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Small Journal of
Michael Clark,

Proprietor of the Boarding House
at Johnsonsport, Allamakee County, Iowa

Covering events during years 1853-1892

Part 1
(inside front cover, flyleaf & pages 1 - 12)

(Please read the transcription notes at the bottom of the page)

*Inside Front Cover*

Hennery Johnson died on the 19th of April 1856

Thomas Burk died on the 24th of April 1856

The last time the young mare was put to the horse was the 18th of July 1864

Michael Clark

*Front Fly Leaf *
For Charles Burk Galena post office of Davess County llinois

For Patrick Marron 201 Center Street New York City

Hugh Clark went to work to James Bennet on the 14 of November at nine dollar per month

A *?* for light one gallon of alahole one quarte of spirits of turpentine and shake them well together then add three ounces of campfire gum and then it is fit for use

*Page 1*
Patrick Doyl owes Michael clark 2 dollars

John *?* owes me 2 Dollars

All John Mcevele his meals 111 on the 21

the distance of miles from the cannall to Galena from the cannal to Nighogra falls is 73 miles and from Nighagra to Detroit is 219 and the distance from Detroite to Chacago is 281 and the distance from Chicago to Galena 180

Ellis bord 7 53
3 of June

*Page 2*
September the 29'

English Sam had supper
absent October the 3 1853 2 days

Themety Hayse had dinner

Patrick Sibly came on the 6th had dinner

John Mcevele come menced *?* on the 6th

Edward Brennen came on the 11th absent meals 1111111111

Thomas Celly came on the 14th had supper

18 Patrick Roach had supper

19 James Celly had dinner

October Bord Bil 1853

Michael Duddy $9.40
Edward Owens 9.40
Peter Connor 9.40
Michael McCabe 9.40
Henery Walton 9.40
Sam Ivery 10.14
Tim Heas 8.41
Patrick Brannon 8.25
Davit Brannon 3.21
John Mcevele 8.16

September Bord Bil

Michael Duddy 9.10
Edward Owns 9.10
Michael McCabe 9.10
Peater Connor 9.10
Henery Walton 9.10
*Page 3*
Mr Malowny for Beef on the 26th of October 1853 is one dollar and 8 cents

I got 12 pounds of Buter at 16th cents 1.92
I got 6 bushel poletes 3.60
Malowney for *?*

Acount betwn James Conroy and Michael Clark
one hog 7.50
one calf 2
one peare of slews 1.75
for furniture to Burk 9
three gallons whiskey 1.50
one galon one half .75
Six pound tolat making

I bough from Conroy one coon and one *?* ber at 34.1

Michael Clark from James Conroy on October 31st 1853 cash 13

Cash from Duddy 5 October 31 1853

October 31st 1853 *?* Patrick Rouch 4

November 1st 1853

paid Malowny 2
Michael McCabe paid Michael Clark 10

November 1st 1853

Peater Connor paid 8

Edward Owns paid me his bord for September

*last line cut off*

*Page 4*
October 23th 1853 left 23

Edward Brannan his bord for ten days 3.21
James Celly 1.41
James Conroy will pay
John Doyl pad 11 30
Patrick Doyl paad 11 11.91
Edward Owns 2
Peter Connor 1
Bristol 4.50
Mat Dun 0.35

Paid Patrick Doyl for Conroy on the g draft 14.15
Paid Edward Owns for Conroy 2
Paid Peater Connor for Conroy 1
Paid John Doyl for Conroy 13
paid John 5
Edward Owns gives
beef 28
shuger 14
Bread 16

Mr. Michael Clark
Mrs Mary Clark
Miss Mary Clark
three of a family and it is a happy

*last line cut off*

*Page 5*
Michael Duddy paid me ten dollars on the 8th of November 1853

Peter Connor gave me ten dollars on the 8th of november 1853

Edward owns paid me five dollars on the 8th of november 1853

the painter came on the 23 had supper

Peter Connor his 1111:121:16111:*?*

Desember the 9 receaved for James Conroy from the company
Desember the 9 receaved for Henery Walton from the Company
Receaved for Michael McCabe from the Company
for John Mceveale from the company 23.50

*Page 6*
November the 9th 1853
Themety Hays left on the 7th his Bord is 2.25

November 1853
Sam Ivery his Bord for 2 weeks and fifty cents I lent him that is 5

Tim Heas his Bord for one week and four days and fifty cents I lent him is $4.30

Henery Walton his Bord from the first of September the 14 of november 1853 is twenty three dollars

