nancy of Turnys
adishion ot the city of Galena Ilinois

the number of the front lots on millers dump

| 166 | 167 | 168 | 169 |

Remember me when years have fled
and I am numbered with the dead

*Page 50*
The big sow bred on the 30 of May 1892

Transcribers notes:
* I have transcribed this document directly from the original text
* This journal was originally a business ledger. It appears to have been recycled later for miscellaneous family data, farm data, and random musings (see poetry at the end)
* I have added page headers for clarification of reading text. These do not appear in the original and appear in bold text & marked with * *. When something was illegible, it is indicated with *?*
* This document has been transcribed, formatted and submitted to the Allamakee Co., IAGenWeb for FREE genealogical use. This document may not reproduced in any manner or used for personal or commercial gain.

copyright 2003, Jody L Howard


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