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Dorchester People

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Dorchester people

In the photo are brothers Pat (L) & Joe Danaher (rear)
The ladies from L-R: Celia McLaughlin (later Collins), un-identified woman* & Margaret Griffin Drew.

Celia was a first cousin to the Danaher lads, and Margaret was a 2nd cousin to the Danahers & McLaughlins. Margaret was IDed by her niece Gretta Hurtibise.

~photo contributed by Matthew Whalen

*07/12/2018: The center front woman has been identified as Bridget (McKenna) Byrnes by Dennis J. Regan. "She is a great aunt of mine, the sister to my great grandma Mary Ann (McKenna) Blake, wife of John J. Blake (1867-1966)"

A rough date for the photo, judging by the clothing, is between 1895 & 1905 ...sgf


McKenna siblings, five of the six children of Patrick & Margaret (Hines) McKenna

Back row (L-R) Mary McKenna Blake, Patrick McKenna
Front row (L-R) Margaret McKenna O'Malley, Bridget McKenna Byrnes, Elizabeth McKenna Delaney

The 'Past and Present of Allamakee County', Vol II, 1913 by Ellery M. Hancock includes mention of these siblings and their respective spouses in the biography of Thomas E. Byrnes (the bio opens in a new page).

Bridget McKenna was the wife of Thomas E. Byrnes (Married in 1906)
Elizabeth McKenna was the wife of James Delaney
Margaret McKenna was the wife of Dennis O'Malley
Mary McKenna was the wife of John J. Blake
Patrick McKenna (Jr) was not married before the 1913 history book was published
Martin McKenna (son,not pictured, was deceased before the book was published

Also, their mother Margaret Hines McKenna was the daughter of John Hines and Elizabeth Ryan.

~the photo and comments were contributed by Dennis J. Regan. The picture is from his grandparent's family photo album.
Email contact for Dennis is in the Surname Registry as a Regan researcher.


Photo caption: Tom and Lynn Reburn of rural New Albin submitted this photo of an old Irish gathering at the home of Henry Schulte in the Dorchester area of Allamakee County. The photo is believed to have been taken in the era of 1928-1930, with some of the individuals pictured not clearly identified.

Pictured above, left to right, are:
Front row - John Schulte, Matt Flynn, Miles Kelly, Sister Matthew Connor, Matt Connor, Old Schulte* (John Schulte's dad), John Connor, Henry Schulte, Charlie Cavanaugh.

Back row - Unknown (partially hidden), Irish Joe Connor, Ben Reckholt (whose wife was a Schulte), Emmett Kelly, Unknown, Ed Reburn.

The child caught in the photo at far right evidently trying to bolt behind the group is thought to be Clarence Schulte.

~the photo was contributed by Karen Schulte: "My relatives were the Schultes and the Connors. The picture was published in a Waukon paper years ago."

* 07/12/2018 -Notes added by Dennis J. Regan:
"The photo of the Schulte's and Connor's (above) has the grandparents on my dad's mother's side of the family. My 2X great-grandfather is identified as 'Old Schulte' - his name is Bernard John Schulte Sr. He was born in 1851 and died in 1926. His wife's name was Margaret Engelken. He was the father of John & Henry Schulte. John and Henry each married one of Matthew 'Matt' Connor's daughters .... Ellen Gertrude 'Ella' married John Schulte and Mary Margaret 'Mayme' married Henry T. Schulte. Matt Connor is also my 2X great-grandfather.


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