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S/Sgt. Robert H. Baker




News of the Merrill Service Men
From Merrill Service Men’s News

Robert H. Baker, S/Sgt. 70 Hq. Sg., Grp. T. E. F. T., A. A. F. S. Frederick, Okla.  Since last December has been a department head repairing plane motors.  He has a sharpshooters medal.  While home last December, he was married to Connie Baack, who quit school and is now assisting her parents in Al’s Café.

Source: The LeMars Sentinel, Friday, April 14, 1944


Pvt. Francis Baker, a member of a medical corps, is now stationed on the Hawaiian Islands in a Veteran’s hospital. He was seasick the entire trip over but says it is a beautiful place. His brother, S/Sgt. Robert H. Baker enjoyed his entire trip to India, where he was sent on a special mission.

Source: LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, February 2, 1945