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Royal Neighbors of America

1921 Royal Neighbor publication cover

If you can add to the history of the Royal Neighbors in Allamakee county or have a photo of a gravemarker from an Allamakee county cemetery, please contact the Allamakee co. coordinator.


The Royal Neighbors of America (RNA) is a fraternal society originally founded in 1892 as a fraternal benefit insurance society for men and women. The Royal Neighbors began as an auxiliary of the Modern Woodmen of the World but reorganized in 1895 as an independent benefit society for women. Like the Modern Woodmen, some members of this fraternity indicate their membership on or near their gravestones.

Royal Neighbors flower design emblem engraved on the tombstone:  
R N A flower design emblem engraved on tombstone R N A flower design emblem engraved on tombstone
A plaque next to the gravestone: R. N. of A. IN MEMORIUM gravestone plaque
Or the gravestones may also be marked with a stake depicting a rose surrounded by leaves and buds emblem: R N A  IN MEMORIUM gravestone stake - photograph by Joyce M. Tice



The Royal Neighbors of America in Allamakee county - misc. items, photos & years

The Royal Neighbors had camps in Allamakee county as early as 1899.

Little Gem Camp - No. 1314, Royal Neighbors, auxiliary to the M. W. Of A., was organized January 18, 1899 in Waukon.
Riverside Camp - No. 1521, Royal Neighbors of America, was organized April 13, 1899 in Lansing.
The Mt. Oneota Camp was chartered in New Albin in 1902

New Lodge Officers. The following will preside over Postville R.N.A. for 1908.

Oracle, Mrs. A. J. Phillips
Past Oracle, Mrs. W. J. Hanks
Vice Oracle, Mrs. H. J. Schuette
Chancellor, Mrs. L. A. Bellows
Receiver, Mrs. James Gregg
Recorder, Miss Carmichael
Marshal, Mrs. A. C. Harrington
Assistant Marshal, Miss M. Horgan
Inside Sentry, Mrs. L. Salzgeber
Outside Sentinel, Mrs. H. Walke
Manager, Mrs. Frank Ervin

~ Postville Review, December 20, 1907 ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson

Wednesday evening that enthusiastic body known as the Royal Neighbors [Postville] publicly installed their officers:

Oracle, Agnes Hanks
V. Oracle, Mrs. Dr. Schmidt
Chancellor, Mary Bellows
Recorder, Ada Schuette
Receiver, Lydia Gregg
Marshal, Maria Dresser
Inner Sentinel, Amanda Schroeder
Outer Sentinel, Irene Meier
Manager, Carrie Hendrickson

Then followed a short social season enlivened by music furnished by: Violinist, Leo Hanks, Coronetist, Kenneth Sanders & Pianist, Cloy Waters. Refreshments were served consisting of sandwiches and coffee followed by cake and ice cream. After this those who wished tripped the light fantastic toe till one o'clock a.m. It was one of the most delightful evenings as guests of the splendid ladies of a splendid order.

~Postville Review, Fri., January 21, 1910 ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson

Postville Royal Neighbors officers for 1911:

Oracle - Irene Meier
Vice Oracle - Mrs. G. Staadt
Past Oracle - Mrs. W. J. Hanks
Chancellor - Mrs. L. A. Bellows
Recorder - Mrs. H. J. Schuette
Receiver - Mrs. I. J. Allen
Marshal - Mrs. Arthur Dresser
Inner Sentinel - Amanda Schroeder
Outer Sentinel - Mrs. Carey Cayton
Managers - Mrs. Lida Harris, Hannah Lange, Nelle Carmichael

~Postville Review, Fri., January 13, 1911 ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson

Postville R.N.A. officers for 1912:

Oracle, Irene Meier
Vice Oracle, Mrs. Ada Schuette
Past Oracle, Mrs. Agnes Hanks
Chancellor, Mrs. Mary Bellows
Recorder, Mrs. Blanche Ervin
Receiver, Mrs. Lydia Gregg
Marshal, Mrs. Alida Harris
Inner Sentinel, Mrs. Anna Staadt
Outer Sentinel, Mrs. Christina Harris
Manager, Mrs. Tillie Schmidt   

