Winneshiek County Towns and Places

View early post cards of some of Winneshiek County towns

Please note: Many times villages grew up around post offices or post offices were located at or near villages and they may or may not have had the same names. Towns, post offices, mills and communities marked with * are no longer in existence.

Agency: * Shown on early maps where
   Old Mission was later located.

Alba: * July -Dec. 1861
Aquilla Grove Post Office: *
  Oct. 1856-April 1865 Canoe Twp.

Beldings Mill * 1856 plat map,

 Hesper or Canoe Twp.
Big Canoe: * Sep.-Nov. 1864
Bluffton: Sep.1855-May 1905
Booty *
Brandt's Mill * 1856 plat map,
 Pleasant Twp.

Burroak: * 1856 map
Burr Oak:  Burr Oak Twp.
Burr Oak Springs: * 1856  map,
 Sumner Twp. Post office 1858-64

*Calmar: platted in 1854
Canoe Post Office: * 1857-1905
  Canoe Twp.

Carter's Mills:  * 1856 plat map,
 Fremont Twp.

Castalia 100 years old in 1949
Clifton: * 1856 county map,
 Fremont Twp.

Conover: * Calmar Twp. 1874  map
Decorah (County Seat)
Dunnings Mill: * 1856 plat map,
 Decorah Twp.

Eide Post Office: * Sep. 1876-Oct.
  1881, Pleasant Twp. 

Elliot's Mill: * 1856 plat map,

 Pleasant Twp.
Festina: (formerly Twin Springs)
Fort Atkinson
Early History of the Fort
Franklin Prairie Post Office: *June
  1857-Dec. 1858; Canoe Twp.

Frankville Post Office: * Sep. 1853-

  June 1911 Frankville Twp.
Freeport: platted in 1854
Grab-all: half way between the Iowa Trail and Postville.
The army stationed a

 sergeant's guard there to
 "grab all" the Indians passing that
 way for removal.
Hesper: Hesper Twp.
Highlandville: Highland Twp.
Hyde Post Office: * June 1886-Jan.
  1889; Frankville Twp.

Isted (Istad) Post Office: * Oct. 1890-Dec.
  1895;  Pleasant Township 

Jackson Junction (formerly Alba, or
 New Alba): Jackson Twp.

Jamestown Post Office: * July 1851-
  March 1852 (became Trout River)
Kendallville: * (was Twin Springs)
Lewiston: * platted 1 mile north of
 Old Mission, Washington Twp.

Locust: * (formerly Locust Lane)
Locust Lane Post Office: * 1857-1883
  Pleasant Twp.

Marysville: (became Calmar)
Melrose: * platted in Sumner Twp.
Moneek *
Bloomfield Twp.
Morgan Post Office:  * 1857-1866
  Orleans Twp.

Morses Mills: * 1856 plat map

Nasset *
Navan: * Jackson Twp.
New Alba: * Dec. 1861-July 1883
  Jackson Twp.

Nordness: * Springfield Twp.
Old Mission Post Office: * 1852-1882
  Washington Twp.

Orleans Post Office: * 1854-1857;
  location unknown

Ossian: platted in 1855  Military Twp.
Painters Mill: * built 1849 Decorah

Pilot Grove: * 1856 plat map,
 Pilot Grove Twp.
Plymouth Rock Post Office* 1856-1907
  Fremont Twp.

Rattletrap: early name for Castalia
Rogers Mills: * 1856 plat map,
 Canoe Twp.

Sampson Post Office: * 1893-1894;
  Pleasant Township

Sattre  Pleasant Township
In 2014 remains as a country store
located about 14 miles northeast of Decorah.
As reported by Susan Jacobsen
Spillmans Mill: * 1856 plat map
 Washington Twp.

Spielville: * 1874 plat map
Springwater: * (formerly Big Canoe)

Springwater Post Office: * 1864-1896
  Canoe Twp. See Aquilla Grove

St. George Mill: * 1856 plat
 map Washington Twp.

Thoten Post Office: * 1876-1903
  Glenwood Twp.

Trout River: * 1856 plat map
 Frankville Twp.

Twin Springs Post Office: 1856-1874, now

Twin Springs: platted 1856, now Festina,
  which was the name of the post office

Valley City * Northeast of Fort Atkinson
  NE, NE, Sec 8-96-9 Washington Township

Washington Prairie: Glenwood Twp.
Whiskey Grove: * east of Calmar
Willimantic Post Office: Fremont Twp.
  1856-1858 and 1861-1863
Winneshiek Post Office: *1851-1865;
  on 1856 plat map Bloomfield Twp.

Woodside Post Office: * 1876-1886
  Frankville Twp.

Woodville Post Office: * 1866-1887,
  Greenwood Twp.

Note: The above list comes from a variety of  sources including the "History of Winneshiek and Allamakee Counties, Iowa" 1882. If you come across information about these towns, mills, communities or post offices or any that  are not listed, please contact the county coordinator.

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