Biography of

William P. Clark



William P. Clark, of the quasi firm of Butler & Clark, above mentioned, was a native of the state of Indiana, and a brother-in-law of his partner, L. S. Butler. He was a graduate of the Haverford College, Philadelphia. On finishing his course at that celebrated place of learning, he filled the chair of modern languages, in Earlham College, located at Richmond, Ind., for two years.

After this he continued his studies, taking a course of lectures at the law school, Indianapolis. In the year 1868 he came to this State, locating in Cedar county, and taking charge of a graded school in that section. He remained here some two years (1868 and 1869), when he was married to Mattie Pickering, a native also of Indiana. Miss Pickering being a member of the Society of Friends, as well as Mr. Clark, they were married, in meeting, by the ceremony of that quaint people.

After his marriage Mr. Clark located at Iowa Falls, where he first engaged in the practice of law, with O. W. Garrison, of that place. Here he remained until October, 1872, when he removed to Worth county and entered into business relations with L. S. Butler, as related, with whom he remained until May, 1874. At that time, owing to a state of ill health, the partnership was dissolved and Mr. Clark retired from the practice law. He is at present residing at Iowa Falls. Between poor health and his studious habits he never made much of a success as a lawyer, but in linguistical ability has few peers in this State, and no superior.

Transcribed by Gordon Felland, March 2003