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Order of the Eastern Star

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The Order of the Eastern Star is a fraternal organization that both men and women can join. It was established in 1850 by Rob Morris, a lawyer and educator from Boston, Massachusetts, who had been an official with the Freemasons. It is based on teachings from the Bible, but is open to people of all theistic beliefs. It has approximately 10,000 chapters in twenty countries and approximately 500,000 members under its General Grand Chapter. Members of the Order are aged 18 and older; men must be Master Masons and women must have specific relationships with Masons. ~ from Wikipedia

If you can add to the history of the Order of the Eastern Star in Allamakee county please contact the Allamakee co. coordinator.



At a meeting of Evergreen Lodge No. 144, A. F. & A. M., February 23, 1895, steps were taken to organize an Eastern Star Chapter in Lansing, and a petition was prepared and forwarded to the Grand Chapter of Iowa, meeting with approval March 27 of the same year. Sister Sarah A. Woods, grand worthy matron, organized Martha Washington Chapter No. 177, with a membership of twenty, and sixty-eight members have since been added. The chapter has lost through demit and death thirty-three members, leaving a present membership of fifty-five. The first officers were: W. M., Martha T. Hemenway; W. R., L. E. Fellows; Assoc. Mat., Libbie K. Pape; Secretary, Susie M. Bacon; Treas., Selma K. Riser; Cond., Lizzie M. Davis; Assoc. Cond., Mary P. Bascom; Chap., Mary S. Fellows; Ada, Anna Smith; Ruth, Elsie S. Fellows; Esther, Mary Piers; Martha, Louisa Boeckh, Electa, Lydia Hazleton; Warden, G. L. Pape; Sentinel, H. W. Riser.

The present officers are: W. M., Louisa Boeckh; W. R., B. F. Thomas; Assoc. Mat., Fanny E. Hemenway; Secretary, Susie M. Bacon; Treas; Martha T. Hemenway; Cond., Frank V. B. Cavers; Assoc. Cond., Gennet Schafer; Chap., Louise M. Boeckemeier; Ada, Libbie K. Pape; Ruth, Mary Gilbertson; Esther, Fanny K. Thomas; Martha, Ruby Fitchen; Electa, Laura Saam; Warden, Mina Boeckh; Marshal, Klara Schafter; Organist, Katie Saam.

~Past & Present of Allamakee County, 1913; chapter 21


Postville Chapter, No. 238, Order of Eastern Star was organized in March, 1898, and is a strong and active society, with constantly increasing membership. Present officers: W.M., Ruby Webster; W. Patron, Hugh Shepherd; Assoc. Matron, Josephine Durno; Treasurer, Mrs. D.E. Harrington; Secretary, Blanche Durno; Conductress, Mrs. F.H. Welzel; Assoc. Conductress, Mrs. W.C. Thoma; Adah, Mrs. F.H. Luhman; Ruth, Mrs. F. Gates; Esther, Mrs. E.P. Durno; Martha, Mrs. G.D. Harrington; Electa, Mrs. B.E. Tuttle; Chaplain, Mrs. Florence Rathburn; Marshal, Mrs. Ray F. Topliff; Organist, Crystal Leithold; Warden, Mrs. Arthur S. Burdick; Sentinel, Herman Webb.

~Past & Present of Allamakee County, 1913; chapter 22


At the annual meeting of the Eastern Star Chapter No. 238, held on last Monday evening, all the old officers were re-elected and will be installed at the next regular meeting. Following the meeting a dainty luncheon was served by the committee. The officers elected are as follows:

Worthy Matron - Mrs. Wm. C. Thoma.
Worthy Patron - Mrs. Wm. J. Klingbell.
Associate Matron - Mrs. R. F. Topliff.
Secretary - Mrs. E. P. Durno.
Treasurer - Mrs. A. A. Schmidt.
Conductress - Mrs. Mrs. R. M. Hecker.
Associate Conductress - Mrs. F. H. Luhman.

~Postville Herald Dec. 05, 1919, in the "Postville 25 Years Ago" column. The old news was taken from the files of the Iowa Volksblatt of Dec. 07, 1894, and the officers elected were for 1895.
~transcribed by Reid R. Johnson
~Note: the dates may be incorrect since the organization wasn't organized until 1898, researchers should verify


The Order of the Eastern Star has now been organized for eight months. It commenced with 19 members and now has 37. It has made an almost phenominal success, and the ladies are to be commended for their zeal and earnestness.The following officers were elected for the ensuing year.

