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#420 (Book 1, p. 36) Infant son of Mr. And Mrs. J. C. Crawford. He was six days old. He died 30 Oct 1886. He was born at Waukon, IA and died there. The cause of death was ulvaemia. He was buried in the Waukon Cemetery 1 Dec. 1886. The attending doctor was J. C. Crawford.
#693 (Book 1, p. 59) Mary J. Woods, age 36. Died 24 Jan 1891 at 7 p.m. She was born in Erie, PA and lived 30 years in IA. She died and is buried in Waukon. She was buried 26 Jan 1891. She died from hepatitis as a complication of child birth. Dr. D. H. Bowen was the attending physician.
#810 (Book 1, p. 70) William Ferris, age 41 years 6 months. Died 21 Jan. 1893 in Iowa Twp. He was born in NY. He was buried in Sand Cove, IA on 23 Jan 1893. He died from a head injury and progressive paralysis lasting about six months. Dr. John Hogan of New Albin, IA was the attending.
#826 (Book 1, p. 70) Charles Hardy Barnes, 67 years, 5 months, 2 days. Died 8 Mar 1893 in Postville, IA. He was buried in the Postville cemetery on 15 Mar 1893. He was married and he was born in Malone, NY. He died from organic calvular disease of the heart. He had the dropsy for 2 years. Dr. John Shepard of Postville was the attending.
#267 (Book 1, p. 32) Ethel Ferris, 10 months old. Died 5 Mar 1886 in Waukon, IA. She was buried in Waukon, IA 7 March 1886. She died from bronchial pneumonia. Dr. Bowen of Waukon was the attending.
#25 (Vol. 3, p. 61) Mortimer C. Ferris, 81 years, 4 days, 11 months. He died 23 Aug 1912 and was buried in Oakland Cemetery on 27 Aug 1912. He was born 12 Apr 1831 in NY, the son of Warren Ferris who was born in NY and Betsy Vale who was also born in NY. He died of senile gangrene.
#96 (Vol. 3, p 96) Oscar F. Ferris, 84 years, 8 months 24 days. He was born in NY. He died 3 Feb. 1914 in Waukon and was buried in Oakland Cemetery on 6 Feb. 1914. He was the son of Warren Ferris and Betsy Vale. He died from general sclerotic arteries. The informant was Mrs. William Clarke.
#178 (Vol. 3) Mary Newell, 90 years 8 months, 14 days old. She died 15 Sep 1920 and was buried 18 Sep 1920 in the Oakland Cemetery at Waukon, IA. She was born 1 Jan 1830 in Wayne Co., NY. She was the daughter of Joseph Bayntair born in NY and Hannah Wheeler born in NY. She died of a concussion.
#35 (Vol. 3) Margaret Orr, 1 day old. She died 15 Oct 1910 and was buried at Mt. Olivet Cemetery on 16 Oct 1910. She was the daughter of Frederick Orr and Nellie Walsh. She died of heart failure.

~source: Volumes 1-3, Allamakee co. deaths, Iowa State Historical Society, Dept. Museum Archives, Des Moines, Iowa
~contributed by Robert Bee

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