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Source: Extracted from various issues of IOWA HAWKEYE HERITAGE, a quarterly publication of  the Iowa Genealogical Society, Des Moines, Iowa (Volume, date, issue number, and page number will be noted with each name listed if a researcher would want to contact Iowa Genealogical Society for additional information). Additional surnames are highlighted here which was not shown on the original abstracts.
Contributor: Connie Ellis, extracted from her issues from 1980 to 1985 when she was an IGS member.
Iowa Pioneers was a series of abstracts from the Iowa Genealogical Society Pioneer Certificate files which were first published in the IGS-HAWKEYE HERITAGE quarterlies starting with Volume 13 Summer of 1978 issue and ended with Volume 14 Summer  1979 issue (approximately 154 people were listed who had settled in various counties before 1856).The names of those Pioneers are not listed here
The publication of the Iowa Pioneers was resumed in Volume 16, Spring 1981- April, May, June, number 2 issue. That issue did not include any Pioneers from Winneshiek County but the next issues did which are included as follows:
Cornell, Nathaniel, son of Seabury and Abigail Cornell, was born 25 June 1802 in Bristol County, Massachusetts; died 2 May 1877 in Winneshiek County, Iowa; and was buried in Bloomfield Cemetery at Castalia. Abigail's maiden name was Mason. Nathaniel married (1st) Hannah Diadama Palmer 2 February 1831 at Rodman, Jefferson County, New York and (2nd)
Emma Ann Loomis. Hannah was born 9 May 1812 in New York and died 14 December 1832 in Onondago County, New York. She was buried in Pine Plains Cemetery in Onondago County. The pioneer settled in Bloomfield Township, Winneshiek County, Iowa during 1853. Nathaniel and Hannah had one child, Alphonso. P. Cornell.
 Vol. 16,Summer 1981, July, August, September, number 3, page 152
Dawley, Asa, son of John and Patience (Sweet) Dawley, was born July 1808 at Lorraina, Jefferson County, New York;died 29 February 1880 in Winneshiek County, Iowa; and was buried in Russell Cemetery, Winneshiek County. He married cousin Desire Dawley 1833-34 in New York. Desire, daughter of Job and Bernice (Clarke) Dawley, was born 19 January 1802 in New York; died 5 March 1870 in Winneshiek County; and was buried in Russell Cemetery. The pioneer settled in Winneshiek County 29 May 1854. Children: Justin Weller,Margaret Jane (Knowlton), Elsie Desire (Carty), Diana (Holm), and Asa  A. Dawley. Justin was the son of Asa Dawley's first wife, name unknown, who died 20 September 1832 in New York.
Vol.17,Winter-Spring, 1982, issue number 1, page 42
Dyson, James, parentage unknown, was born ca 1801 in Delaware; died 17 June 1870 in Winneshiek County, Iowa; and was buried in an unknown location. He married Elizabeth/Betsey Taylor, parentage unknown, 10 August 1825 in Trumbull County, Ohio. She was born 25 July 1807 in Trumbull County; died 19 September 1902 at Lisbon, Linn County, Iowa; and was buried there. The pioneers settled in Jackson and Winneshiek Counties during 1851. Their children: James W., Joseph, Mary Jane (Davenport), Delilah (Watson), Augustus, Hannah, Margaret (Gaskill), Mathew, and Thomas E.
Vol.17, Spring-Summer, 1982, issue number 2, page 101
Ackerson, Cornelius, son of Garret and Hannah (Hogancamp) Ackerson, was born 17 February 1804 at Tappan, Rockland County, New York and died in 1890. Place and burial are unknown. He married  Ann Eliza Ferdon, parentage unknown. She was born during October 1812 in Warwick, Orange County, New York, and died 3 June 1855 at Frankville, Winneshiek County, Iowa. The pioneer settled in Winneshiek and Allamakee Counties, Iowa in 1855.  Children were: Mary J., William Henry, John, Samantha, Sarah, Harriet, Delia Ann, Emily, and Franklin P.
Vol.17, Summer-Fall, 1982, issue number 3, page 147
Beard, Abraham, son of Christian and Margaret (Almarode) Beard, was born 14 May 1821 in Virginia and died 4 July 1863 in Winneshiek County, Iowa. He married Mary Ann Yearigan, parentage unknown, 5 January 1843 in Clinton County, Indiana. She was born 8 February 1824 in Butler County, Ohio, and died 12 March 1904 in Chickasaw County, Iowa. This pioneer settled fiirst in Winneshiek County, Iowa in 1854. No children were listed on the pioneer certificate application form.
Vol.17, Summer-Fall, 1982, issue number 3, page 149
Note from the transcriber: The Iowa Pioneer Certificates proved to be such a successful project that the publications format of the abstracts had to change, starting with Volume 17, Fall-Winter, 1982, issue number 4, pages 207 214. Basic information was given but generally, additional information was available (and still is available) by contacting the Iowa Genealogical Society Iowa Pioneer Certificate records. (January 2014)
Name of Pioneer
Birth Place        Death Place     Name of  Spouse      County where settled Date
Aakre, Ole A.                                                              
1814, Norway        1854, Iowa       Helga Thoe                Winneshiek County      1854
Vol. 17, Fall-Winter 1982,  issue number 4, page 207
Barthell, John M.
1826  Germany      1902  Iowa       Martha M. Page          Winneshiek County      1851   
Vol. 17, Fall-Winter 1982, issue number 4, page 210 
Brockamp, Herman
1809  Germany       1892  Iowa      Elizabeth Tackenberg   Winneshiek County     1855
Vol. 17, Fall-Winter, 1982, issue number 4, page 213
Chase, Dr. Sumner B.