Worthy Matron, Mrs. Carrie Cornell
Worthy Patron, Mr. James Perry
Assoc. Matron, Mrs. Wm. Rollinson
Secretary, Mrs. Etta Crosby
Assoc. Conductress, Mrs. Ida Hart
Those appointed:
Adah, Mrs. Hattie Prior
Ruth, Mrs. Mattie Welzel
Martha, F. Tuller
Esther, Miss Ruby Webster
Electa, Mrs. Sophia Perry
Chaplain, Mrs. Wallis
Warden, Annie Staadt
Sentinel, Mr. J. F. Hecker
Marshall, Mrs. Ella Hawkins
Organist, Miss Mae Thomas

~Postville Review, Fri., December 30, 1898 ~transcribed by Reid R. Johnson


The following will preside over Postville O.E.S. for 1905:

W.M., Etta Perry
W.P., Mr. Shepherd
Assoc. M., Mrs. Welzel
Sec., Blanche Durno
Treas., Mrs. Goetz
Con., Ruby Webster
Assoc. Con., Mrs. E. P. Durno

~Postville Review, Fri., Jan. 6, 1905 ~transcribed by Reid R. Johnson


The following will preside over Postville O.E.S. for 1908:

Worthy Matron, Miss Ruby Webster
Worthy Patron, Hugh Shepherd
Associate Matron, Mrs. Hattie Prior
Treasurer, Mrs. Elizabeth Durno
Secretary, Miss Blanche Durno
Conductress, Mrs. Birdie Durno
Associate Cond., Mrs. Olga Palas

~Postville Review, December 20, 1907 ~transcribed by Reid R. Johnson


Eastern Star officers for 1911:

Worthy Matron, Mrs. C. H. Flynn
Worthy Patron, Hugh Shepherd
Assoc. Matron, Mrs. Henry Miller
Secretary, Blanche Durno
Treasurer, Mrs. J. B. Hart
Conductress, Ruby Webster
Assoc. Conductress, Mattie Perry

~Postville Review, Fri., Jan. 13, 1911 ~transcribed by Reid R. Johnson


Postville O.E.S. Officers for 1912:

Worthy Matron, Mrs. Henry Miller
Worthy Patron, Hugh Shepherd
Associate Matron, Mrs. E. P. Durno
Treasurer, Mrs. Ann Harrington
Secretary, Blanche Durno
Conductress, Ruby Webster
Asso. Conductress, Mrs. Wll Thoma
Chaplain, Mrs. Rathbun
Warder, Mrs. A. S. Burdick
Sentinel, H. D. Webb
Organist, Delia Leithold
Adah, Mrs. F. L. Eaton
Ruth, Mrs. F. H. Welzel
Esther, Mrs. F. J. Thoma
Martha, Mrs. R. N. Douglass
Electa, Mrs. B. E. Tuttle
Marshal, Mrs. F. W. Meiske

~Postville Review, Friday, January 5, 1912 ~transcribed by Reid R. Johnson


Postville O.E.S. Officers for 1913:

W.M. - Miss Ruby Webster
W.P. - H. Shepherd
Assoc. M. - Miss Josephine Durno
Secretary - Miss Blanche Durno
Treasurer - Mrs. D. E. Harrington
Conductress - Mrs. F. H. Welzel
Assoc. Cond. - Mrs. W. C. Thoma
Chaplain - Mrs. Rathbun
Adah - Mrs. F. H. Luhman
Ruth - Mrs. F. W. Gates
Esther - Mrs. E. P. Durno
Martha - Mrs. G. D. Harrington
Electa - Mrs. B. E. Tuttle
Sentry - Mrs. A. S. Burdick
Marshall - Mrs. R. F. Topliff
Organist - Miss Chrystal Leithold
Warder - H.D. Webb

~Postville Review, Friday, January 24, 1913 ~transcribed by Reid R. Johnson


Postville O.E.S. Officers for 1914. Meeting night- Monday on or before full of the moon.

