Plymouth County

Pfc. Cylvester "Curly" Bornhorst





Pfc. Cylvester (Curly) Bornhorst, former LeMars barber and now a member of the armed forces at Austin, Texas, informs friends here that he now has completed nine months of service in the Army, driving a jeep. He says maneuvers are plenty rough, but he is due for another furlough before long. He sends his regards to his many friends around LeMars and Remsen. Mrs. Bornhorst has joined him at Austin and is working for a beauty shop on the university campus.

Source: LeMars Globe-Post, 
January 1, 1944


Pfc. Sylvester (Curly) Bornhorst informs his wife that he is now in France. He writes that the weather is chilly, and the cows moo and dogs bark in the purest French language, and it sure doesn’t sound like Iowa—a fact, under the circumstances, that isn’t too surprising.

“Curly” operated a barber shop in LeMars and gave up his business to enter the war. He has been in the service for 22 months.

Source: LeMars Globe-Post, 
October 12, 1944

More Pictures of Plymouth Countyans In Service
[Group of servicemen photos published on the front page of the newspaper, includes a photograph of Cylvester “Curly” Bornhorst]

Source: LeMars Globe-Post, 
December 25, 1944