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Military Involvement


Servicemen - R surnames KIA POW DNB Pic/s
Rath, Harold H.        
Reemts, Russell        
Rees, R. L.        
Reeves, Robert E.        
Reich, Walter Henry X      
Reilly, Donald J.       X
Reinholdt, C.       X
Reistroffer, Don       X
Remer, Gerald        
Reynolds, Bevo        
Reynolds, Harry G.        
Rhode, Edmund        
Rhodes, Sumner Ruffus        
Rhodes, Wendell A.        
Richards, Darvin       X
Rickabaugh, Dale        
Rickabaugh, Donald X      
Rickabaugh, George        
Rickabaugh, Jack       X
Rickabaugh, Max        
Rienking, Dale        
Rimmer, Kenneth        
Robertson, Jay D.   X   X
Roehrich, Charles Jr.        
Rohde, Edmund W.       X
Rohlfs, Leo     X  
Rohlfsen, Russell K.     X X
Rolfes, Aloysius       X
Rollinger, Harley J.       X
Roseberry, Robert        
Rosendahl, Harris       X
Rosenow, George C. X     X
Rosenow, William X     X
Rounds, Alfred L.        
Rozell, Alva E.        
Rozell, Archie        
Ruba, Mathias M.   X   X
Ruba, Norbert       X
Ruether, Henry       X
Ruhland, Anthony       X

John Edward Roush was born Nov. 7, 1917 to Merl Daniel and Mabel Gertrude Finch Roush. He died July 16, 1944 and is buried in Memorial Cemetery, Le Mars, IA.

Pvt. Roush served in World War II with the U.S. Army 133rd Infantry, 34th Division and was KIA in Normandy, France.

Source: ancestry.com

ServiceMen Research done by WWII Researcher, Pat Holt Juon, Aug 2019




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