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Small Journal of
Michael Clark,

Proprietor of the Boarding House
at Johnsonsport, Allamakee County, Iowa

Covering events during years 1853-1892

Part 2
(pages 13 - 24)

(Please read the transcription notes at the bottom of the page)

*Page 13*
May the 1st 1854

James Conroy his acount

I paid Patrick Doyl on his account 14.75
John Doyl 36
Edward Owns 2
Gorge bristol 5
Peter Connor 1
Mat Dun 37

what I receaved for his furniture
one teabel 2
one bed sted 1
three chears .75
*?*Glaas bars .37
one jug .37
one churn .75
one *?* .50

May the 2nd 1854

my expencis from the cannal to galena from the canal to Batavea is 2.75 and my bill there that nigh was 3
I paid for ownys close 3 and our fair to Chicago was 20 and our expencis at Nighagra falls was 2.50 and along to the road to Chicago was 2 and our bil in Chicago was 5

*Page 14*
and our faire from Chicago to Galena 26.25 and I had to pay
Chargeis for a chisto and washtob 1.50 for the 2 big boxis 17.50
my expencis in galena was 12 and my expensis lucking for land 12
*Page 15*
July the 24th 1854

Receaved of Mr. farman one half bushel of potatis .10

on the 25 four pound ten ounses of pork .37

on the 29 got 6 pounds of pork that is .48

August 1854

on the 5th I got one half bushel of potatis .20

for ann jane hoey
rice .10
peppermint .15
milk .62
brandy .40
rice .25
shugger .50

this is up to the 17 of Augus 1854

*Page 16*
June 1854

Thomas hoey his expensis

burirel a coffin 9
for a herce 4
for diging a grave 3
for diging a grave for his son Niclis 2
for funerel things 1
for bread and shickins 1.50
his daughter rosy hir funeral things
the coffin 4
the biring ground 3
for a carrage 2.50
a coffin for his son Niclis 3
for liquor and groceries 10
for Mrs hoey at the time of her death
a coffin 3
for a hearce 4
Diging a grave 3
to the doctor 10
for brandy and grocerys 1.80
for brandy .50
for a shroude 1.25
for *?*frips .10
for factry .33
for whiskey .15
for bread .25
for butter .15
for meate .15
(last line cut off)
*Page 17*
Paid Pat Clark .10
for washing 2.25
paid the doctor 18
paid mrs. wodson for nursing .45
paid mrs o donnell for nursing 2
paid for brandy .80

this account up to the 6 of July 1854

John Brannon his account aginst Michael Clark for Choping 18 1/2
of wod 14.80

for henery Waltons bord 36.00
for own clark bord 27.00
for mat Cairel and Phil McCabe 15.00
for Robert Hawl and henery wahson ther bord 21.00

*Page 18*
July the 1st 1854

paid the chool fund for 100 and sixty acres of land one hundred
and ten dollars $100:10

paid for three lightys in debuqe on 7 of July three hundred dollars $300

and my expensis was 3.00

for four crossis to put at there heads in the Buring Grounds 9

for washing and one doller to mrs odonnell 4.75

paid golding for house room at the time that ann dide and some other exspencis 10

paid mrs odonnell on the 9 july 1854 .50

paid mrs. Duffy for medeson .25

paid for cathern on the steamboat to pr du sheen 1.50

*Page 19*
July 1854

A bil due to Michael Clark since the time he worked for him in Canada was 7 paid cash

paid to Patt Clark was at the time we went to see the land 3

pat Clark got one barril of flower 6.50

pat clark got pork and grocereis 2

paid pat clark cash 2.50

paid for a bottey *?* of medeson of Mary hoey .50

paid the prist for 2 masses 1

paid the doctor for pills and powders for mary .40

pleade out five hundred one dollars and fifty nine cents up to the first of July 1854 that is for land and other calls

August the 5th 1854

paid WFB for land 100.53
and paid for a cow 32
and paid rosy Burk Goldens mony that is figus *?* moreson for lucking for land 1

paid the doctor for ann jane .61
paid for a coffin and cross for ann jane hoey 3.50
for a sroude and other necessary .50
for a teeme 1
for the Burring ground 2
for one pound of candels .20
for hir time with us is 2.50