Receaved from Denis Cox fifteen Dollars on the 21 of November 1853

November the 25 Receaved from John McCabe five dollars

John Mcevele has paid me on the 30 of November 0.1

Sam Ivery has paid me on the 03 of november 5

Receaved of hia *?* tyer and Company on 13 of November 25.80

*Page 7*
Desember 1, 1853 Tim Haer paid me to this date 11.75

Patrick Roach paid is November bord to me on the 1 8.10

Paid Tim Heas for potatis on the 13 2

Paid in the *?*llage on the 21th 1.34

Margret Owns came to bord on the 25 of January 1854

John Bridges came on the 9 of Fabuary 1854 to bord

Sam Ivery came on the 8 of February 1854 to bord

Michael McCabe came came to bord on the 19th of February 1854

*Page 8*
Disember 1853

Paid Josif Borman for potatis on the 2nd 5

paid Sam Bernard on the 3 for beef 10

paid Brown for cots and shues on the 3 10

paid huchison for grocerys on the 3 7

paid bristol for grocerys on the 3 4.81

paid for fl*?* on the 3 in *?* 1.50

paid Budlong on the 5 for beef 10

paid peter malony for potatis on the 9 of Disimber 1853 6.5

paid John Doyl for *?* on the 11 30

Paid on the 15 for flower and grocerys 5

paid *?*butlong on the 13 for pastire and hay 10

*Page 9*
Disember 1 1853

Michael Duddy hi bord from the 1st of September to the 15 of Desember is 27.60 and he paid me 15 that leaves me to get 12.60
up to this date

Edward Owns his bord from the 1st of September to the fist of Disember is 27.60 and he paid me 18 that leaves me to get 9.60 up to this date

Peter Connor his bord from the 1st of September to the 1sdt of Disember 27.60 and he paid me 18 that leaves me to get 17.60 up to this date

John mcevele his bord from the 6th of october to the 1st Disember is 17.25 and he paid me 15 that leaves to get 2.25

*Page 10*
Disember 1st 1853

Receaved from Michael Duddy 12.90

Receaved from Edward Owns 11

Receaved of peter connor up to this date 11

Receaved from John Mcevele to this date 2

Receaved from pat Roach for bord on the 10 of Disember 1953 2.75

Michael McCabe his bord from the first of September to the 1st of Disember is 31.50 and he paid me 11 the leaves me to get 21.50

January 1854

paid Borman for on the 25 for potatis 8
paid for flower 18.50
for grocerys 3

Michael McCabe has to pay me 27 for bord up to the 26 of January 1854

*Page 11*
January 1854

Pat Roach paid me 3 for bord and for rent and that cleeres between us up to this date January 4th 1854

Michael Duddy paid me Disember bord on the 25 9.40

Edward Owns paid me Disember bord and every thing else the whole is 12

Peter Connor paid Disember bord on the 25 of Disember 9.4

I paid in January for flower and potatis $22

Michael Duddy paid me for Janury Bord 10

Edward Owns his bord bil for Janury and Febuary 18.40

Mrs Owns her bord for five weeks is 6.25

Peter Connor his bord for Janury and 21 days in Februry that makes 16.15

*Page 12*
March 6th 1854

Receaved for a cow 35.50

John Bridges his bord for 3 weeks and four days 7.50

Sam Ivery his bord for 3 weeks and 4 days is 7.50

18 John Mcevile his bord for 5 days 1.29

15 Peter Connor had super and 4 meals on another time absent 111
left 22

22 Peter Conner paid me 16 that cleeres him up to the 22 of Februry

M McCabe his bord in februry for 10 days is 3.29

18 Edward Owns and his wife came to bord on the 18

John Gibings came on the 18 had supper

Michael McCabe has paid his bord up to the first of March 1854
he paid me $30

Michael Duddy paid his bord up to the first of March 1854



- Transcribers notes:
* I have transcribed this document directly from the original text
* This journal was originally a business ledger. It appears to have been recycled later for miscellaneous family data, farm data, and random musings (see poetry at the end)
* I have added page headers for clarification of reading text. These do not appear in the original and appear in bold text & marked with * *. When something was illegible, it is indicated with *?*. The format of some of the notes/sentences have been slightly altered from the original for ease of reading, but the actual text is unchanged.
* This document has been transcribed, formatted and submitted to the Allamakee Co., IAGenWeb for FREE genealogical use. This document may not reproduced in any manner or used for personal or commercial gain.

copyright 2003 Jody L. Howard

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