Wright County Christian Reformed Cemetery was canvassed in the late 1930's by W.P.A. workers.  The transcription below was taken from those records. Transcribed by Sheryl McClure.

Geb Abbas
1872-November 29, 1919

Antje Bakker
Died July 31, 1903

Hermannus Beninga

Trientje Beninga
1862-March 22, 1909

Garret Bode
1837-June 24, 1909

Mrs. Martin Boomgarden
died May 1900

Harm Bruns
husband of Neeska

Harm Daniels
husband of Harmka

Claus Eden
1863-January 9, 1935
husband of Folina Peters; children-- George,  Anna,  Mrs. John Greenfield,  Hulda,  Mrs. John Boylsen,  Harm,  Carrie,  Martha

Diedrich Gayken
died 1900

G. M. Gayken
1850-October 12, 1917
husband of Margaret

Seibo Heikes
1855-January 1, 1933

Martin Hinders
1843-May 20, 1930

Harm Husinga
husband of Bertha

E. W. Janssen
1855-February 22, 1904

Harm Limberg
1862-October 16, 1933
husband of Sophia

John Limberg
1868-July 17, 1934

Harm Noordman
husband of Stientje

A. J. Oliver
1875-February 18, 1899

--- Peters

Hinderk Pommer
husband of Roelfke

Fred'k. J. Redenisu
1834-November 24, 1909

Jacob Rindels
Died 17th of October 1903
Age 78

Jan Roscamp
died 8th of November 1894

Terentje Roscamp
died 3rd of October 1903

Johnna Rotier
1853-March 22, 1922

Johanna Ruiter
1877-April 1937

Remmer Ruiter

Moederina Semans
died 16th of March, 1919

O. Sicmenesl
died 1st of July, 1901

W. L. Sicmenesl
1822-July 1, 1909

Harry C. Smith
July 12,  1890-January 6, 1919

Jennie Terhard

D. Tinklebury
03 December 1914

S. S. Tinklebury
Died 31st of Jan 1909

C---- Vanderbrink
Died 1925

John Vanderbrink
Died 5th of June, 1905

Mrs. John Vanderbrink
died 28th of February 1934

Peter Vandusseldorp
1851-March 3, 1914

Nickiolus Veldhuis

Frank K. Verbergge
Died 1st of June 1925

Frans Verbergge
1867-June 1, 1925

Folkert Van Hoorn

Wolbert Wienenga
1835-March 11, 1897
husband of Immina

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