Adams County

Pfc. Clark W. Hagle



Adams County’s official list of 11 prisoners of war was reduced to 10 this week when word was received of the liberation of Pfc. Clark W. Hagle, son of George Hagle of Prescott, held prisoner by the Germans since February 17, 1943. Hagle was liberated April 13, 1945 near the Netherland border.

Hagle enlisted in the Clarinda National Guard Company in December, 1940 and served with the 34th Division in North Africa and was captured by the Germans at Faid Pass, when many southwest Iowa boys met the same fate. Information given relatives indicates Hagle was held in Stalag 11B before being marched across Germany ahead of advancing armies. Clark wrote, “This is the greatest day of my life when we were freed by the best fellows on God’ Earth, the old G. I’s.”

Now that Germany has surrendered it is hoped that word of the release of other Adams County boys will be forthcoming soon. The others held prisoner, from which no word has yet been heard from include Hugh Berry, [illegible] Jones, Roy Herman Kralk [?], Robert Walter Moore, Francis Richard Powers, Orvis A. Wagaman, Paul Deavers, Charles William Lawrence, Gerald LeRoy Swanger, Kenneth Frank Bickford.

Source: Adams County Free Press, Corning, Iowa, Thursday, May 10, 1945, Page 1

Clark Wesley Hagle was born Nov. 16, 1917 to George Wilford and Nora Alberta Zuber Hagle. He died Feb. 14, 1985 and is buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Red Oak, IA.