~Postville Review, Fri., January 5, 1912 ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson

Postville R.N.A. officers for 1913:

Oracle - Lucy Lange
Vice Oracle - Mrs. Helen Seybert
Chancellor - Mrs. Eva Gordon
Recorder - Mrs. Amanda Phillips
Receiver - Mrs. Stell Harrington
Marshall - Mrs. Alida Harris
Inner Sentinel - Mrs. A. McCullock
Outer Sentinel - Mrs. J. F. Palas   

~Postville Review, Fri., January 24, 1913 ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson

At their regular meeting Wednesday evening last the Postville Royal Neighbors Lodge elected the following officers for the ensuing year:

Oracle, Marie Davis
Vice Oracle, Vera Kluss
Past Oracle, Amanda Phillips
Chancellor, Alida Lange
Recorder, Sovena Schutta
Marshall, Ada Kluss
Receiver, Estelle Harrington
Inner Sentinel, Emma Samek
Outer Sentinel, Eva Gordon
Manager, Susan McKernan

~Postville Herald, December 29, 1921
~contributed by Reid R. Johnson

Postville Royal Neighbors of America officers for 1923.

Oracle - Marie Davis
Vice Oracle - Vera Kluss
Recorder - Sevena Schutte
Treasurer - Stella Harrington
Chancellor - Alida Lange
Inner Sentinel - Emma Samek
Outer Sentinel - Eva Gordon
Manager - Susan McKernan

~Postville Herald, Thur., Jan. 18, 1923
~contributed by Reid R. Johnson


ca1923 New Albin
The Royal Neighbors of America, Mount Oneota Camp #2103, New Albin.

The photo (below) of the New Albin Royal Neighbors was in an old photo album that was the property of my Aunt Lorena (Dolly) Jordan Sinrud. Aunt Dolly mostly identified the women by their surname (Mrs Kubitz, Mrs Irons, etc.). Aunt Dolly identified Selma Jordan (my grandmother) as "Mother". She also identifies Frieda Welper as Grandma Welper and Alvina Welper as Aunt Alvina. As best I could I have listed the names, although I am not sure of the correct spelling of each woman. I am sure the photo dates ca1923 as Selma Jordan died in 1923.
~contributed by Thomas M. Jordan

Royal Neighbors of America, Mount Oneota Camp #2103, New Albin

L-R – front row: Grandma Welper (Frieda Welper 1861-1942), Mrs Kubitz (Mary Kubitz?), Mrs Irons,Mrs. Krzebietke & unknown woman to her rear (Frieda Krzebietke?)

L-R – second & back row: Mrs. Brennan (woman in dark dress), Mrs. Higgins, Mrs. Gelf, Mrs. Darling, Mrs. Lenz, Mother (Selma Jordan 1892-1923), Mrs. Shultz, Mrs. Pohlman, Mrs. Stevens, Mrs. Weymiller, Mrs. Mayes (?) & Aunt Alvina (Alvina Welper 1886-1942)


The women in the photo below appear to be the same as the group above.
~photo contributed by Errin Wilker.

Royal Neighbors of America, Mount Oneota Camp #2103, New Albin

Some of the women in the photo below have not been identified, others appear in the 2 photos above.
~photo contributed by Errin Wilker.