1821  Maine     1891  Iowa          Almira B. Cobb                 Winneshiek County     1855
Vol. 18, Spring 1983, issue number 1, page 33
Freeman, Elias
1801  New York     1875  Iowa    Roxanna Holmes              Winneshiek County     1856
Vol. 18, Summer 1983, issue number 2, page 92
Gaertner, Johann P.
1793  France     1887  Iowa      Magdalena Bouillon             Winneshiek County     1849
Vol. 18, Summer 1983, issue number 2, page 93
Gaertner, Magdalena (Bouillon)
unknown birth date France     1859  Iowa  Johann P. Gaertner      Winneshiek Co. 1849
Vol. 18, Summer 1983, issue number 2, page 93
Haugen, Peder L.
1816   Norway        1891 Iowa        Anne E. Saetermoen          Winneshiek Co. 1853
Vol. 18, Summer 1983, issue number 2, page 97
Hovet, Pal
1822  Norway      1882  Iowa        Torbjorg Berge                       Winneshiek Co.  1853
Vol 18, Fall 1983, issue number 3, page 148
Huber, Francis J.
1811  Switzerland    1887  Iowa     Maria Gaertner                      Winneshiek Co.  1849
Vol .18, Fall 1983, issue number 3, page 149 
Huber, Maria (Gaertner)
1823  France          1902  Iowa    Francis J. Huber                       Winneshiek Co. 1849
Vol. 18, Fall 1983, issue number 3, page 149
Huber, Michael J.
1788  Switzerland   1872  Iowa  1st) Barbara Schreiber                Winneshiek Co. 1855
                                                        2nd marriage) Ursula Schreiber         
Vol 18, Fall 1983, issue number 3, page 149
Koester, Gesche
1842  Germany       1908  Iowa      Philip Lauer                            Winneshiek Co. 1854
Vol. 18, Fall 1983, issue number 3, page 153
Koester, Johann
1812  Germany       1857  Iowa      Anna Ahrns                           Winneshiek Co.  1854
Vol. 18, Fall 1983, issue number 3, page 153
Lukes, Vojtech
1812  Czechoslovakia   1865  Iowa    Barbara Lukes                   Winneshiek  Co. 1854
Vol. 18, Fall, 1983, issue number 3, page 156
McCulloch, John
ca 1801  Virginia    ca 1880  Iowa       Mary (unknown surname)  Winneshiek Co.  1852
Vol. 18, Fall 1983, issue number 3, page 157
Rathbun, Thomas I.
1793  New York    1866  Iowa        1st) Laurena Bates                   Winneshiek Co. 1855
2nd) Sally Belknap                 Vol .18, Winter 1983, issue number 4, page 215
Scott, David
1834  Canada       1906  Iowa         Mary Ackerson                        Winneshiek Co. 1856
Vol. 19, Spring 1984, issue number 1, page 29
Slepicka, Katherine (Sykora)
1812  Bohemia       1878  Iowa            Vaclay Slepicka                 Winneshiek Co.  1854
Vol 19, Spring 1984, issue number 1, page 31
Sluka, Mary (Slepicka)
1843   Bohemia       1940  Iowa            Joseph Sluka                     Winneshiek Co.  1854
Vol. 19, Spring 1984, issue number 1, page 31
Steffes, Johannes
1816  Prussia      1905  Iowa         Margaret Miller                           Winneshiek Co.  1854
Vol. 19, Spring 1984, issue number 1, page  33  
Trapp, Johann A.
1826  Bavaria      1907  Iowa        Elizabeth Kronberger                   Winneshiek Co.  1855
Vol. 19, Spring 1984, issue number 1, page 36 
Yarwood, George W.
1827  England      1902  Iowa         Maria Lee                                   Winneshiek Co.  1855
 Vol. 19, Spring 1984, issue number 1, page 41
NOTE FROM THE TRANSCRIBER: After almost two years and seven installments of printing the names from the Iowa Pioneers Certificate Index, the Iowa Genealogical Society quarterly, HAWKEYE HERITAGE, began their Volume 19, Summer 1984,issue number 2, pages 105 109, by listing in alphabetical order, the names of Pioneers who came to Iowa before 1856, which had been submitted since the series began. The names of Winneshiek County Pioneers were:
Cooney, George
1808  Ireland     1893  Iowa       Eunice Thompson                  Winneshiek County  1850
Vol. 19, Summer 1984, issue number 2, page 106
NOTE: In subsequent issues, the pioneer information which appeared in the quarterlies  had been submitted to the Pioneer Certificate Program during the previous quarter. The format remained the same except the names of  the children were again included.
Vol. 19, Autumn 1984, issue 3  No Winneshiek County Pioneers listed 
Pfister, Philippe
1823  France  1902              Margaret  Riehl                       Winneshiek County   1855
Children: William, Katherina Young, Margaret Falk, Jakob, George, and Phillip Jr.
Vol. 19, Winter 1984, issue number 4, page 227
Solberg, Peter
1821  Norway    1904   Iowa   1st m.) Gunnil (surname unknown)     Winneshiek Co.  1853
2nd m.) Anna Dybdahl  Children: Caroline Selness, Anne Anderson, Margit Thompson, Ulrick, Caroline Stewart, Jaaron Thompson, Halvor, Gunhild Myhie, Sigrid, Johanna Pentlard, Peter, Sigvard, Lauris, Kari Mickelson, and Andrew
Vol. 19, Winter 1984, issue number 4, page 227
Note from the transcriber: The 4 issues from 1985 did not include any Winneshiek County Pioneers. In that year, the Spring issue and the Autumn issue did not print information for any Iowa Pioneers. This is where my available materials ends.

Please, contact the county coordinator to submit additions or corrections.

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