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Sgt. Julian Wilberding




NEWS of the Boys in the Service.

The Jos. C. Wilberding family of Remsen is enjoying a visit from son and brother, Sgt. Julian Wilberding, of Columbia Air Field at Columbus, Mississippi. Sgt. Wilberding arrived last week and is privileged to visit the family and his many friends hereabouts until August 15. He’s to report for duty August 17. In October, Julian will have served his country two years. He spent the first seven months at Kessler Field, and for nearly 17 months has been at Columbus, thus his entire period of service to date has kept him in the state of Mississippi. Sgt. Wilberding is with the ground force as a mechanic, and the only complaint is the sameness of scenery and the constant routine. Add these to his patriotic desire for “getting it over with” and Julian is “rarin to go” overseas. He has three brothers in Uncle Sam’s service.

Source: The LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, August 10, 1943

Five Wilberding Brothers of Remsen and Brother-in-Law All in Service

REMSEN, IA. --Special--
Five sons of Joseph C. Wilberding of Remsen and a son-in-law are doing their part in helping to bring hostilities to a speedy conclusion:

The sons are:

First Lt. Emil C. Wilberding, 32, who enlisted three years ago in January and is now stationed at Fort Warren, Wyo.

Sgt. V. C. Wilberding, 30, who enlisted four years ago and is how serving in a post-office in New York City. He was a member of Company K, national guard unit of Le Mars, and was wounded in action April 29, 1943. He has received the purple heart.

Ensign J. H. Wilberding, 25, enlisted eight years ago and is now on duty in the Pacific. He is serving on an L. S. T.

Sgt. J. A. Wilberding, 21, enlisted three years ago in August and is in the army air corps. He is stationed in Mississippi.

Seaman First Class Eddie Wilberding, 18, is the youngest of the sons. He enlisted last June and is now on duty in the Atlantic.

The son-in-law is Gunner's Mate Third Class George L. Vasser, 23, husband of the former Elsie Wilberding. He enlisted in the navy three and a half years ago and is now serving in the Pacific.

There are six daughters in the Wilberding family. Two are married, three, are at home and one is employed in Cherokee.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, May 27, 1945 (individual photos included)