Royal Neighbors of America, Mount Oneota Camp #2103, New Albin


Waukon, Ia. - The Royal Neighbors held their annual election at their lodge rooms Tuesday evening and the following ladies were appointed as officers for the coming year:
Oracle, Mrs. Fred Wiedeman
Vice oracle, Mrs. Lloyd Jones
Past oracle, Mrs. Ray Walters
Chancelelor, Mrs. Clyde Sadler
Receiver, Mrs. Clarence Elsheimer
Recorder, Mrs. Frank Kelly
Marshal, Miss Marie Housman
Assistant marshal, Mrs. Henry Kosbau
Inner sentinel, Mrs. Walter Jo
Outer sentinel, Mrs. James Waldron
Manager, Mrs. R.L. Seneff
Flag bearer, Miss Bertha Henrickson
Musician, Mrs. John Blagen

~Telegraph-Herald and Times-Journal, Dubuque, Iowa, Friday evening, December 19, 1930 ~contributed by S. Ferrall

Little Gem Camp, R. N. A. of Waukon held a social at the home of Mrs. A. E. Entwisle Wednesday afternoon of last week. The home was decorated with flags and a large bust of Lincoln. Mrs. P. H. LeTourneau was in charge of the following program:
Song by Members—“Old Memories of Lincoln.”
Lincoln’s 1930 Message to You—Mrs. Blanche LeClere.
Verses from London Punch of May 6, 1865, expressing sympathy of other nations—Maude B. Kelly.
Humorous side of Lincoln—Ruth Wiedeman.
Reading, “Captain, My Captain”—Anna Beede.
Song, “The Old Refrain”—Edith Gleisner.
This was followed by a cake contest, Mrs. Ruth Wiedeman winning the cake. Receipts $9.68.

~Allamakee Journal and Lansing Mirror, February 11, 1931 ~contributed by Ann Krumme

The Lansing Riverside Camp, No. 1521 of R.N.A. at their last regular meeting Wednesday, December 16th elected the following officers for the ensuing year:

Oracle - Catherine Murphy
Vice Oracle - Elizabeth Kaufman
Past Oracle - Lydia Horn
Chancellor - Susan Verdon
Recorder - Evelyn Severson
Receiver - Louisa Boeckh

~Waukon Republican & Standard, December 23, 1931
  Marshal - Jennie Volkert
Assistant Marshal - Minnie Hefty
Inner Sentinel - Myrtle Gonyier
Outer Sentinel - Mina Boeckh
Manager - Katie Cooper

Mt. Oneota camp was mentioned in the following New Albin news article was published in a 1939 issue of the Allamakee Journal:

The regular R. N. A. meeting was held at the home of Mrs. G. H. Welper last Tuesday evening. After the business meeting cards and bingo were played. Mrs. Hazel Higgins was awarded the prize at cards, Mrs. Pauline Meiners, at bingo, and Mrs. Carla Darling, guest prize. A delicious lunch was served by Mmes. Edith Reburn, Mary Kubitz, Ray Spinner and Freda Welper. The next meeting will be held Dec. 12, and will be an Xmas party. Each guest is to bring a 25 cent gift and a covered dish.

~Allamakee Journal, December 6, 1939 ~contributed by Ann Krumme

Mt. Oneota camp was still in existence in 1963 when the following New Albin news article was published in the January 9th Allamakee Journal:

Mrs. Mariam Weymiller was installed as oracle of Mt. Oneota Camp of Royal Neighbors in a ceremony at the home of Mrs. Clara Darling Tuesday evening, January 1st, Mrs. Josephine Moore installing officer. Others installed were Mrs. Alice Hurley, recorder; Mrs. Pearl Kroack, receiver; Mrs. Louise Meyer, chancellor; Mrs. Verona Bellon, outer sentinel; Mrs. Clara Darling, flagbearer; and Mrs. Colletta Meyer, manager for a three-year term. Mrs. Jo Moore was the installing officer. Following the business session, bridge and bingo were played with Mrs. Verona Bellon winning high score at bridge, and Mrs. Mariam Weymiller, high score at bingo. Mrs. Colletta Meyer won the guest prize. In conculsion, lunch was served.


Note: Several obituaries posted on the Allamakee co. Obituary board mention the organization. It appears that there are no RNA chapters currently existing in Allamakee county. There is one in Elkader, Clayton county, Iowa.

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