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Postville, Allamakee co. Iowa

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Postville State Bank

Early History

This institution is the outgrowth of a private bank started by Scott Roberts and Hall Roberts in 1877, and known as Roberts Brothers Bank. May 2, 1891 it became incorporated as the Postville State Bank with the following officers: President, W.C. McNeil; Vice President, J.B. Hart; Cashier, F.W. Roberts; Directors, Wm. Larrabee, A. Hart, A. Staadt, Geo. Redhead, D. Jacobia, W.C. McNeil, Hall Roberts, J.B. Hart and F.W. Roberts. In a 1894 J.B. Hart was elected president, and so continued until 1911. F.E. Crandall was elected cashier in 1907 and held that position until 1911, also. At that time Wm. Leui was elected president and A.L. Peterson, cashier, which offices they still hold. F.W. Roberts is now vice president. The present [1913] directors of this bank are: Wm. Leui, A.L. Peterson, F.W. Roberts, Hall Roberts, Wm. Weihe, B.C. Fleming, Godfrey Staadt, and C.F. Meier.

~The Past and Present of Allamakee County, 1913; abstracted portions. To read the full text, go to Chapter 22, this link will open in a new window.

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Citizens State Bank

Citizens State Bank, Postville, Iowa

Early History

Incorporated April 27, 1891, with the following officers: President, F.L. Williams; Vice President, W.S. Webster; Cashier, James McEwen; Directors, Fred Beedy, Carl Holter, R.N. Douglass, and John Sanders; these with the officers constituting the board of directors. At the annual meeting in June, 1913, the following officers were elected for the current year: President, R.N. Douglass; Vice President, H.S. Luhman; Cashier, L.S. McEwen (to take the place of his father, Jas. McEwen, who had served continuously from 1891 until his death, in October, 1912); Assistant Cashier, Leo O. Beucher; Directords (besides the above named officers), P.J. Beucher, L.H. Schroeder, F.L. Williams, Carl Holter, John Waters, Wm. Harris.

~The Past and Present of Allamakee County, 1913; abstracted portions. To read the full text, go to Chapter 22, this link will open in a new window.

1920 Bank Officers and Directors


H.S. Luhman, President
Carl Holter, Vice President
L.O. Beuher, Cashier
C.E. Waters, Asst. Cashier
George W. Fay, Asst. Cashier


H.H. Douglass
F.L. Williams
John Waters
Wm. Harris
H.S. Luhman
Carl Holter
C.W. Meier
J.C. Weihe
L.O. Beucher

~Postville Review, February 20, 1920
~contributed by Reid R. Johnson

1891 - A Brief Historical Sketch of This Bank - 1931
Fortieth Anniversary

When this bank opens its doors tomorrow morning (July 10, 1931) it enters upon its forty-first year of business in Postville—Forty years of active service in the development of this community having been completed. We are thankful to the customers and driends for the faith they have reposed in us during these many years and feel fully recompensed by the substantial proof as evidenced by the steady, consistent growth from the humble beginnings to one of the strongest state banks in northeastern Iowa today.

On July 10, 1886, the Northeastern Iowa Loan and Trust Company was formed with the following people present: F.L. Williams, S.C. Baily, Daniel Turner, T.B. Easton, Carl Holter, F.N. Deeny, R.N. Douglass, Wilkes Williams, P.T. Smith, A.M. Thompson, Wm. Mott, W.F. Warner, Chas. Skelton, Jas. McAdams, Henry S. Luhman, and E.S. Stowe. The first board was composed of T.B. Easton, Carl Holter, D.N. Turner, A.M. Thompson and Wilkes Williams.

After five years of profitable activity, both to the community and its stockholders, a meeting was called on March 7,1891 for the purpose of organizing a bank to be chartered under the state laws of Iowa. It was decided to issue $25,000.00 in stock, at first believed a difficult task, but this amount was oversubscribed within 24 hours. This was, the first state bank to be chartered in Postville effective July 10, 1891, with the following officers: F.L. Williams, President; W.S. Webster, vice President; Jas. McEwen, Cashier; R.N. Douglass, Carl Holter, John Sanders, F.N. Beedy, Directors.

From the start the men in charge and the fair dealings of the Citizens State Bank had the fullest confidence of the public and rapid growth was made throughout the years of its existence. Hence it was possible in January 1912 to increase the capital from the original $25,000 to $100,000 and each stockholder in the original bank received two additional shares of stock, and $25,000 in new stock was sold. At this time the board consisted of R.N. Douglass, H.S. Luhman, Carl Holter, Jas. McEwen, F.L. Williams, John Waters, L.H. Schroeder, P.J. Beucher and W.S. Webster.

On November 20, 1918, the present modern bank building was occupied—equipped with the newest safety deposit vaults and safes and protected by the most modern burglar alarm system, giving our patrons full protection against any possible losses.

