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S/Sgt Ray Witt




Listening In On German Radio He Finds Them Praying Fast and Furiously

Mrs. Janet Witt, wife of Sgt. Ray Witt of Remsen, who is now with the signal corps in Italy, has given the Globe-Postpermission to use some of the more interesting parts of several letters received from him.

In a letter received December 8, he says: “Was up on the front lines yesterday where old Co. K. is, and found out where some of the home boys are. Just a little while ago I talked to “Vets” Ruden from Remsen. He told me he would have the other boys call when they came in. Makes it nice in the signal corps to always have a phone at your side.”

On December 12, he wrote:  “While writing this letter I am listening to a church program. A fellow picked up an old Italian radio and brought it over for me to fix. I can get the BBC and German stations on it. Seems as if the Germans are turning to religion as a last resort. The fellow on now sure is a-praying fast and furious.”

The last letter written on Christmas day says: “Christmas even another fellow and I went to an old Italian lady’s home and had supper. Had spaghetti, French fries, roast beef, and wine. It was more than we could eat. The old lady tried her best for us but in all it was a poor substitute for home. Are you going to have a big dinner back home? We are supposed to have turkey today. Cooks say it is going to be a very special meal. Had a fried egg for breakfast. First egg I’ve had for many, many months and it really tasted good.”

In another letter he wrote: “I get the Globe-Post in bunches, but when they do arrive the whole outfit reads them.” 

Source: LeMars Globe-Post, January 24, 1944

Our Neighbors in the Service


Mr. and Mrs. Adolph C. Witt have been informed by their son, Ray, that he has been promoted to staff sergeant.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, July 26, 1944