Plymouth County

Jack Barthole



NEWS of the BOYS in the SERVICE.

Mental tension was eased, says the Remsen Bell-Enterprise, in the Charles Barthole and Emmet Phelan homes, when a letter arrived from their brother, Jack Barthole—the first in three months.  Jack, a seaman second class, has been in the Navy nearly three years and has seen much of the world and taken part in considerable sea action since December, 1941.  He says he’s in the South Pacific and that up to the time of writing, January 9, all was well, but red with the Japs.  The relatives also received a letter from their brother, Ray, last week. Ray has been in the Navy.  He is stationed at Cuba and he tells of sweltering at 110 degrees in the shade.

Source: LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, Feb. 2, 1943