Tomorrow, then, we enter upon our third charter, recently granted by the Iowa State Banking Department, with a full determination to carry on in the progress and service of Postville and environs as did our founders. To those who have patronized us in the past, we express our deep appreciation and assure them of continued striving to merit their confidence; and on the strength of our past showing we invite new business which we believe will be mutually beneficial.

Officers 1891

F.L. Williams, President
W.S. Webster, Vice President
Jas McEwen, Cashier

Directors 1891

Carl Holter
John Sanders
R.N. Douglass
Jas. McEwen
F.L. Williams
F.N. Beedy
W.S. Webster

Stockholders July 10, 1891

E.E. Burdick
Mrs. H.L. Williams
A.W. Gordon
Wilkes Williams
R.N. Douglass
Mary A. Holter
W.N. Burdick
Wm. Shepherd
C.F. Weck
J.B. Hough
Lois Tuttle
Bert E. Tuttle
Eugene Stockman
Henry S. Luhman
John Sanders
Wm. Leui
John Moir
Carl Holter

Eliza Deremore
J. F. Smith
James Perry
F.N. Beedy
Walter Chriss
Frank Larrabee
W. R. Kinnard
Cora B. Darling
E.N. Baily
Addie Sanders
Mrs. M. Coyle
W.S. Webster
J. E. Perry
Lucy H. Beedy
James McEwen
Dora P. Williams
F. L Williams
Mrs. E. Pinney
Mrs. H.C. Baily

WE CARRY ON FROM WHERE THESE PIONEERS LEFT OFF - The majority of these pioneers have passed on and the institution they helped establish and caused to thrive by honest business dealings carries on by maintaining the same principles they found to be most successful. All honor is due the founders of our institution, an appreciation of which is hereby publicly acknowledged.

Officers 1931

H.S. Luhman, President
Carl Holter, Vice – President
L.O. Beucher, Cashier
Geo. W. Fay, Asst. Cashier
Melinda B. Casten, Teller

Directors 1931

H.S. Luhman
John Waters
Carl Holter
G.W. Meier
L.O. Beucher
Geo. Kohlmann
H.H. Douglass
J.G. Weihe
Wm. J. Klingbeil

Stockholders July 10, 1931

Ralph W. Bachtell
John H. Backhaus
Anna E. Williams Est.
Amie W. Baily
Harriott Baily
Maude V. Baily
Mrs. F.N. Beedy
Arthur Behrens
Fred W. Benjegerdes
Adelaide Beucher
Harry S. Beucher
L.O. Beucher
Otto J. Beucher
B.F. Bollman
Mrs. Fred Brandt
A.S. Burdick
Edna Burling
J.W. Campbell
Edith D. Churchill
W.J. Clark
Cora B. Darling
George Daubenberger
H.H. Douglass
Mrs. Mae Douglass
E.P. Durno
W.E. Durno
Mrs. Eva Fay
Chas. Fay
Geo. W. Fay
Carrie W. Freezer
A.F. Foels
Luella Geick
Orren Gordon
Amy Gray
E.W. Green
S.A. Green
John L. Gregg
Mrs. Lydia Gregg
Geo. W. Harris
J.M. Harris Est.
Lottie Hein
Louis L. Hill
Louis Jr. Hill
Carl Holter
Alice S. Johnson
Wm. J. Klingbeil
Geo. Kohlmann
Jane Laughlin
Wm. Leui
J.W. Steele
H.S. Luhman
Hubart G. Luhman
Leland H. Luhman
John Lydon
Mrs. A.F. Marston
G. H. Meier
G.W. Meier
F.W. Meyer
H.G. Meyer
Sophia Meyer
Wm. Meyer
Alice E. Miller
Wm. Moll
Louise McEwen
Edna E. Oehring
Edwin J. Oldag
Bertha J. Orr
Mrs. J.E. Perry
Vina Poesch
Mae Rathbun
Mrs. Chriss Salzgeber
Addie M. Sanders
Gilbert Sanders
Jeannette Sanders
Jessie Sanders
J.K. Sanders
A.A. Schmidt
Otillie Schmidt
H.W. Schroder
John A. Schroeder
Ormar Schultz
Louis Schutte
Frank Sebastian Est.
Wm. Shepherd
Anna Staadt
Evan Swenson
Mrs. Winifred Thayer
J.M. Thoma
John Thoma, Sr.
Helen Trunecek
Mrs. F.W. Tuller
Ralph W. Tuller
Mrs. Anna Tuttle
George Waters
Millie Waters
John Waters
R.B. Waters
Herman D. Webb
Ruby Webb
A.G. Webster
Glessner Webster
F.D. Weck
Chas. J. Weihe
Clarence H. Weihe
Elmer F. Weihe
Elmer F. Weihe
Leroy Weihe
John C. Weihe
Wm. H. Weihe
Jno. P. Welzel
L.A. Williams
Rachel Lindsay
R.F. Williams
Virginia Williams
V.H. Williams
Albert Zieman

~Postville Herald, July 9, 1931
~transcribed by Diana Dietrich from a news clipping contributed by Reid R. Johnson
~the photo of the bank was published in this same issue of the paper


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