September the 12th 1854

paid pat clark the sum of .60

*Page 20*
I gave one dollar and fifty cents for nurcing ann jane 1.50

November the 8th 1854

paid the prist for massis 1

rosy Burk got ten dollars on the 25 of November .10

Disember the 21 paid rosy burk .15 for a chanty

for factory in miller store 1

March 1855

for medeson .25

27 paid frank burk ten dollars at the time he went to Dobuke 10

April 1th 1855
paid for close for the shilderen 1.15

11 paid for 3 y*?* for thomas .35

May 1855
11 paid for 4 massis 2
for a drayman .50

November 1855
12 paid francis burk
*cut off*

Disember 20 1855

for thomas hoeys taxes for towe hundred and forty acers is five dollars 5

paid for the same loand for taxes at the time it was sold 2.50

paid Chalis hoey for a ballence of a old acount 3.50

12 May 12 1856
paid francis Burk ren dollers for the shildrans bord 10
paid in the store for the children cloes one doller 1

July 1856
13 paid in the store for the childrens close 1.55

13 August 1856
paid the Burks foulkes for the children Bord Seaven Dollers 7

September 15 paid for the children Bord 2

31 October 1856
*cut off*

*Page 21*
1856 November
paid frank Burk for the childrens bord twenty dollars 20

December 1856
1 for the childrens 2.00 cloes

paid James Eagen one dollar for the taping of Bootes 1

in April 1857
for a rocking chair three dollers fifty cents 3.50
and 6 pounds of tea three dollers sixty cents 3.60

paid James Eagen one doller for taping frank Burks boots 1

September 1857 the Burkes folk got 2 babes at 12 dollars 12

September 1854
one ax
two iron wagis
one band saw
one buck saw
one spook sheave
two augers
one hammer
one frise coat
one clauth coat
two peare of pants
one blanket
one feather bed
one bibel
one umvercel
gazettes of the world
mary ants
one history
the hoel number of Books is five
one pair of fris pants
one strippit
pare of pants
one pear of draw
one satenet west
one hat
2 quilts
2 cloakes
2 sheets
1 Boalster
1 Spinning Wheel
*cut off*

*Page 22*
2 frise vests
1 flannin frock
1 prayer book

September 12 1854

Know all me by the presents that I patrick clark do bind my self my ears and asias to the sum of five hundred dollers to never ask any more mony or value from his brother in law Thomas hoey
as the said patrick clark got one hundred and twenty seaven dollers and seaventy cents up to this deate
and that the said clark or his wife shall never troubel anny of there frinds for fortune or shilds part of leagis
by witnis

rosy x Burk
Pat x Clark
Cathern X Clark
*Page 23*
May the 17 1855
This is to certify that Francis Burk got $39:18 for the childrins bord
from the 12 of September 1854 to this date
this leaves me one hundred seaventy one dollers and 22 sints to keep

May 17th 1855
I am going to keep one hundred and fifty dollars and pay 21 dollars and 22 cents the first many that is wanted May the 17th 1855

December 8th 1856
this is to certify that Frances Burk and I setteld on the 8 Day of Decembe3r and that I have to pay the children one hundred and three
dollars and pay francis Burk thirty five

January 1857
paid Francis Burk five dollars and fifty for one sow 2 pigs 5.50
paid francis burk ten dollars the time he went to prairy for *?*

11 June 1857
paid francis Burk five dollars the the time he went to prairy to fix his plow 5

July 1857
12 paid oute of the store forty cents for the children close .40

15 November 1857
for mary hoey and Thomas hoey ther close in millers store is ten dollars twenty five cents 10.25

15 April 1858
paid francis Burk five dollars 5

August 16 1858
for shirting thomas hoey .60

May 1858
Gave Frank Burk a bounty order of ten dollars eighty cents 10.80

20 the 20 for or boots for thommas boy 2.00

*Page 24*
January 1860
paid for thomas hoey three dollars ninety five cents 3.95 for close in prairie du chen

Disember 10th 1860
paid 25 cents to bond to washington for the hoeys *?* .25

June the 24 1860
paid judge townsend ten dollars on the heoys acounte 10.00

paid cathern clark cash 10.00

paid mary heoy cash 10.00

pad thomas heoy cash 10.00

A Registered leter sent to the dead leter office februry the 15 1870
adrist P Schmtz
No 2128
No 8680



- Transcribers notes:
* I have transcribed this document directly from the original text
* This journal was originally a business ledger. It appears to have been recycled later for miscellaneous family data, farm data, and random musings (see poetry at the end)
* I have added page headers for clarification of reading text. These do not appear in the original and appear in bold text & marked with * *. When something was illegible, it is indicated with *?*. The format of some of the notes/sentences have been slightly altered from the original for ease of reading, but the actual text is unchanged.
* This document has been transcribed, formatted and submitted to the Allamakee Co., IAGenWeb for FREE genealogical use. This document may not reproduced in any manner or used for personal or commercial gain.

copyright 2003, Jody L Howard


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