Worthy Matron - Ruby Webster
Worthy Patron - F. W. Gates
Associate Matron - Josephine Durno
Treasurer - Mrs. Ann Harrington
Secretary - Blanche Durno
Conductress - Mrs. W. C. Thoma
Assoc. Conductress - Mrs. R. F. Topliff
Chaplain - Mrs. Florence Rathbun
Organist - Miss Chrystal Leithold
Adah - Mrs. F. H. Luhman
Ruth - Mrs. F. W. Gates
Esther - Mrs. E. P. Durno
Martha - Mrs. G. D. Harrington
Electra - Mrs. B. E. Tuttle
Warder - Mrs. A. S. Burdick
Sentinel - H. D. Webb

~Postville Review, Friday, December 26, 1913 ~transcribed by Reid R. Johnson


At a special meeting of Postville Chapter No. 238, O.E.S., held Monday evening, the following officers were installed.

Worthy Matron, Mrs. Emma Thoma
Worthy Patron, Wm. J. Klingbeil
Associate Matron, Mrs. Josephine Topliff
Secretary, Mrs. Birdie P. Durno
Treasurer, Mrs. Otillie Schmidt
Conductress, Mrs. Etta Hecker
Assoc. Conductress, Mrs. Vera Luhman
Chaplain, Mrs. Alice Miller
Marshal, Mrs. Ethel Sanders
Organist, Miss Emma Nicolay
Ada, Miss Leila Schmidt
Ruth, Mrs. Glessner Webster
Esthe, Mrs. Ann Pettit
Martha, Miss Helen Tuttle
Electa, Mrs. Amanda Phillips
Warder, Mrs. Or Rilla Comstock
Sentinel, Hugh Shepherd

~Postville Herald, Fri., Jan. 24, 1919 ~transcribed by Reid R. Johnson


Postville O.E.S., Chapter No. 238, Officers for 1920:

Worthy Matron - Mrs. Wm. C. Thoma
Worthy Patron - Wm. J. Klingbeil
Assoc. Matron - Mrs. R. F. Topliff
Secretary - Mrs. E. P. Durno
Treasurer - Mrs. A. A. Schmidt
Conductress - Mrs. R. M. Hecker
Assoc. Conductress - Mrs. F. H. Luhman
Ada - Mrs. Anna Sebastian
Ruth - Mrs. Glessner Webster
Esther - Mrs. F. W. Tuller
Martha - Miss Helen Tuttle
Electa - Mrs. A. J. Phillips
Marsall - Mrs. Ethel Sanders
Chaplain - Mrs. Henry Miller
Organist - Miss Emma Nicolay
Warder - Mrs. F. C. Comstock
Sentinel - Hugh Shepherd

~Postville Review, Friday, January 9, 1920 ~transcribed by Reid R. Johnson


Postville Chapter, No. 238, Order of the Eastern Star, installed the following new officers after their regular business meeting on Monday evening, Past Patron Hugh Shepherd acting as installing officer:

Worthy Matron - Mrs. Alice Miller
Worthy Patron - F. C. Comstock
Assoc. Matron - Mrs. Josephine Topliff
Secretary - Mrs. Birdie Durno
Treasurer - Mrs. Glessner Webster
Conductress - Mrs. Amanda Phillips
Assoc. Conductress - Mrs. Ethel Sanders
Chaplain - Mrs. Emma Thoma
Marshall - Mrs. Ada Schuette
Organist - Miss Emma Nicolay
Ada - Miss Amy Daubenberger
Ruth - Mrs. Helen Behrens
Esther - Mrs. OrRelle Comstock
Martha - Miss Elsa Nicolay
Electa - Mrs. Anna Tuttle
Warder - Mrs. Celia Sander
Sentinel - Hugh Shepherd

~Postville Review, Friday, January 20, 1921 ~transcribed by Reid R. Johnson


At their regular meeting Monday evening Postville Chapter O.E.S. elected the following officers for the ensuing year:

Worthy Matron, Mrs. H. Miller
Worthy Patron, F. D. Rounds
Assoc. Matron, Mrs. R. F. Topliff
Secretary, Mrs. Glessner Webster
Treasurer, Mrs. Emma Thoma
Conductress, Mrs A. J. Phillips
Assoc. Conductress, Mrs. Ethel Sanders

