Plymouth County

Cpl. Elwyn D. Woodley




More Men Leave Friday For Army
Were Accepted For Service Week Earlier

Twenty-four Plymouth county young men who were accepted for army service March 12 left Friday by bus for Fort Crook, Nebraska, to start their military service. Six men who had been accepted for the navy and marines at the time these men were examined report as called for those branches and some were already in service. The group leaving Friday included the following:

Raymond E. Fredricksen, Akron

Robert E. Keene, Remsen

Edward M. Marso, LeMars

Virgil L. Knorr, LeMars

Errol L. McCarty, Sioux Falls, S.D.

Roman L. Kosse, Remsen

Harley R. Hiemstra, Philadelphia, PA

Ross H. King, LeMars

Arthur G. Kellen, LeMars

Robert J. Glaser, LeMars

John L. Conover, LeMars

James C. Miller, Jr., Merrill

Ronald J. Meyers, Herrold

Carroll S. Davis, Everett, Wash.

Henry W. Ommen, LeMars

Elwyn D. Woodley, Seattle, Wash.

Clarence J. Miller, Merrill

Anselm N. Scholer, Remsen

Daniel E. Raub, Portland, Ore.

Vernon C. Ewin, LeMars

Virgil E. Campbell, Sioux City

Arden W. Reemts, Sioux City

Richard E. Albert, LeMars

Kenneth W. Schweitzberger, Kingsley

New orders received by the selective service board restrict release for publication of men called during any quota period and names of men cannot be given out by the board until they have been accepted for service. Dates of induction, induction center and mode of travel are also considered secret military information.

Source: LeMars Sentinel, March 23, 1943


Merrill, Iowa—Corporal Milo and Private Elwyn Woodley, at home together on furlough, were honored with a lawn picnic for 25 relatives at the home of the soldier’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. David Woodley. Two soldier sons who could not be present are Private First Class Merlin in the Aleutian Islands and Private First Class Chester who is recovering from fever and injuries somewhere in the South Pacific, Corporal Milo returned Wednesday to Long Beach, California and Private Elwyn will return Friday to Camp Butner, North Carolina.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, July 22, 1943

From Merrill Service Men's News

Elwyn D. Woodley, Pfc., Anti-Tank Co., 310 Inf., APO 78, % P. M.  Camp Pickett, Va., has been on maneuvers for two months.  His unit moved from Camp Butner, N. C., to Nashville some time ago and has just moved to Camp Pickett.

Source: The LeMars Sentinel, Friday, April 14, 1944


Merrill (Special)—Mr. and Mrs. David Woodley have received a telegram informing them that their son, Cpl. Elwyn Woodley, has been wounded in action in Germany. He was in an anti-tank company in the First Army. Two brothers, Merlin and Milo Woodley, are in the service, and another brother, Chester Woodley, has been honorably discharged.

Source: LeMars Globe-Post, February 22, 1945