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Military Involvement

~mailbox indicates a letter posted by the serviceman

Servicemen - K surnames KIA POW DNB Pic/s
Kahl, Edward E.       X
Kahl, Harry "Bud" Jr.        
Kahl, Henry H.        
Kale, Charles        
Kamradt, Emil        
Kamradt, Walter J.        
Karl, Clemence 'Clem'        
Karmann, John J.   X    
Keihn, Eugene X     X
Keihn, LeRoy        
Kellen, Arthur G.        
Kellen, Ralph        
Kellen, Victor        
Kelly, Edward O. X     X
Kelly, Robert   X   X
Kempker, Edward J. X      
Kempker, Gerald T.        
Kempker, John "Jack" X     X
Kempker, Paul J.        
Kempker, Robert M.       X
Kennaley, Donald J.       X
Kennedy, Cecil        
Kennedy, Wayne        
Kenney, Joe        
Keough, Richard        
Kessler, (Dr.) A. J.        
Kettler, Walter B. X      
Kindig, Duane        
Kindig, Fred        
Kindig, John        
King, Robert        
King, Ross H.       X
Kipp, Melvin H.       X
Klemme, Arnold        
Klemme, Kenneth L.        
Klemme, Laverne H.       X
Knapp, Rex C.   X    
Knapp, Robert D.        
Knecht, Marvin G.        
Kneip, Chaplain Charles M.       X
Kobbermann, Lawrence        
Kobberman/n, Ray        
Koch, Henry C.       X
Kock, Harm X     X
Koenig, Kenneth X X    
Koenig, Robert M. Letters Link   X   X
Koenig, Walter        
Koerner, Jack        
Kohout, Robert T.   X    
Koob, Fidelis        
Kosse, Roman L. X     X
Kounkel, Dale        
Kovarna, Stanley       X
Kramer, Wm. Jr.        
Kroeger, Elmer        
Krogman, Joseph F.        
Krull, Benno        
Kuchel, Russell       X
Kuester, Arnold M.        
Kunkel, Dale X      

Wesley John Keller was born July 12, 1919 to Everett and Anna Josephine Franzen Keller. He died Nov. 8, 2015 and is buried in Saint Michaels Cemetery, Kingsley, IA.

Wesley served in World War II with the U.S. Army.

Source: ancestry.com

Joseph John Kelly was born Aug. 18, 1900 to George and Theresa Koob Kelly. He died July 2, 1947 and is buried in Saint Catherines Cemetery, Oyens, IA.

Joseph served with the U.S. Army in World War II.

Source: ancestry.com

James Anthony Kempker was born May 17, 1926 to John Francis and Kathryn Esther “Katie" Kerwin Kempker. He died Feb. 20, 1996 in Milwaukee, WI.

James served in World War II with the U.S. Army.

Source: ancestry.com

Harold Harper Kerr was born Aug. 7, 1916 to Johnston Harper and Carolyn M. Bird Kerr. He died Oct. 1999 in Shalimar, FL.

Dr. Kerr served in World War II with the U.S. Army 605th Field Artillery Battalion, 10th Mountain Division (Ski Troops) as a front line physician and surgeon.

Source: ancestry.com

Cpl. Raymond H. Kohnke, Killed in Action Solomon Islands (Bougainville, South Pacific.) His parents were Mr. and Mrs. Otto J. Kohnke, Remsen, Iowa.

Raymond H. Kohnke is buried in Fort Snelling National Cemetery, Minneapolis, MN.

Source: ancestry.com

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