Plymouth County

Sgt. Milo C. Bellmyer





Our Neighbors in the Service

Remsen, Iowa ---- Milo Bellmyer, son of Mr. and Mrs. C.J. Bellmyer, has been promoted to staff sergeant and is doing considerable flying in England.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, July 5, 1943

NEWS of the BOYS in the SERVICE

Sgt. Milo C. Bellmyer, with two years service in England as an aerial engineer, arrived in Remsen to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Bellmyer, and also visited his uncle, L. C. Bellmyer, in LeMars. The visit came as a surprise and was not announced until the soldier had reached American shores. The trip to the eastern seaboard was made by plane, with a crew of seven men who brought home some supplies and who are returning to England with an exchange of war necessities.

Source: LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, April 14, 1944