~Postville Herald, Thur., December 15, 1921 ~transcribed by Reid R. Johnson


Postville O.E.S. Officers for 1923:

Worthy Matron - Mrs. Josephine Topliff
Worthy Patron - Wm J. Klingbell
Assoc. Matron - Mrs. Amanda Phillips
Secretary - Mrs. Glessner Webster
Treasurer - Mrs. Emma Thoma
Conductress - Mrs. Vera Luhman
Assoc. Conductress - Mrs. Ethel Sanders
Ada - Ruth Hanks
Ruth - Anna Putnam
Esther - Eltha Klingbeil
Martha - Helen Behrens
Electa - Bertha Rounds
Warder - Amelia Sander
Sentinel - Hugh Shepherd
Chaplain - Mathilda Riley
Marshal - Martha Bulman
Organist - Emma Nicolay

~Postville Review, Friday, January 18, 1923 ~transcribed by Reid R. Johnson


There was a large and happy gathering at Masonic Hall on Monday evening of the members of Postville Chapter No. 238, O.E.S., who assembled to assist in the installation of the society's new officers and partake of the social features and refreshments incidental thereto, and it is quite needless to say it was a most enjoyable occasion. The following officers were installed:

Worthy Matron - Josephiine Topliff
Worthy Patron - E.E. McMartin
Asso. Matron - Amanda Phillips
Secretary - Glessner Webster
Treasurer - Emma Thoa
Conductress - Vera Luhman
Asso. Conductress - Ethel Sanders
Chaplain - Florence Roberts
Marshal - Anna Sebastian
Organist - Emma Nicolay
Adah - Bernice Phillips
Ruth - Anna Putnam
Esther - Hattie Hill
Martha - Helen Behrens
Electa - Bertha Rounds
Warder - Amelia Sander
Sentinel - Hugh Shepherd

~Postville Herald, January 24, 1924 ~transcribed by S. Ferrall


O.E.S. Postville Chapter, No. 238 is now twenty-eight years old as their charge was given them October 26, 1898. The charter members were Mrs. Carrie Cornell, Mrs. Etta Crosby, Mrs. May Douglass, Mrs. Flynn, Mrs. Ida Hart, Mrs. Mary Hecker, Mrs. Mary McNeil, Mrs. Hattie Prior, Mrs. Ella Hawkins, Mrs. Mary Holter, Mrs. Belle Orr, Mrs. Sophia Perry, Mrs. Etta Perry, Mrs. Mary Stiles, Mrs. Anna Staadt, Mrs. Mary Rollison, Mrs. Eva Tuller, Mrs. Mate Welzel, Mrs. Sarah Wallis, Mrs. E. Webster and James Perry. Mrs. Carrie Cornell was the first worthy matron and James Perry the first worthy patron.

~Postville Herald, April 1, 1926 ~transcribed by S. Ferrall


At its regular meeting on Monday evening Postville Chapter No. 238, Order of the Eastern Star, installed the following officers for the ensuing year:

Worthy Matron - Helen Behrens
Worthy Patron - Hugh Shepherd
Assist. Matron - Ethel Sanders
Secretary - Mattie Service
Treasurer - Josephine Topliff
Conductress - Frances Williams
Asso. Conductress - Bertha Rounds
Adah - Vera Luhman
Ruth - Florence Musser
Esther - Mabel Meyer
Martha - Stella Huebner
Electa - Ellen Hangartner
Marshal - Alice Miller
Chaplain - Anna Putnam
Warden - Mate Welzel
Sentinel - Peter Service
Organist - Dorothy Douglass

~Postville Herald, Thursday, January 19, 1928 ~transcribed by Reid R. Johnson



Golden Rod Chapter - No. 176, Order of Eastern Star, was chartered October 23, 1895, with the following officers: Mrs. J. C. Crawford, worthy matron; Mrs. Jennie Hubbell, associate matron; H. H. Stillwell, worthy patron. At present (1912) they consist of: Mrs. Anna Cooley, worthy matron; Mrs. Margaret Hendrick, associate matron; E. B. Gibbs, worthy patron, Miss Blanche Dial, secretary; Miss Jessie Lewis, treasurer.

~Past & Present of Allamakee County, 1913; chapter 20


Note: Several obituaries posted on the Allamakee co. Obituary board are for members of this organization.

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